ForeSights: Duckweed - The aquatic weed with potential as a sustainable "superfood" ingredient

ForeSights: Duckweed - The aquatic weed with potential as a sustainable "superfood" ingredient

Published: July 2018
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Duckweed is a common free-floating aquatic weed found in canals, ponds, lakes and other stagnant water bodies. Similar to pond scum, it is usually collected and disposed to prevent it from blanketing the surface of water bodies and preventing oxygenation of water.

Duckweed has been found to be a highly nutritious and sustainable source of human food in addition to having a number of useful properties. Although duckweed is part of the traditional cuisine in several Asian countries, it is unheard of in the Western world.


• Duckweed is a rich source of protein and other nutrients which can make a significant contribution to the diet, and general health and wellness of consumers.
• Duckweed can meet the growing demand for plant protein, and can be a key ingredient for a wide array of functional foods and drinks.
• As an aquatic plant that proliferates rapidly, duckweed can be cultivated sustainably in water bodies, and thereby become a major source of nutrition for the fast-growing global population.
• While duckweed has already found a place in Korean Beauty (K-Beauty) formulations, it is yet to gain recognition as a beneficial cosmetics ingredient in the mainstream market.

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