ForeSights: Butterfly Pea Flower

ForeSights: Butterfly Pea Flower

Published: August 2019
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Butterfly pea flowers are edible flowers that are rich in bioactive compounds that can be beneficial for human health. The vivid blue color dye extracted from the flower changes color when exposed to acidic compounds. As a result, butterfly pea flowers are finding application across the world as a ingredient and natural colorant in food, beverages, beauty and personal care products across the world.

Butterfly pea, also called blue pea and Asian pigeonwings, is a versatile plant native to the Asian tropics, where it is used for many applications. The vivid blue flower of the plant has long been used in traditional Asian foods, medicines, and dyes.


• The appeal for the edible butterfly pea flower is linked to a newfound consumer affinity for so-called "superfoods," which are nutrient-rich food ingredients.
• The dye obtained from the butterfly pea flower can be used to endow a bright-blue color shade with color-changing properties to food and drinks. The theatrics of the color change can be used to elevate visual appeal of food. These ties in with the recent “Instagrammable food” trend among Millennials, wherein vividly colored foods that are deemed worthy of being posted on social media have gained popularity.
• More food and beverage manufacturers are embracing natural food colorants such as the blue shade extracted from butterfly pea flower in order to capitalize on the growing demand for ‘clean label’ food and drinks.
• Butterfly pea flower is one of the many edible flowers that are making their way into mainstream cuisine as a core ingredient of dishes rather than garnishes.
• The flower is widely used in Asian beauty and grooming products, and its rich antioxidant content and natural blue hue makes it a potential ingredient for beauty and personal care product for the global market.

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s Kraft Heinz
General Mills
Dunkin' Donuts
Fiorio Colori
ROHA Dyechem
McCormick & Company

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