Australian Wine Market Landscape Report

Published: August 2012

Publisher: Wine Intelligence

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Pages: 101

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Report description

Australians are becoming more knowledgeable, confident and experimental in their wine tastes, while keeping a sharp eye on prices, according to new research published by Wine Intelligence. The Australian market for wine is now the 11th largest in the world, accounting for 51 million cases of wine a year, according to the Australia Landscapes report, a handbook for producers and distributors who are interested in improving their market understanding. Aussie wine consumers of today have a broader repertoire of wine styles, varietals and countries of origin compared with two years ago, thanks to a greater choice in the wine aisles, in part due to the growing presence of imported wines on bottle shop shelves.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Management summary
  • Market overview
  • Global wine market
  • Australia wine market
  • Australian wine consumers
  • Regular wine drinkers
  • Attitude towards wine
  • Region awareness
  • Brand awareness
  • Australia Portraits segmentation
  • Consumer profiling by state
  • Consumer profiling by gender
  • Consumer profiling by age
  • Appendix

Price: $ 4000.00

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