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September 2010 Management Briefing - Innovation in the Drinks Industry 3 Sep 2010

Contains 4 articles

This month's management briefing for just-drinks' members looks in depth at how innovation is benefiting the drinks industry around the world.

July/August 2010 Management Briefing: The Private Label Drinks Market 30 Jul 2010

Contains 5 articles

This month's management briefing for just-drinks' members looks in depth at the private label drinks market around the world.

June 2010 Management Briefing: BRICM markets report 6 Jul 2010

Contains 6 articles

This month's management briefing takes an in-depth look at the BRICM markets - Brazil, Russia, India, China and Mexico - for all drinks categories

May 2010 Management Briefing 10 May 2010

Contains 1 article

Professionalisation is a key trend in today’s drinks sector, particularly as emerging markets are developing so rapidly within the global drinks industry. With brand loyalty up for grabs, it is critical for alcoholic drinks producers especially to maintain and raise quality. This realisation is behind the growth in formal training for drinks industry professionals, much of it carried out by third parties, including in universities around the world.

March 2010 management briefing 1 Mar 2010

Contains 1 article

The Italian wine market has seen its fair share of troubles over the decades, but connoisseurs the around the world still consider Italian wine to be top of the line. just-drinks here investigates the latest developments in the rapidly evolving Italian wine market, from Italy’s falling domestic consumption, growing interest in wine tourism, new viticulture technologies, and increasing opportunities to sell wines online. This briefing gives an in-depth assessment of the Italian wine industry, its

February 2010 management briefing 1 Feb 2010

Contains 1 article

With the closure of 2009 and what was an extremely uncertain and challenging year for the beverage industry, Canadean’s latest assessment of the global beverage market (tracked across 47 countries) reflects the recent results of many of the major beverage groups. This bonus briefing is Canadean's February Quarterly White Paper, which includes their first forecast for 2010.

January 2010 management briefing 1 Jan 2010

Contains 1 article

For the vast majority of the drinks industry, 2010 will be nothing if not challenging. This briefing forms Euromonitor International's take on what will likely face the spirits, wine, beer and soft drinks sectors in 2010 and suggests key trends, companies and brands to watch over the coming months.

December 2009 management briefing 1 Dec 2009

Contains 1 article

There would be little point denying that the poor global economic climate was the major story of 2009 across all drinks sectors. In spirits, US market growth for the major players Diageo and Pernod Ricard had started to slow before 2008 had ended. In wine, we heard that Australian wine exports had fallen in value terms during 2008 for the first time in 15 years; and that US domestic wine sales saw the first annual fall since the last major recession in 1993. In beer, Diageo shelved plans to buil

November 2009 management briefing 1 Nov 2009

Contains 1 article

In the last 12 months, just-drinks has had unprecedented access to some of the leading players in the beverage industry. This briefing collects all of these interviews - including the CEO of Diageo and the chief marketing officer of The Coca-Cola Company - in one place. In all, 15 of the world's most influential drinks players discuss their business strategies against the backdrop of one of the most tumultuous 12 months in recent history.

October 2009 management briefing 1 Oct 2009

Contains 1 article

The food and drink industries of the ten countries that joined the European Union in 2004 have been transformed by this expansion of Europe’s borderless market. Food and drink companies and markets in the countries that joined the EU on 2007, Bulgaria and Romania, are facing a similar transformation. But what of the countries that are still knocking on the door of the EU for future membership? How will their food and drink sectors fare, assuming their countries are admitted. And how could this f

September 2009 management briefing 9 Sep 2009

Contains 1 article

Innovation in drinks packaging is more intense today than it has been for decades, with cutting-edge innovation in intelligent materials, microchip integration and nanomaterials allowing designers to create boxes, bottles, cans and sacks that they could not dream of before. What are the latest innovations and developments? just-drinks has investigated in Europe, North America and Asia, with a special global focus on nanotechnology.

August 2009 management briefing 1 Aug 2009

Contains 1 article

With the drinks industry not always getting a good press, it really needs to make its case before governments and international organisations. As a result, effective lobbying is crucial for the drinks industry on the national and international political scale. Here just-drinks takes a look at how the drinks industry goes about its lobbying business and focuses on who takes its message to political power brokers around the world. It’s a tough job, but the rewards of an effective lobbying strategy

July 2009 management briefing 1 Jul 2009

Contains 1 article

The UK wine trade is facing a “perfect storm” in the first half of 2009. A formidable array of negative factors have conspired to make life far from easy in the market traditionally touted as the most open and dynamic place to do wine business on the globe. This is the rather gloomy backdrop to just-drinks’ third UK off-trade wine industry survey, in which once again we canvassed the views of the key players on the scene – including major suppliers, retail buyers, UK importers, wine producers an

June 2009 management briefing 1 Jun 2009

Contains 1 article

This month's briefing reviews the South African wine industry. Based on a trip Olly took to the country, the briefing takes in interviews with some key players and covers the history, winegrowing areas, an extensive SWOT analysis of the industry, a profile of Wines of South Africa, plus a look ahead to the country's next great sporting event, the FIFA World Cup 2010 and how football fever will hopefully provide a substantial boost to the wine industry.

May 2009 management briefing 1 May 2009

Contains 1 article

This month's briefing is the latest edition of The Power 100 – the world’s most powerful spirits and wine brands 2009. Now in its fourth year, The Power 100 highlights the key issues and trends in the spirits and wine industry. It also identifies which brands are increasing their equity using a unique measure defined by measuring brand score and volume data. Produced by our partner Intangible Business, we once again present this comprehensive round-up of who's where in the league tables of drink

April 2009 management briefing 1 Apr 2009

Contains 1 article

Every country has its own food and drink regulatory body or bodies: in the first place to ensure that its citizens eat safely and in the second to help safeguard its position in the rapidly-growing world food trade. The same principles guide the work of a number of international organisations. This latest briefing looks at the national regulators, the global bodies, and other key agencies serving the world’s leading food markets and identifies their strengths and competences and general characte

March 2009 management briefing 1 Mar 2009

Contains 1 article

In today’s world of globalised and increasingly competitive markets, Europe’s food and drink industries need enlightened regulation if they are to meet accepted international standards for safety, additives, labelling and environmental responsibility. This month's briefing looks at the latest legislation concerning additives and labelling and looks at novel foods and drinks law implications.

January 2009 management briefing 1 Jan 2009

Contains 1 article

The beginning of a new year once again sees the publication of the Euromonitor International industry outlook from just-drinks, which takes stock of the current state of play in the spirits, beer, wine and soft drinks sectors and looks ahead to what promises to be an exciting and busy year across all four categories. The expected activity in our industry, however, will play out against a background of economic gloom, which looks set to contaminate all areas of all businesses.

December 2008 management briefing 1 Dec 2008

Contains 1 article

Most certainly the biggest story in the spirits industry, like virtually all other industries, was the economic downturn that struck the world this year. Despite the claims of many spirits companies, that they offer “affordable luxury” with their products, trading down seems to be here to stay for the foreseeable future. For the wine industry, 2008 was not a year of huge deals and seismic shifts in the corporate landscape. Instead, the downturn made its presence felt, accentuating the pressures

November 2008 management briefing 1 Nov 2008

Contains 1 article

Protecting local markets, traditional names and long-established production methods have long been important elements of the international drinks trading system. However in recent years, efforts have been made to bring some order and liberalisation to what was once a plethora of local laws that restricted trade on the one hand, and allowed cheap shoddy copies of drink classics, on the other. Here just-drinks examines the state of drinks production and marketing laws worldwide and examines how go

October 2008 management briefing 1 Oct 2008

Contains 1 article

The World Trade Organisation’s (WTO) Doha Development Round is now at a crossroads. After coming to a hair’s breadth of striking a deal at a ministerial summit in July, there is now a serious risk that agreements wrung from these seven years of discussions could now unravel. If trade ministers are prepared to return to Geneva to solve the limited range of issues over which they were unable to reach agreement, a Doha deal could be secured this year. But, this seems unlikely, with the US president

September 2008 management briefing 1 Sep 2008

Contains 1 article

This month's briefing presents a snapshot of the ways and means manufacturers and retailers can identify demand. We look at the methods and processes they use to gather, assess and implement information on what consumers have bought and will buy in future, including an examination of loyalty schemes and data mining. Influencing factors will also be considered, including the movement of people within and between countries and the ways in which that may create and develop demand.

August 2008 management briefing 1 Aug 2008

Contains 1 article

This month, we are offering our subscribers the opportunity to sample another of just-drinks’ market research reports: the 2007 edition of The international spirits market in China – forecasts to 2012. This takes the place of a management briefing - we hope you find it interesting and informative. If you like what you read and would like to find out more about just-drinks' latest reports, feel free to drop Holly an email at holly.nash@just-drinks.com.

July 2008 management briefing 1 Jul 2008

Contains 1 article

With Australian dollar exchange rates climbing steeply, a drinks industry that has always relied on exports is always going to be in a tough corner. Add that to an increasingly crowded drinks export marketplace worldwide, the risk of climate change, and increasing environmental problems at home, the Australian drinks business is pushing forward in a tough atmosphere. But within this challenging sector, innovators are making progress and its companies are breathing new life into flagging segments

June 2008 management briefing 26 Jun 2008

Contains 1 article

In 2000, retail market researchers at Verdict called them ‘Continental discounters’, while they are known in the UK as the discount grocers. Whatever their nickname, the likes of Aldi, Lidl and Netto are all renowned for their low prices, which has generated plenty of support around the world. Hard discounters in the UK have had it tougher than in their country of origin – Germany – and many other parts of Europe where the format was quickly received and accepted into the mass grocery retail (MG

May 2008 management briefing 1 May 2008

Contains 1 article

This month's briefing is the 2008 edition of "The Power 100", published by leading consultancy Intangible Business, which looks at the key issues affecting the wines and spirits industry and identifies the brands which have performed well - and those that have experienced difficulties over the past year. This annual report, into the most powerful spirits and wine brands in the world, takes into account the consumer's perception of brand strength and its financial performance, using a robust meth

April 2008 management briefing 1 Apr 2008

Contains 1 article

The drinks market in the Middle East continues to increase on the back of population growth, economic development, improvements in distribution and retail, and more aggressive advertising campaigns. But like much of the rest of the world, younger and better educated market segments within the region are shifting away from carbonated soft drinks (CSD) towards fruit juices and bottled water as people become increasingly health-conscious, according to independent industry analysts and the drinks se

March 2008 management briefing 1 Mar 2008

Contains 1 article

In this month’s management briefing we round up some of the valuable findings from a selection of just-drinks’ recently published research. Last year saw us release some brand new titles and updates of our established reports, and with 2008 building up to be our busiest year for research to date, we’re looking forward to announcing some great titles shortly. Download this briefing and read extracts from some of our latest reports. Sectors focused on are vodka, brandy and Cognac, premium beer and

February 2008 management briefing 1 Feb 2008

Contains 1 article

The current issues affecting the Port industry are rooted in the success of the past. As consumers moved across from sectors like Sherry and vermouth in the 1990s, the market for Port expanded - and production had to follow suit. This month we analyse Port's current performance in its key international markets and include comment from Paul Symington, joint managing director of Symington Family Estates,and Adrian Bridge, managing director The Fladgate Partnership. We also include an overview of t

January 2008 management briefing 1 Jan 2008

Contains 1 article

The beginning of a new year once again sees the publication of the Euromonitor International industry review from just-drinks. The briefing takes stock of the current state of play in the spirits, beer, wine and soft drinks sectors, and looks ahead to what promises to be an exciting and busy year across all four categories. The report discusses the key trends for each sector, companies to watch, and the brands set to lead the market in 2008.