This month's management briefing culminates data and analysis from the leading research organisations, including a mix of themes and ideas to prompt debate and perhaps stimulate the odd rethink of how you view the UK as a wine market. KPMG begin by identifying opportunities for growth in the UK market, looking at issues of brands versus private label, the growth and increasing popularity of rose. The Mayfair Connection reports on the findings of their study of the London restaurant trade, outlining sales of wine, the factors restaurateurs consider when adding/ removing wine to lists and audits of two London restaurants. You will also learn about the market for Italian wine in the UK, as Wine intelligence provides you with a demographic profile of consumers, their drinking habits and average restaurant spend. In order to provide a complete insight into the industry, the report also includes exclusive interviews with top industry executives, forecasts from Euromonitor, details of the current consolidation of the market and snapshots of the leading companies.