Here are the ten most-read items in 2015 by just-drinks regular commentators

Here are the ten most-read items in 2015 by just-drinks' regular commentators

With the end of the year looming, just-drinks takes a look back at 2015. Here are the ten most-read comment pieces written by the regular columnists on just-drinks in the last 12 months.

10: Soft drinks - Can coconut water repeat its US success in Europe?

Coconut water has been drunk in parts of the world for thousands of years but, with the exception of Robinson Crusoe and maybe a few others, the concept is still relatively new among European consumers.

9: Spirits - The dangers of squaring up to your competitor

Do you remember the Pepsi Taste Challenge? Richard Woodard does, and he sees echoes of it in Bacardi's latest activation for its Oakheart spiced rum brand.

8: Wine - But, where are we going to sell our wine?

Problems in China have spooked the wine industry in recent months. Chris Losh takes a look at what has gone wrong in the country, and where else wine producers could look to sell their wares.

7: Spirits - Where does 'craft' end and 'mass' begin?

In spirits, the craft segment is making hay, with consumers buying into the category's more artisanal, less global approach. But, where is the line drawn between craft distilling and mass distilling? Ian Buxton investigates.

6: Beer - Butch, Sundance and the battle to keep beer market share

It might be insomnia, it might be the light evenings, but Larry Nelson has taken to his television this month and found a classic film with echoes of the attempts of the big brewers to stop ceding share to the little guys.

5: Soft drinks - Will McDonalds' tie-up help Monster catch Red Bull in energy drinks race?

This month, Ray Rowlands turns his attention to the recently-reported link-up in the US between Monster Beverage Corp and the McDonald's fast-food chain

4: Spirits - Is marketing twisting the meanings of words?

In the battle for consumers' hearts and minds, are drinks companies overlooking the widely-held definitions of words and phrases? Is there leeway to argue that certain terms may not mean exactly what consumers perceive? Ian Buxton considers the evidence.

3: Spirits - Bacardi's Banks buy - Are big spirits companies failing to innovate?

Earlier this month, Bacardi announced its purchase of Banks, a Mauritius-based range of rums. Why would a company whose name is synonymous with the rum category - almost transcends it - buy a rum brand? Richard Woodard investigates.

2: Wine - Dear wine writer, what on earth are you talking about?

Earlier this autumn, Andrew Jefford wrote a short piece about 'how to write tasting notes'. It was - rather like a good tasting note - short, to the point and full of useful advice: Go easy on the 'fruit salad' descriptors, talk about structure and balance as well as flavour, let us know whether you like it, etc.

1: Beer - Who are the winners and losers of AB InBev's takeover of SABMiller?

As Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller agree to discuss a mutually-satisfactory takeover offer, Larry Nelson looks at who can be considered a winner and who a loser, should the US$104bn purchase go through.

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