With the end of the year looming, just-drinks is running a series of 'Top Tens of the Year' in the run-up to Christmas. Here are the ten most read interviews on just-drinks in 2013.

10: Heineken GM for Ethiopia, Johan Doyer

In March, Heineken announced plans to build a 1.5m-litre capacity brewery in Ethiopia, a country that, with the second-largest population in Africa, is a major focus for the Dutch brewer. just-drinks spoke to Heineken's GM for Ethiopia, Johan Doyer, about the new plant, the country's rural spenders and Heineken's stiff competition.

9: Thomas Hine & Co's MD, François Le Grelle

In September, CL World Brands sold the Thomas Hine & Co Cognac house to EDV SAS for an undisclosed fee. just-drinks caught up with Hine's MD, François Le Grelle, at the TFWA World Exhibition in October to talk about the change, what life is like away from CL's parent, CL Financial, and why Chinese Cognac drinkers will prove more loyal than Japan's.

8: Highland Spring Group CEO Les Montgomery

Earlier this year, Highland Spring Group's namesake brand was confirmed as the top-selling bottled water brand in the UK. just-drinks talked to the group's CEO, Les Montgomery, in April about the brand's long fight to the top and how it is survival of the fittest in the water industry.

7: Randy Millian, Diageo's president of LatAm & Caribbean

In late-2012, just-drinks travelled to the US to report on Diageo's investor conference. The subject of the presentations was the company's hopes and plans for the Latin America & Caribbean region. While there, managing editor Olly Wehring sat down with regional president Randy Millian, to discuss the region, as well Diageo's distribution presence, the battle with brewers and the looming shadow of Brazil.

6: Tim Matz, MD of Accolade Wines North America

In 2011, Tim Matz took on the job as the MD of Accolade Wines' North American division. Since then, the company has bought a clutch of wine brands - many of which are now part of Matz's purview - and has lost its chief executive. In April, just-drinks' deputy editor, James Wilmore, sat down with Matz to talk through the challenges the company faces, the US wine market and the positive aspects of working for a private equity group.

5: Budejovicky Budvar CEO, Jirí Bocek

In October, Olly Wehring travelled to Czech to take in a tour of Budejovicky Budvar's brewery in the south of the country. While there, he was granted an audience with group director Jirí Bocek. During their time together, Bocek discussed the firm's ownership structure, its plans for future expansion, and that legal row.

4: Jennifer Cue, Jones Soda's CEO

Seattle's Jones Soda has been on a financial roller-coaster over the past few years. But with the group edging closer to turning a profit and costs trimmed to more manageable levels, a candid CEO Jennifer Cue tells just-drinks what went wrong, and of the new challenges facing US soft drinks firms in a changing CSD market.

3: Dan Jago, UK & group wine director at Tesco

To coincide with the London International Wine Fair, just-drinks managed to secure some time in May with Dan Jago, the UK & group wine director for Tesco. In the first of this two-part interview, we look at Jago's time in the wine industry, Tesco's relationship with the wine consumer in the UK, and the 'E' word.

2: Alexandre Ricard, Pernod Ricard's deputy CEO & COO

In May, just-drinks editor Olly Wehring visited Beijing to cover Pernod Ricard's latest Capital Market Day. While there, Olly spoke to Alexandre Ricard, the company's deputy CEO & COO, in his first interview since it was announced he would become CEO of Pernod in 2015.

1: Ed Shirley, Bacardi president & CEO

As a privately-held company, Bacardi has the luxury of only having to disclose to the wider world what it wants to. But, with a long and rich history, the spirits group is keen to talk up the provenance of its brands. Here, in the first of a two-part exclusive interview, Bacardi's president & CEO, Ed Shirley, talks about the benefits of working for a family-owned firm, the opportunities for its brands and the rise of cocktail culture.

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