With the end of the year looming, just-drinks is running a series of 'Top Tens of the Year' in the run-up to Christmas. Here are the ten most read comment pieces written by our regular columnists on just-drinks in 2013.

10: Beer - Mixing It Up

Marketing a beer brand successfully has traditionally involved partnering with a big event and parting with big bags of cash. But, Larry Nelson has been introduced to a smaller, smarter way to push a beer.

9: Soft Drinks & Water - Sunshine Cheer for Soft Drinks Players

As the sun was about to turn in for the winter here in the northern hemisphere, Richard Corbett considered what the weather does for consumption across the soft drinks and bottled water categories.

8: Spirits - Can Absinthe Make You Mad? No. But Selling it Might

Category definitions are an on-going minefield in parts of the spirits industry. Gin, rum and Tequila have all suffered from muddled thinking. But none compare to what absinthe has experienced. Here, Richard Woodard wages war on the red tape wretchedness that surrounds the category 

7: Wine - Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Whether global warming is fact or fantasy, the wine world is hit hard whenever temperatures don't behave themselves. To mitigate such circumstances, some producers are looking to lesser-known regions - such as Tasmania - for future grape growth. Chris Losh digs deeper.

6: Soft Drinks & Water - Let’s End the CSD Witch Hunt

Ray Rowlands, director of beverage research company Drinksinfo Ltd, is hoping to tone down the hysteria surrounding the negative effects of drinking carbonated soft drinks. Do you fancy his chances?

5: Spirits - Irish Whiskey: Set to Cause a Rattle & Hum?

The recent spate of activity in the Irish whiskey category suggests that the sub-category is looking to make waves in the spirits world. Ian Buxton takes a closer look and considers whether all the fuss is justified.

4: Beer - Defining Craft Beer

After an absence of almost two years, we're delighted to welcome Larry Nelson, the publisher of Brewers' Guardian, back into the just-drinks fold. To kick things off again, Larry would like to talk to you about craft beer.

3: Soft Drinks & Water - Invest in PR - and Cricket - to Unlock Indian Promise

The path for international soft drinks companies in India has been littered with potholes. But, as a relative calm sets in, Richard Corbett assesses the opportunities and suggests how to hit the big time in the country.

2: Spirits - Adding a Touch of Flavour to Scotch Whisky

In March, Bacardi announced the launch of Dewar's Highlander Honey in the US. The move has ruffled feathers in Scotland, where the heritage and provenance of Scotch whisky is almost an obsession. Here's Ian Buxton with his take on the storm in a nosing glass.

1: Wine - A World Wine Shortage? Bunkum, at Best

In November, suggestions were made in the world's press that wine consumers had a new worry, above the prospect of minimum pricing, making decisions on the best closure and too-high or too-low abv options. Chris Losh looks at how the panic exploded, then considers just how ludicrous the suggestion truly is.

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