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As the end of the year approaches, we take a look back at the ten biggest analysis articles on just-drinks over the last 12 months.

10. What are the biggest global risks facing drinks companies in 2019?

The publication of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Risks Report 2019 in early-January showed environmental issues again dominating the long-term global risk landscape. For drinks companies, however, their significant exposure to climate-related risk only tells part of the story, with their supply chains particularly threatened by a combination of risk factors. Ben Cooper reports.

9. Eight innovations to help connect with consumers and inspire future NPD 

Category analysts at data provider GlobalData have selected their favourite consumer product innovations from 2018 that they believe stand out from the crowd and connect with consumers. The company's latest consumer report, 'GlobalData's Favorite Innovations of 2018', features around 30 of the most innovative and novel products from last year, providing insight into the variety of innovation in the FMCG market as well as in foodservice. Here, are eight innovations taken from the report that have been selected from five different innovation areas - flavours, ingredients, packaging, marketing and technology.

8. What will be the biggest sustainability trends in 2019?

Already the most significant long-term trend affecting drinks companies, climate change will top the 2019 agenda with an acceleration in greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions urgently needed. Agricultural supply chains will be a prime focus as companies come under pressure to reduce their indirect 'Scope 3' emissions. Ben Cooper investigates.

7. Why 'dark social' is the Holy Grail for marketers

Using private messaging apps is the most popular method of sharing content. According to new research from GlobalWebIndex and We Are Social, three in five internet users in the UK and US now share content and recommendations via private messaging apps, ahead of open social media platforms and word of mouth. This type of content sharing is known as dark social.

6. Can marketing turn beverage consumers into unconscious environmentalists?

In just-drinks' latest look at sustainability, Ben Cooper asks if companies can use their marketing muscle to nudge consumers into making greener choices in the beverage aisle - whether they realise it or not.

5. How can drinks companies connect with Generation Z? 

Described by consumer insights company Trend Hunter as the 'anti-Millennials', Generation Z comprises consumers who are digital-native, politically aware and likes to feel in control. This generation, says Lucy Britner, represents a brave new world for food and drinks companies.

4. Why gaming is the next frontier for drinks marketing

When I was ten, I begged my parents to allow me to use my Christmas money to buy a Sega Megadrive. This was a computer console at the height of gaming sophistication at the time, with its trusty blue hedgehog, Sonic, leading a whole band of children and adults on an endless quest to bag as many gold coins as possible, without falling to their deaths. Computer games were something that occupied a number of my childhood years, before I got interested in music, make-up and boys. It appears, however, that for many people gaming isn't something that they grow out of, but rather continue throughout their lives.

3. How technology is bringing tasting events closer to home

In a first for Amazon Prime Video, Bacardi used the platform in October to present a live whisky tasting, where audience members could order samples to taste along with experts. Guest columnist Lucy Britner explores the wider trend and the future of interactive TV tastings 

2. A bit of a blur - Why everywhere is now a drinking occasion

As consumer-facing channels continue to merge, there are few places that can't become a drinking occasion, finds guest consumer trends columnist Lucy Britner.

1. Why we all need to lift our heads out of our drinks

It can be very easy for those working in the drinks industry to forever be in search of the new. We're all guilty of it - marketers, tastemakers, even journalists. What can result is a churn of trends and a lot of white noise that obscures the bigger picture stories of what consumers are actually enjoying, both in the on-premise and at home.

just-drinks' Top Tens of 2019

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