Here are the ten most-popular articles by just-drinks regular wine commentators in 2017

Here are the ten most-popular articles by just-drinks' regular wine commentators in 2017

With the end of the year looming, just-drinks takes a look back at 2017. Here are the ten most-read comment pieces written by our wine industry observers - led by Chris Losh - over the last 12 months.

10. Why Marlborough is looking to up its New World wine game

Wine commentator Chris Losh heads to Marlborough in New Zealand, to see how some folk in the wine region are trying to make its wine less 'meh' and more ... more.

9. Chile's wine future burned by wild fires

In February, wildfires hit the Chilean - and then global - headlines. The subsequent damage to some of the country's vineyards may have affected just a few, but, as Chris Losh observes, that damage could have catastrophic consequences for Chile's flag-bearing wine makers.

8. Can Europe's wine industry weather the weather?

A warm spell in April threw Chris Losh out of kilter. But, if you think he's got problems, consider what these weather blips do for Europe's wine producers.

7. What does the future look like for Australian wine?

Earlier in the year, Chris Losh attended an Australian tasting in the UK and got a glimpse of the future for the country's wine producers. Here's what he saw.

6. Why is Pernod Ricard the only major multi-category player still in wine?

It's a question that has been asked a thousand times. But, Chris Losh is nothing if not persistent, especially at a time when other multi-category companies are giving wine the big heave-ho.

5. Why California must wage wine wars on all fronts

Chris Losh heads to California and discovers a wine region buoyed by healthy figures but weighed down by matters below the surface.

4. As the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, how long before wine faces its own revolution?

The world is going through a period of social change, with new political forces gaining ground amid a discontented electorate. Chris Losh says there are striking parallels in the wine world.

3. Why wine communication sucks

When were you last swept away by a piece of wine advertising? Compared to other drinks categories, the wine industry continues to push education and not emotion as its primary marketing tool. Please, pleads wine marketer Reka Haros, no more. 

2. Why 2017 has been the most dramatic year in living memory for wine

As 2017 draws to a close, Chris Losh looks back at a year that will go down in history as a major turning point for the global wine industry.

1. Why the wine industry is failing women

Chris Losh returns to look at the gender gap in the wine industry, although his observations could quite easily apply to all drinks sectors, indeed, to industry in general.

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