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FREE TO READ – just-drinks’ analyses of the year – The review of 2018

18 Dec 2018

As the end of the year approaches, we take a look back at the ten biggest analysis articles on just-drinks over the last 12 months.

10. The story of NFC – How near-field communication technology is changing alcohol marketing

NFC, or near-field communication, is already common in contactless payment systems, but it is shaking up advertising by given the ad industry new tools with which to capture consumers.

9. “New brands, new products” – Coca-Cola, Heineken and the packaging industry’s e-commerce evolution

E-commerce has already left its mark on the FMCG industry, however beverages are yet to play a major role in the channel. That is changing as drinks producers and the companies that support them wake up to increasing consumer demand for convenience and speed. Here, just-drinks speaks to a number of industry figures working to recalibrate beverages to e-commerce demands, including The Coca-Cola Co, Heineken, The Sidel Group and Crown Beverages to find out where the e-commerce evolution will lead.

8. Should Pernod Ricard dump wine and bunk up with Brown-Forman?

Last week was a tough one for Pernod Ricard. On Wednesday, activist investor Elliott Management, which has built up a 2.5% stake in the French drinks group, took aim at several aspects of the business. In turn, Pernod was moved to issue a 700-word statement, defending both its financial record and its family values.

7. Why Australia will be the wine to watch in China in 2019

Australia’s wine producers will be looking forward to 2019, as wine tariff rates in China, the industry’s largest export market, hit the maximum benefit next year from the Free Trade Agreement signed three years ago.

6. ‘Healthy alcohol’ – the trend to watch in 2019?

The prospect of ‘healthy alcohol’ may sound like an oxymoron, given new global health warnings about alcohol consumption. Earlier this year, a study published in The Lancet concluded that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption.

5. Will the Coca-Cola Co help cannabis creep into the mainstream?

Judging from the number of newspaper reports in September on The Coca-Cola Co’s potential move into cannabis drinks, the claim has caught some people by surprise. According to industry experts, however, the news that the world’s largest soft drinks company is reportedly in talks with a Canadian cannabis developer is just one more sign of the drug’s continuing move towards the mainstream.

4. Heineken faces tough battle in China’s growing super-premium tier

Heineken is unlikely to tackle Anheuser-Busch InBev’s Budweiser brand head-on in China following the Dutch brewer’s deal with CR Beer, an analyst has said. However, it will be forced to fight for share in China’s super premium-tier as international brewers increasingly flock to the growing segment of the market.

3. Why the soft drinks category is trapped in a plastic corner

Faced with relentless campaigning and mounting public concern about plastic pollution, soft drinks companies have no choice but to act to mitigate the environmental impact of their packaging. As new research is published underlining the increasing importance of sustainable packaging to consumers, Ben Cooper assesses the soft drinks sector’s engagement with a recently-launched global initiative on plastic use.

2. How Anheuser-Busch InBev and Diageo are revolutionising drinks marketing

There was a time, not so long ago, when occasion-based drinks marketing meant advertising your lager brand in an ad during a World Cup football match. Not anymore – things have become a lot more complicated since then.

1. Using Big Data to create smart shops – the future of retail in China

The way consumers shop in China is changing. The country’s Internet giants are using e-commerce data to blend on- and off-line experiences in an effort to create a ‘new retail’ landscape. In this report, Lucy Britner offers an overview of the major changes and a closer look at how food and beverage companies are getting involved.

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