Round-Up - Remy Cointreau's move for Bruichladdich

Round-Up - Remy Cointreau

In early-July, Remy Cointreau confirmed that it has begun negotiations to buy Islay-based Scotch whisky producer Bruichladdich. Here's just-drinks' coverage of the matter.

Comment - Spirits - Seeing Through the Islay Mist

12 July 2012

Patience Gould is keen to snap you romanticists back into the real world. Brace yourselves...

Comment - Bruichladdich: Purists, Schmurists!

9 July 2012

Should Remy Cointreau snare Bruichladdich in the coming weeks, as seems likely, the purists in the Scotch whisky category will, as is their wont, be up in arms over the sale.

FRANCE/UK: Bruichladdich move to have little impact on Remy Cointreau bottom-line - analyst

9 July 2012

Remy Cointreau's possible acquisition of Scotch whisky producer Bruichladdich is strategically positive for the French firm, but unlikley to make a big difference to its bottom-line, an analyst has argued.

FRANCE/UK: Remy Cointreau in talks to buy Bruichladdich

9 July 2012

Remy Cointreau has entered into "exclusive negotiations" with Bruichladdich Distillery Company with a view to buying the Scotch whisky producer outright.

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Round-Up - Remy Cointreau's move for Bruichladdich

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