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Reaction - EU alcohol harm strategy 25 Oct 2006

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The drinks industry feared that the European Commission’s communication on alcohol and health might recommend a significant tightening of alcohol legislation but, due in no small part to aggressive industry lobbying, the paper has taken a softer stance than was at one stage anticipated. Alan Osborn reports.

Comment - Soft drinks and trade fairs 23 Oct 2006

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And given the sheer number of trade shows relevant to the soft drinks industry taking place over the coming weeks, Annette Farr really doesn’t know when she’ll be back again. No wonder just-drinks’ roving columnist is keen to see the launch of one single dedicated trade fair for the European soft drinks industry.

Travel Retail 20 Oct 2006

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The duty free business has recovered relatively quickly from the major disruption caused by the security scare in the UK in the summer, writes Joe Bates. And as the industry prepares for the annual Tax Free World Association travel retail trade show in Cannes next week, drinks suppliers have cause for cautious optimism with signs that their share of the market has stabilised after years of steady decline.

Russian Standard 18 Oct 2006

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Having pioneered the super-premium vodka category in Russia, billionaire entrepreneur Roustam Tariko is eyeing international markets with his Russian Standard Original and Imperia brands, looking to build on the genuine Russian credentials he feels many of his better known competitors lack. Richard Woodard reports.

Coke, Pepsi in Eastern Europe 16 Oct 2006

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Both Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have looked to capitalise on the rising popularity of healthier drinks, not least to compensate for slowing sales of carbonates. As the two soft drinks giants seek to increase their profile in healthier categories, Euromonitor International’s Catherine Mars forecasts further acquisitions in the growing juice, nectars and juice drinks markets of Eastern Europe.

Comment - 42 Below 13 Oct 2006

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While the hip vodka brand 42 Below has made quite a splash in the premium vodka market, it is the brand’s growth potential in this vibrant category that tempted Bacardi to part with US$91m, and few observers think the company has taken a major risk in doing so. Chris Brook-Carter runs his eye over Bacardi’s latest acquisition.

The just-drinks interview - October 11 Oct 2006

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A major takeover, persistent speculation about further acquisitions and most recently a legal wrangle with a prominent competitor over the ownership of a key brand have made the past year or so fairly eventful for Patrick Ricard. So Pernod Ricard’s veteran CEO and chairman had plenty to talk about when Olly Wehring met him in Paris last month.

Comment - South Africa's wine conundrum 9 Oct 2006

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As they gather in London for their annual tasting, Cape wine producers have two rather unpalatable facts to contemplate – falling sales in the UK and the country’s failure to build its presence in the GBP5-plus category. Chris Losh believes the absence of strong power brands lies at the root of both problems.

Baltika - at the crossroads 6 Oct 2006

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The integration of Baltic Beverages Holding’s ten Russian breweries is set to take the Baltika beer business into a new period of development, as Russia’s leading brewer seeks to benefit from the efficiencies in sales and distribution the integration will bring. Dean Best reports.

Beer - Russia and the can 4 Oct 2006

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The growing Russian beer market is an undoubted success story for the brewers operating there. But, writes David Robertson, they have been aided and abetted by an unlikely ally in the form of an aluminium producer which took the unusual decision to advertise its product – the aluminium beer can – directly to consumers, helping to boost the popularity of buying beer in cans.

Soft Drinks - advertising and children 2 Oct 2006

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The clamour in the UK for more controls on the advertising of food and drink to children has grown steadily louder as the problem of childhood obesity has escalated. Rosemary Duff, director of SMRC Childwise, a market researcher and strategic consultancy specialising in children, examines the regulatory options for TV advertising currently being considered by UK media regulator Ofcom.

Logistics in wine 29 Sep 2006

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Like the market around it, the wine industry’s supply chain is evolving rapidly. David Skalli, of Paris and London-based industry consultants Skalli & Rein, talks to just-drinks about the changes and the pressures they are bringing to bear on everyone from logistics companies to wine producers.

Innovation 27 Sep 2006

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Chris Losh believes that in comparison with many other consumer goods markets, inspired innovation is in short supply in the drinks industry, because of its emphasis on production and a failure to think “outside the box”.

Just the Answer - EFRD 25 Sep 2006

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The European Forum for Responsible Drinking (EFRD) has a key role to play in articulating the industry view on EU alcohol policy, particularly as it awaits publication of the Commission’s Communication on alcohol. In this month’s Just the Answer interview, Alan Butler, EU corporate relations director at Diageo and EFRD chairman, outlines the EFRD’s primary concerns regarding current and future EU policy.

Consolidation in Champagne 22 Sep 2006

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Champagne has already seen significant merger and acquisition activity in the past year or so, but there could be further deals in the pipeline, writes Nuria Sadurni of Euromonitor International.

Diageo - The conundrum of the emerging markets 20 Sep 2006

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With European markets becalmed and continued economic uncertainty in the US, the emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China have assumed even greater importance for Diageo. Richard Woodard assesses the company’s progress and prospects in the BRIC countries, in the context of Diageo’s current global performance.

The just-drinks interview - September 18 Sep 2006

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Under its dynamic CEO Scott Miller, fruit punch producer Tampico Beverages is building on a loyal and expanding consumer base with new product launches. In this month’s just-drinks interview, Miller discusses the company’s current expansion strategy and aspirations for international growth with Annette Farr.

Wine - does it have to have the bottle? 15 Sep 2006

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There are sound environmental and commercial reasons for increasing the bulk importation of wine into the UK, and producing wine bottles from lighter weight glass. And contrary to some misconceptions, writes Sally Easton, importing wine in bulk need not mean a drop in quality or even a lower image with the consumer.

Soft Drinks - Where does all the water go? 13 Sep 2006

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Water shortages, leaking mains and drought orders have focused attention in recent months on both domestic and business water usage – and more importantly wastage. Kate Gallagher of the government-backed environmental advice organisation Envirowise looks at how UK soft drinks companies can benefit from greater water efficiency.

Comment - soft drinks and flights 11 Sep 2006

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Given the need for hydration during air travel, and the unwelcome effects of in-flight alcohol consumption, Annette Farr believes airlines should be offering a far wider and more exciting soft drinks selection on-board.

Vladivar using music to keep up with big boys 8 Sep 2006

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In a bid to raise its profile with younger urban drinkers, the UK vodka brand Vladivar is looking to assist bands as they seek to make their way in the music business. David Robertson and Ben Cooper report on a marketing initiative which breaks new ground in the already vibrant area of tailored on-premise promotion.

Company Profile - UB's United Spirits 6 Sep 2006

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Having consolidated its spirits operations into one company, UB Group is looking to build on its position of strength in the Indian market and establish itself internationally. Euromonitor International assesses the company’s ambitious expansion plans.

Comment - PepsiCo's new CEO 4 Sep 2006

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PepsiCo has been applauded for appointing Indra Nooyi as the successor to CEO Steve Reinemund. But while the appointment has further enhanced the company’s reputation for gender equality, Chris Brook-Carter believes the positive feedback owes more to Nooyi’s credentials as the best candidate.

The race for Independent Distillers 1 Sep 2006

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Although Lion Nathan has remained coy about its interest in Independent Distillers, it is widely expected to bid for the company. However, Independent’s strong presence in key RTD markets in Australia and New Zealand is likely to attract other bidders. Ben Cooper reports.

The just-drinks interview - August 30 Aug 2006

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Disappointing first-half results following its flotation last December have left Britvic with some questions to answer, not least from investors. But category director Andrew Marsden believes the UK soft drinks producer is well placed to capitalise on changing market trends. He discussed the company’s track record and future prospects with Dean Best.

Comment - Chile reaches for the stars 29 Aug 2006

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The news that a Chilean winery is acquiring a huge amount of land for vineyard cultivation in areas less well known for winegrowing has caught Chris Losh’s attention. But he believes such developments could offer Chile the chance to compete in higher price echelons where it has so far failed to convince.

Soft Drinks - The options opened by organic 25 Aug 2006

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While organic meat and produce are fast becoming mainstream elements in the food market, the organic soft drinks sector has suffered from a lack of new product development and innovation. Annette Farr reports.

Just the Answer - Lion Nathan 23 Aug 2006

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Showing volume growth in an essentially flat market is an achievement but Australian brewing combine Lion Nathan sees the premiumisation of its product mix as the key to growth. Andrew Reeves, managing director of Lion Nathan Australia, spoke with just-drinks about the premiumisation trend, the impact of a new competitor and Lion’s interest in the RTD sector.

Alcohol and the EU - the Finnish presidency 21 Aug 2006

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EU alcohol controls are under review, and there have been concerns that the Finnish presidency could prompt a more draconian approach. Ismo Tuominen, head of alcohol policy at Finland’s ministry of social affairs and health, discussed Finland’s view on EU alcohol policy and its priorities in this area with Alan Osborn.

Comment - The Havana Club War 18 Aug 2006

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With the battle between Pernod Ricard and Bacardi over the name Havana Club entering a new phase following Bacardi’s decision to launch its own rum of the same name in the US, Chris Losh asks whether Bacardi’s move is a legitimate step by a wronged company or a cynical attempt to cash in on another brand’s success.