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Just the Answer - Distell 27 Nov 2006

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In this month’s Just the Answer, Gary Greenfield, managing director of Distell Europe, talks about South Africa’s largest drinks company’s international aspirations, not only for its flagship wine brand Nederburg but also for the liqueur Amarula Cream and Distell’s South African cider Savanna.

Cross-border shopping in Europe 24 Nov 2006

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The European Court of Justice yesterday (23 November) ruled that EU consumers can only buy alcohol and cigarettes from other EU countries in person if they are to take advantage of lower duty rates. Joe Ayling reports on how the decision will be welcomed both in the corridors of power and in the UK alcohol retail market.

Analysis - Rémy bids Maxxium adieu 23 Nov 2006

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The announcement that Rémy Cointreau has today (23 November) served notice on its position in global distribution network Maxxium Worldwide is a little puzzling. If we take the announcement at face value, that is.

Harvest Report 2006 - Burgundy and Beaujolais 22 Nov 2006

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Problematic weather conditions in Burgundy and Beaujolais meant the skill and judgment of winemakers in both regions was fully tested for the 2006 vintage, writes Lyn Parry. Early reports suggest that 2006 will not match the quality of 2005 in either region, but is on a par with recent respectable vintages.

Who is the UK wine drinker? 20 Nov 2006

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Last week, Constellation Europe released what it claimed was the most comprehensive study examining the behaviour and shopping attitudes of UK wine consumers. Olly Wehring sifts through the results and brings you the details in a nutshell.

The future for soft drink self-regulation 17 Nov 2006

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Self-regulatory moves announced by the US soft drinks industry this week have been condemned by advocates of tougher legislation. But, writes Ben Cooper, self-regulation often attracts such criticism at the outset, and can only establish true credibility if given the time to prove its effectiveness.

Harvest Report 2006 - Italy 15 Nov 2006

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The 2006 Italian wine harvest is being hailed as the best for many years, with producers across the country excited about the quality of their 2006 wines. Michèle Shah reviews the official statistics and garners the views of winemakers from Italy’s key regions.

Premium PET 13 Nov 2006

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Since their introduction 30 years ago, the use of PET bottles has expanded hugely in the soft drinks market, writes Richard Corbett of industry analysts Canadean. But challenges remain, not least boosting PET’s consumer appeal in premium categories, increasing usage for more sensitive beverages such as juices and iced teas, and addressing environmental concerns.

Drinks Sponsorship Debate 10 Nov 2006

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The European Forum for Responsible Drinking (EFRD) has had to postpone its plans to publish self-regulatory guidelines on drinks sponsorship because of a failure to find consensus on the subject. Ben Cooper reports on how growing political and public concern over sponsorship has given the drinks industry much to think about.

Harvest Report 2006 - Spain and Portugal 8 Nov 2006

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Kicking off just-drinks’ 2006 harvest reports from northern hemisphere wine regions, Chris Losh takes a look at the contrasting fortunes experienced this year by Spanish and Portuguese wine producers.

The just-drinks interview - November 6 Nov 2006

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In this month's just-drinks interview, Roger White, chief executive of the Scottish soft drinks producer AG Barr, spoke with Annette Farr about the company's iconic brand Irn-Bru, which has bucked the downward trend in the UK carbonates market, and the company's recent restructuring.

India's Beer Market 3 Nov 2006

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Major brewing groups are clamouring to get into India, which, by dint of its young population, expanding economy and rising personal disposable income offers huge growth potential. International groups have already made substantial inroads by partnering with local companies, writes Tom Joyce of Euromonitor International, and more such tie-ups are imminent.

Ballantine's - Pernod's next challenge 1 Nov 2006

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Pernod Ricard has a good record of turning brands around, and is likely to need all that experience to revive the flagging fortunes of ex-Allied Domecq Scotch whisky Ballantine’s. Brand director Peter Moore made no bones about the task facing the company when he discussed the brand’s future with Dean Best.

Just the Answer - 42 Below 30 Oct 2006

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The New Zealand premium vodka 42 Below has blazed quite a trail over the past few years, even by the standards of this vibrant and growing category. With Bacardi poised to complete its acquisition of the brand, what better time to speak with 42 Below’s charismatic chief executive Geoff Ross, who will remain at the helm following the takeover.

Comment - Too much trust in numbers 27 Oct 2006

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For all the facts and figures quoted by marketing strategists, Chris Losh believes that intuition can sometimes be a more powerful weapon than a spreadsheet.

Reaction - EU alcohol harm strategy 25 Oct 2006

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The drinks industry feared that the European Commission’s communication on alcohol and health might recommend a significant tightening of alcohol legislation but, due in no small part to aggressive industry lobbying, the paper has taken a softer stance than was at one stage anticipated. Alan Osborn reports.

Comment - Soft drinks and trade fairs 23 Oct 2006

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And given the sheer number of trade shows relevant to the soft drinks industry taking place over the coming weeks, Annette Farr really doesn’t know when she’ll be back again. No wonder just-drinks’ roving columnist is keen to see the launch of one single dedicated trade fair for the European soft drinks industry.

Travel Retail 20 Oct 2006

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The duty free business has recovered relatively quickly from the major disruption caused by the security scare in the UK in the summer, writes Joe Bates. And as the industry prepares for the annual Tax Free World Association travel retail trade show in Cannes next week, drinks suppliers have cause for cautious optimism with signs that their share of the market has stabilised after years of steady decline.

Russian Standard 18 Oct 2006

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Having pioneered the super-premium vodka category in Russia, billionaire entrepreneur Roustam Tariko is eyeing international markets with his Russian Standard Original and Imperia brands, looking to build on the genuine Russian credentials he feels many of his better known competitors lack. Richard Woodard reports.

Coke, Pepsi in Eastern Europe 16 Oct 2006

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Both Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have looked to capitalise on the rising popularity of healthier drinks, not least to compensate for slowing sales of carbonates. As the two soft drinks giants seek to increase their profile in healthier categories, Euromonitor International’s Catherine Mars forecasts further acquisitions in the growing juice, nectars and juice drinks markets of Eastern Europe.

Comment - 42 Below 13 Oct 2006

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While the hip vodka brand 42 Below has made quite a splash in the premium vodka market, it is the brand’s growth potential in this vibrant category that tempted Bacardi to part with US$91m, and few observers think the company has taken a major risk in doing so. Chris Brook-Carter runs his eye over Bacardi’s latest acquisition.

The just-drinks interview - October 11 Oct 2006

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A major takeover, persistent speculation about further acquisitions and most recently a legal wrangle with a prominent competitor over the ownership of a key brand have made the past year or so fairly eventful for Patrick Ricard. So Pernod Ricard’s veteran CEO and chairman had plenty to talk about when Olly Wehring met him in Paris last month.

Comment - South Africa's wine conundrum 9 Oct 2006

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As they gather in London for their annual tasting, Cape wine producers have two rather unpalatable facts to contemplate – falling sales in the UK and the country’s failure to build its presence in the GBP5-plus category. Chris Losh believes the absence of strong power brands lies at the root of both problems.

Baltika - at the crossroads 6 Oct 2006

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The integration of Baltic Beverages Holding’s ten Russian breweries is set to take the Baltika beer business into a new period of development, as Russia’s leading brewer seeks to benefit from the efficiencies in sales and distribution the integration will bring. Dean Best reports.

Beer - Russia and the can 4 Oct 2006

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The growing Russian beer market is an undoubted success story for the brewers operating there. But, writes David Robertson, they have been aided and abetted by an unlikely ally in the form of an aluminium producer which took the unusual decision to advertise its product – the aluminium beer can – directly to consumers, helping to boost the popularity of buying beer in cans.

Soft Drinks - advertising and children 2 Oct 2006

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The clamour in the UK for more controls on the advertising of food and drink to children has grown steadily louder as the problem of childhood obesity has escalated. Rosemary Duff, director of SMRC Childwise, a market researcher and strategic consultancy specialising in children, examines the regulatory options for TV advertising currently being considered by UK media regulator Ofcom.

Logistics in wine 29 Sep 2006

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Like the market around it, the wine industry’s supply chain is evolving rapidly. David Skalli, of Paris and London-based industry consultants Skalli & Rein, talks to just-drinks about the changes and the pressures they are bringing to bear on everyone from logistics companies to wine producers.

Innovation 27 Sep 2006

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Chris Losh believes that in comparison with many other consumer goods markets, inspired innovation is in short supply in the drinks industry, because of its emphasis on production and a failure to think “outside the box”.

Just the Answer - EFRD 25 Sep 2006

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The European Forum for Responsible Drinking (EFRD) has a key role to play in articulating the industry view on EU alcohol policy, particularly as it awaits publication of the Commission’s Communication on alcohol. In this month’s Just the Answer interview, Alan Butler, EU corporate relations director at Diageo and EFRD chairman, outlines the EFRD’s primary concerns regarding current and future EU policy.

Consolidation in Champagne 22 Sep 2006

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Champagne has already seen significant merger and acquisition activity in the past year or so, but there could be further deals in the pipeline, writes Nuria Sadurni of Euromonitor International.