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Comment - CL approaches Bourbon from both ends 27 Sep 2007

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Acquisitions have transformed CL Financial from the owner of one very famous but small-scale bitters brand into a player on the world spirits stage. Having recently shored up two contrasting acquisitions in the Bourbon sector, Patience Gould suggests a move into the white spirits arena is CL’s new priority.

Spotlight - Port - not just for Christmas 25 Sep 2007

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The Port industry has managed to maintain volumes through a period of significant transition but growth remains hard to come by. Key to driving up sales, writes Chris Losh, will be establishing new consumption occasions and drinking styles for the Portuguese fortified wine, and convincing consumers that it can be enjoyed at any time of year, rather than simply at Christmas.

Comment - Is brand 'Scotch' due a makeover? 24 Sep 2007

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It takes a brave man to question the assumptions of a business that, to all intents and purposes, is riding the crest of a wave, but that is what happened in Scotland this month, Chris Brook-Carter reports.

Soft drink labelling 20 Sep 2007

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The publication of new research into the effects of artificial colourings and preservatives on children’s behaviour has once again put children’s soft drinks in the spotlight. Annette Farr believes that the industry’s best response is to trumpet the increasing number of additive-free variants available on the market.

Just the answer - Diageo Global Malts 18 Sep 2007

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The Scotch whisky category is booming globally thanks to demand in Asia and the BRIC countries, particularly for blends, but mature markets in Europe are proving more sluggish. In this month’s Just the Answer interview, Diageo’s global malts director Nick Morgan spoke with Kate Ennis about the future of the malt category and Diageo’s innovative focus on food and whisky pairing as a means to drive growth in the single malt market.

Spotlight - Soft drinks and hyperactive kids 13 Sep 2007

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The debate over the link between the colourings used in soft drinks and hyperactivity in children has raged for many years but a new study by researchers at the University of Southampton may well have taken the debate to a new level. Ben Cooper assesses the impact the new findings may have for soft drinks producers.

The just-drinks interview - Cooley Distillery 11 Sep 2007

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While growth in Irish whiskey has been fostered by Pernod Ricard and latterly Diageo, the category’s progress has also allowed independent producer Cooley Distillery to expand. In this month’s just-drinks interview, Cooley’s founder and chairman, John Teeling, talks with Olly Wehring about living in the shadow of the world’s two largest spirits companies, and the options facing Cooley as it bids to progress to the next level in the world whisky market.

Analysis: Coca-Cola's Blak struggle 6 Sep 2007

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The withdrawal of Coca-Cola’s Blak brand from the US has once again shown that new product development can be something of a hit and miss affair, even for the most powerful and experienced companies. Blak clearly did not take off with US consumers but, writes Annette Farr, in today’s market drinks companies may have to accept that flavours and concepts will have a limited shelf life, making constant innovation all the more vital.

Comment - Lessons for Australia's wine industry 4 Sep 2007

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Australia’s wine glut worries appear well and truly over but that does not mean the country is out of the woods. Now facing its third small harvest in three years, wine is actually going to be in short supply. Some believe this offers the chance to focus on the higher reaches of the market and less on the entry-level volume business. Chris Losh has misgivings.

The RTD market in India 30 Aug 2007

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A recent report in the Indian business press suggested that local spirits force United Spirits, part of the UB Group, had abandoned plans to develop RTDs for the Indian market. However, other companies appear to be keeping more of an open mind on the subject. Ben Cooper reports.

Just the answer - Southern Comfort 28 Aug 2007

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Brown-Forman’s Southern Comfort brand takes its New Orleans heritage very seriously, and in Phil Cusimano, appointed as global brand ambassador six months ago, now has a native New Orleaner as its prime champion. In this month’s Just the Answer interview, Cusimano spoke with Jessica Harvey about the brand’s strong links with the city and how its promotional platforms build on its New Orleans roots.

Comment - Alcohol and the UK media 23 Aug 2007

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Anti-social behaviour linked to alcohol abuse has once again grabbed the headlines in the UK. But Chris Losh believes that while the industry has made great strides with regard to social responsibility, the Government has been more focused on courting public opinion than on finding long-term solutions to serious health and social problems.

Spotlight - Coca-Cola's German turnaround 21 Aug 2007

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Coca-Cola suffered a reversal of fortune in Germany in 2003 when it refused to adapt in the face of new recycling laws. But reform of the packaging legislation, coupled with a major marketing push last year and the ongoing consolidation of its bottler network, has left the soft drinks giant in much better shape in a key market tipped for growth. Annette Farr reports.

Comment - private v public drinks companies 16 Aug 2007

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It is the results season, so attention is focused on the major public drinks corporations as they give their shareholders the good or bad news. But Patience Gould believes that in an industry where taking a long-term view is vital, private companies have an important advantage over their publicly-owned counterparts.

The just-drinks inteview - Constellation Europe 14 Aug 2007

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Given how many times the position of chief executive of Constellation Europe has changed hands recently, and the problems the company has faced in the crucial UK market, the more cynical observers might wonder if Troy Christensen had been handed something of a poisoned chalice. But speaking to Olly Wehring for this month’s just-drinks interview, Constellation’s new European CEO appears ready for the challenge.

Comment - Bottled water and the UK floods 9 Aug 2007

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Following the recent floods in the UK, bottled water companies provided emergency supplies when mains water services broke down. Their largely unsung actions gave the companies a chance to demonstrate their social responsibility, writes Annette Farr, at a time when the erratic weather patterns have focused public attention on environmental concerns and climate change.

Spotlight - Brand New Zealand 7 Aug 2007

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At first glance, a change of marketing slogan by New Zealand’s generic wine body seems fairly unremarkable but a second look at the ambitious growth plans the new message is intended to underpin suggests the country is looking to make quite a splash. Chris Losh for one thinks New Zealand could well pull it off.

Spotlight - India's bottled water market 2 Aug 2007

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Attention has been focused on the Indian bottled water sector over the last week or so as speculation has mounted that Danone and a number of other companies are looking to expand their presence in this growing market through acquisition. Ben Cooper reports.

Analysis - Pernod Ricard's full-year sales 31 Jul 2007

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Pernod Ricard’s annual results briefing last week suggested the company has consigned the Allied Domecq deal to history. No more talk of bedding down and integration. The emphasis was firmly on the future. But, writes Olly Wehring, in spite of the strong sales growth seen over the past year, there are a few worrying clouds on the horizon for the French drinks giant.

Analysis - The green attack on bottled water 26 Jul 2007

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The health attributes of bottled water seem incontrovertible but the environmental issues surrounding the production and marketing of bottled water have opened what might have been viewed as a blameless product to considerable criticism from campaigners and pressure groups. Annette Farr reports on recent events in the US which have given bottled water producers cause for concern.

Analysis - Heritage as a sales tool 24 Jul 2007

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Terms like heritage, authenticity and personality can be seen as the building-blocks of brand image, but to establish an instant connection with consumers these attributes have to be captured visually. Michael Peters, chairman and executive creative director of brand consultancy Identica and one of the UK’s foremost packaging designers, sheds light on how those qualities are translated into a look.

Comment - CEDC's Parliament buy 20 Jul 2007

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The US-based Eastern European drinks group CEDC has continued its rapid expansion with the acquisition of Russian vodka brand Parliament. While some observers have questioned the move, Patience Gould believes the acquisition will give CEDC the infrastructure to build its business in Russia, allowing it to replicate the successful business model it has employed in Poland.

Just the answer - Guinness 18 Jul 2007

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Smirnoff and Johnnie Walker may make Diageo more money, but there is no more iconic brand in its portfolio than Guinness. Nevertheless, speculation continues that Diageo may sell off its main beer brand. In this month’s Just the Answer interview, Brian Duffy, global brand director for Guinness, addresses that question, while also discussing Guinness’s progress in Africa where it was recently hit by a counterfeiting scam, the development of off-trade sales and product innovation.

Soft drinks innovation 12 Jul 2007

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Soft drinks producers are seeking increasingly exotic ingredients, notably fruits, for new product ideas. But, writes Annette Farr, novel foods legislation in the EU could stifle such innovation, preventing or at least delaying the introduction to European diets of ingredients with a proven history of providing health benefits in other parts of the world.

The just-drinks interview – KWV 10 Jul 2007

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Thys Loubser was previously a high flier in the chemical industry but when he was invited to become CEO of the South African wine group KWV he had no hesitation in taking the job. In this month’s just-drinks interview, Olly Wehring spoke with Loubser about the opportunities and challenges facing KWV and the key changes he envisages for the company.

EU wine reforms 5 Jul 2007

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Some watering down of the Fischer Boel wine reform proposals was inevitable but Chris Losh believes that too much ground has been given to the powerful Mediterranean lobby. Nevertheless, even in their diluted state the reforms could represent a new beginning for the European wine industry provided – and here’s the rub – they are properly implemented.

The Rise of Private Equity 3 Jul 2007

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The drinks industry has not been immune from the growing influence of private equity groups (PEGS) in the corporate world. Critics argue that PEGs hark back to the worst excesses of 1980s corporate greed while their proponents believe they help to revive failing companies and provide a necessary investment vehicle for capital as other traditional avenues are looking unattractive. Chris Brook-Carter weighs up the arguments.

Just the answer - Stolichnaya 28 Jun 2007

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There has rarely been dull moment in recent years for anyone concerned with Stolichnaya, with a long-running rights dispute over the brand name, a switch to bottling the brand outside Russia and the transfer of an exclusive international sales and marketing agreement from Allied Domecq to Pernod Ricard. In the second part of this month’s Just the Answer vodka double, Olly Wehring spoke with Ian Jamieson, president of The Stolichnaya Brand Organisation, about the brand’s future within the Pernod

Spotlight - The smoking ban and soft drinks 26 Jun 2007

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The imminent smoking ban in pubs in England and Wales is expected to provide a further boost to already growing on-premise soft drinks sales, writes Annette Farr, with more female consumers and families attracted to the new smoke-free environment.

The Losh Cause - Cognac 21 Jun 2007

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Rémy Martin has unveiled its new offering – Coeur de Cognac – with customary Cognaçais pomp. But for Chris Losh, the company’s announcement of the launch says as much about the art of Cognac PR as it does about the art of selection and blending.