Which soft drinks brand owners are well-positioned to weather future industry disruption? - data - Just Drinks
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Which soft drinks brand owners are well-positioned to weather future industry disruption? – data

15 Nov 2021 (Last Updated November 15th, 2021 16:01)

Nestle is well-placed to take advantage of future developments in the non-alcoholic beverages category, according to GlobalData.

The Switzerland-based group, which owns the Perrier and San Pellegrino packaged water brands as well as Nestea iced tea, comes top of a ranking of overall leadership on the themes that matter most for soft drinks companies. Nestle received scores of ‘four’ for Direct-to-Consumer, COVID-19, Cloud, e-commerce, Health & Wellness, Cybersecurity, ESG, Artificial Intelligence and Social Media; and ‘three’ for Virtual and Augmented Reality performances.

These scores represent GlobalData’s assessment of the competitiveness of each company regarding a particular theme. They are then weighted based on their importance and used to create an overall ranking.

The range of themes, defined as issues that keep CEOs awake at night, describe technological, macroeconomic and industry-specific challenges that companies are currently facing, as well as the opportunities they create. GlobalData’s ‘Thematic Research’ platform identifies and tracks these challenges to evaluate the long-term winners and losers of each individual industry.

Nestle is followed in our ranking by Hangzhou Wahaha Group, Lotte Chilsung and Keurig Dr Pepper.


GlobalData’s analysis reveals that companies from Japan are some of the best-prepared players in non-alcoholic beverages. Companies from China and Switzerland also performed well.


The scores are based on overall technology, macroeconomic and sector-specific leadership in ten of the key themes that matter most to businesses and have been generated by GlobalData analysts' assessments.

This article is based on GlobalData research figures as of 03 November. For more up-to-date figures, check the company's website.