Frequently Asked Questions

Login problems

I forgot my login/password!

No problem at all, we all do that. Simply use this link and we will get the details emailed immediately.

I'm a full (paying) member and can't log in:

  • Please click this link:

    What does clicking the link do?

    1. It attempts to set a cookie on your machine, then reads back the data to see if your cookies are enabled.

    2. It attempts to set a session cookie on your machine, then read the back data back to see if session cookies are enabled. We use session cookies once users are logged in to get their access rights for different site areas (member articles, briefing access, etc.)

    What happens if it fails?

    We show you a message for both types of cookie and you will get a success or failure response on screen. Once your browser settings are tweaked to enable cookies / session cookies, the browser will need to be closed down (all windows / instances) and then re-opened to try the test once more.

  • Check cookies are enabled (see our cookie help question)
  • Your log in (email address) and password are case sensitive, please make sure you are entering them correctly - we've all hit the CAPSLOCK by mistake.
  • Might your subscription have lapsed? Check your membership status in the 'Your Account section'. If it has, call us on +44(0)1527 573 615 and we will renew your membership.
  • Are you a full (paying) member or a registered (non-paying) user? Visit 'Your Account section' to discover what user status you have with just-drinks.
  • Still can't log in? Please click here to get in touch. We aim for fast response times between GMT 8.30am - 5:00pm Mon-Fri (Excluding UK Bank Holidays). If you are in a rush, why not call us on +44(0)1527 517615, it's always nice to hear from our members. Please allow for time differences, as we are based in the UK.

I'm a registered (non-paying) user and can't log in:

  • Check cookies are enabled (see our cookie help question)
  • Your log in (email address) and password are case sensitive, please make sure you are entering them correctly - we've all hit the CAPSLOCK by mistake.
  • Still can't log in? Please click here to get in touch. We aim for fast response times between GMT 8.30am - 5:00pm Mon-Fri (Excluding UK Bank Holidays). If you are in a rush, why not call us on +44(0)1527 517615, it's always nice to hear from our members. Please allow for time differences, as we are based in the UK.

I can log in but can't stay logged in:

This is usually because you have not enabled us to place a cookie. These cookies allow us to drinksmatically log you into the site once you have entered your user id and password once. Sometimes corporate firewalls prevent any cookies being placed - you could check with your IT staff if you think this might be the case.

What's all this cookie business?

A cookie is a tiny amount of data sent from a web site to your browser and then stored on your local hard disk. These cookies allow us to remember you, your personal settings and to see when you last visited us. The cookies on just-drinks do not store any sensitive or financial information (credit cards etc.).

The following are suggestions for how to enable cookies on your browser. Each browser will have slightly different rules - your browser's help system should give you specifics if none of this makes sense.

  • Find the top tool bar of your browser where you find 'file, edit, view, favorites, tools, help'
  • Click 'Tools'
  • At the bottom of the menu that appears, click 'Internet options'
  • You will see tabs with 'general, security, privacy, content, connections, programes, advanced, click the 'Privacy' tab
  • Where the security scroll bar is, check that that is set at 'medium'
  • Then click the button 'sites'
  • Then where it says 'Address of website' add
  • Then click 'Allow'

I'm trying to register but the site times out and doesn't complete.

It could be those cookies again - check you have enabled them. Also, if you wait more than 30 minutes between starting and finishing, the web site will just forget all about you and the best thing is to start over (sorry, that's the way they like to work). Otherwise, if you still get timed out, please enter your details (as below) and email to our customer services department.

Full name:
Company name:
Company address:
Company postcode/zip:
Role within company:

Send us an email with the above details, we'll get you registered ourselves.

Trial membership

I'm in a trial membership and keep getting logged out:

The first thing to do is check your cookies are enabled. We have a good section covering that here. It might also be that your trial has expired - you can check this in the 'Your Account' area. If you're still struggling after you have renewed your cookies, please contact our customer services department who will be happy to help.

I want to become a full member

How will I benefit from paying for a full membership?

So many benefits, so little space. Let us explain for you here

Are discounted memberships available?

Yes, we offer discounts for multiple users from the same organisation. Group and corporate memberships have additional benefits, including reduced costs, to find out more click here.

How long does a membership run for?

Our memberships run for 12 months.

If I find my membership not to be what I expected, can I get a refund?


If you want a refund of your membership within the first 30 days, we will be happy to do so - in full and no questions asked.

We would, though, love feedback on what you would have liked to have seen more or less of. We genuinely value all comments made about our service. Many of the site's features have been developed from suggestions and comments about things we could have done better.

How much is a membership to just-drinks?

Membership costs vary upon payment method.

If you require more than five members, we will work a group or corporate membership for you that lowers the individual costs and helps spread that budget further.

Why is there a price difference between method of payment and new member/renewing member?

This is due to administration time and charges.

My membership just expired, how long do I have to renew before I lose my renewal discount?

30 days.

Can I pay for membership via a subscription agency?

Yes. Please be aware that you may save money by becoming a member directly with just-drinks.

Are discounted memberships available?

Yes, depending on circumstances.

If you require membership for more than five people we offer excellent group membership packages, click for more info...

If you are an academic organisation please contact us for potential discount information.

I am a student - can I get membership/research free?

No. However, we may be able to offer a discount, please contact us for more information.

I want access to more than one of your websites, can you organise a multi-site discount for me?

Yes. Please contact us for more information.

My membership is about to expire, can I still access just-drinks and receive the newsletters?

Yes, you will still be able to use you login and password and receive any newsletters you are signed up for. However, you site access will be restricted. To find out the benefits of full membership click here

I just took out membership, to be paid for by invoice - but now I don't want to wait for access. Can I change my payment method to credit card so that it's immediate?

Yes. Please contact our customer service team via email or call +44 (0)1527 573 600.

My membership is due to finish and my credit card has expired, how can I renew?

Visit your account details by clicking here and add a new payment method.


How do I register my email address to get the newsletters?

I don't want the news each day - it is too much for me to read

No problem at all, we offer a weekly newsletter delivered first thing every Monday. This summarises the previous weeks news and important happenings. Complete with a full editorial, the newsletter also highlights forums postings, jobs, blog postings etc.

Full members can also take advantage of our personalised news alerting system. This provides the ability to refine your news selection to just those stories of immediate interest. Once stored, you can enable the alerts to be delivered at a time to suit.

RSS: How can I keep up with the news more often than once a day?

You can do this via RSS technology, which is very simple.

RSS is web-based technology that allows a live feed of our content right to your desktop, browser or toolbar. You will need an RSS reader to format this - we recommend using the Google RSS reader for starters; it is simple to use and full of excellent features.

Here is a great introduction to RSS readers on Wikipedia

We can also recommend a great YouTube video on why RSS readers are so good : RSS in plain English.

How can I be told when you post stories of direct interest to me rather than everything?

You need our alert services. Available to paid members only, this enables you to set as many email alerts as you like - each alert can be as complex or simple as you wish. Think of it as the system doing a search for you based on your specific keywords and then dropping you a note if it finds anything new since the last alert.

Why am I not receiving my newsletters?

  • The predominant reason for non-receipt of newsletters is that they get defined as spam by some email clients. Please check your junk/spam email filters. If we receive three consecutive bounce-backs from your email client our system may disable your newsletters, contact us for help if you think this may be the case.
  • You can also check that is added to your company's white lists/allowed sender list.
  • If you are using AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo etc you can try adding us to your allowed senders. Sadly, AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo etc will block emails for little reason and we can do nothing about this. Many customers have this problem and we would perhaps recommend getting an alternative provider - Google Mail is a great one.
  • Check your email alerts to ensure they are set up.
  • Some email clients will strip formatting from HTML emails - or not allow them altogether. It might be worth changing your newsletters to arrive in TEXT format.
  • Are your newsletters going to the right email address? To update your email address please click here

How do I unsubscribe from my newsletters?

There is a dedicated link at the bottom of every email we send out or, alternatively, you can click here to unsubscribe from our newsletters.

We'd very much appreciate you letting us know what prompted your decision to unsubscribe from a newsletter. Our members' opinions keep just-drinks evolving and allow us to tailor the site to your requirements. If we're not getting it right we would very much like to know what you would like to see on just-drinks.

The above webpage is if you want to change your email preferences only, if you want to stop receiving emails completely click here.

Do you have a news archive?

We certainly do. All news stories are available in our archive with no restrictions on readership - we just ask that you register your details with us for free.

The latest stories and our exclusive news coverage is reserved for paying members only; it takes a few weeks for these to be released for everyone to read. To become a paying member click here.

My TEXT format newsletters aren't pretty enough

No problem, you can change the format to HTML by clicking here.

My email client is stripping the HTML from my newsletters

Management briefings

Why won't my management briefings download?

I am a full member, is there a limit to how many free Management Briefings I can download?

No, there are no limits. You can download as few or as many Management Briefings as you wish from our archives dating back to 2003 - plus any bonus briefings. Please click here to download your briefings.

Do you have a forward list of what Management Briefings will be published?

Yes. But the timing of the briefings is not set in stone as we react to important events. As a result, we don't generally advertise what goes up ahead of time to avoid disappointment. If there is a particular subject matter you are interested in we may be able to tell you if we have something lined up. Please contact us to find out.

Research store

I have ordered a research report, how and when will I receive this?

If you paid by credit card you will have immediate access to the ordered report. If you want to pay by cheque or bank transfer then you need to order by proforma invoice. You will have access to your report as soon as we receive payment.

Assuming there are no problems with your payment and you chose the PDF version, it will be available to download from here. If the report is not available in your account area, you will receive the PDF directly from the publisher by email, or a hard copy will be posted to you. If you have any problems with accessing your report, please contact us for help.

How can I obtain a copy of my invoice/receipt?

You can access information about your order in your account area, where you can print a copy of your receipt/invoice.

My credit card expired and I want to renew my membership/purchase research

I've bought a research report; can I give this to my colleagues at work?

It depends on what version of the report you have ordered. We sell two versions of most research reports, single user and multi-user. Only 'multi-user' reports include a license that allows you to share the report with colleagues or store it for others to reference.

If we are being honest we know there is little likelihood of us finding out but if we do find out then your company would be in line for rather a large copyright fine. It's just not worth the few pennies you will save by not buying the multi-user version, this happens more often than you might think.

We can also arrange for companies to receive all research reports we publish in a year for a single, set price. This allows the entire organisation to benefit from our unique research and can often save you money by preventing multiple copies being purchased by different individuals. We can even prevent individuals buying research and direct them instead to your own corporate access area of the site.

Please contact us for help if you would like more information on this service

I'm a student/university/college/library - can I/we get discounted research?

Do I get discounted research if I am a full member?

You will receive an automatically calculated 5% off any research published by, just order your report and we will do the rest. There may be various promotions by other suppliers that we work with, which may carry an offer and/or discount. We will let you know about these on our home page and/or via our monthly research updates.

To subscribe to our research update newsletter please click here

I'm very happy with my purchased research, who do I tell?

Anybody who will listen! And us too! Your satisfaction is important to us.

Please email our Research Store department here

I'm not happy with my purchased research, who do I tell?

Us. We understand that sometimes the information you want is remarkably specific. If you are not happy we want to know about it. Our research team will do their best to find the research that you need. We're so confident we will offer you a refund if the report you ordered fails to meet your needs. Please contact us to discuss.

I've found some useful research, but only a chapter or two is applicable to my requirements. Can I buy just the content that I need?

We will try our best to accommodate your needs. Please contact us to discuss.

Copyright issues

I'm very happy with and want to share published content (news or research) with others.

As you might expect, we can't give everyone the right to just copy our material and distribute it for nothing. After all, this might result in a company of 1,000 employees which would only need one paid member. However, you are free to send material you find interesting to other, paid members in your organisation. We can also arrange for you to have the rights to use material in press releases, on your web site etc. If you feel your organisation would benefit from company wide access to the stories, please chat to us about our corporate membership schemes.

If you want to know more about making individual stories accessible to staff/customers click here.

I am a student/journalist and want to quote your material.

Absolutely! Please contact us to discuss so we know more about your requirements and we will do our best to help. If you are a journalist, we can often supply review material in exchange for accreditations in articles.

Group / corporate memberships and enquiries

There are currently several individuals at our company who are paying full price for a single-user membership. Do you offer a discount for multiple users?


You can save up to 55% with a just-drinks group or corporate membership, please click here for further information, or feel free to contact our corporate business team who will be able to help you with any questions.

Telephone +44 1527 573 608 or if you want you can Email us here

How can I add or remove users?

To add or remove users, first login to just-drinks. Then, go to the 'Your Account' area of the website, you will need to login again, this is for your security.

If you then click on "Group Membership Administration", this will take you to the screen where you can add and remove users by following the instructions.

Editorial queries

Can you please send me a forward features list?

We do not publish a forward features list.

This is because most of our content is very much news-driven i.e. something happens in the drinks industry and we cover it immediately.

We do however, have a full list of the topics to be covered in our management briefings and these are open to sponsorship. If you'd like a media pack please contact our advertising team.

Where do I send my press releases/industry announcements?

You can send your press releases here. As mentioned previously, we are news driven site with no forward feature list, therefore your press release may not get used. If you would like more exposure for your press releases you can put them onto yourself by utilising our very user friendly application here.

I tried to put my industry announcement up but something went wrong.

Please note you may need to copy and paste your text from notepad rather than MS Word doc format. If this does not resolve your problem, we're happy to help, please contact us here.

My press release contains news of a new product. I need to get the word out with global coverage and exposure.

Our advertising team are able to offer a free consultation and will be happy to discuss your requirements. We can offer advertising on-site or in our newsletters and our campaigns are extraordinarily competitively priced. Click here to get your hands on one of our media packs.

I do/don't agree/have comments and/or feedback on an article I've read on

Great! Let us know. You can either email our Editorial team or alternatively, start or add to a discussion in our forums - found here

Jobs section queries

Is it free to advertise our jobs on

Currently yes.

How can I register to add our jobs?

What is the audience for the jobs section?

Since 1999, just-drinks has been the world's largest provider of online industry information to hundreds of thousands of drinks professionals globally.

The jobs section is the third most popular part of the site after our home page and news items.

Who reads the jobs section?

Readership for this part of the site is predominantly made up of senior managers and executives in the drinks industry.

I need a job! Where do I send my CV?

There may be something for you here. Please do not send your CV to us. You need to send your CV to the contact on the listing that you are interested in.

I have posts I need to fill; can you find me suitable candidates?

Alas no. But you can advertise your post free here the interface is very user friendly.

Can I advertise our jobs with banners and graphics in the job section?

We are a recruitment agency; can we send you our details?

You can send your details and contact numbers to us here and we will keep them on file. Should you send your details over we politely ask that you wait for us to call you rather than schedule follow up calls.

Forum queries

How do I post?

You will need to be registered. Before you can post you will need to set up a profile.

I find a post in the forum offensive.

Please click on the red flag found on the right side of the post, this will bring it to the attention of a moderator.

Advertising queries

What is your readership?

Since 1999, just-drinks has been the world's largest provider of online industry information to hundreds of thousands of drinks professionals globally.

To learn more about our audience and advertising rates download the latest media pack by completing the just-drinks media pack request form

I want to advertise on, who do I speak to?

You can speak to the just-drinks advertising team by calling +44(0)1527 573 618 or by emailing them. To download a copy of the latest media pack, click here.

My question is not answered in the media pack, who can I ask?

Contact the just-drinks advertising team by calling +44(0)1527 573 618 or email.

Are you able to produce the graphics for our campaign?

To find out more download the latest media pack or contact the just-drinks advertising team by calling +44(0)1527 573 618 or email.

Other FAQs

How secure is just-drinks?

just-drinks takes our customer's privacy and security seriously. We have a full section outlining our policy and who to contact if you have a concern

Do you keep contact details of companies featured on just-drinks?

Unfortunately we do not keep a directory of contacts.

I want to exchange links with

Firstly, have you checked that our businesses are related? We do not offer a reciprocal links scheme. However, we are always looking for new ways to support industry professionals and may be able to offer selected content in return for a link on your site. Please contact us for further details.

Can't find the answer you were after?

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