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Cream liqueurs are gaining ground among millennials, who enjoy them as a refreshing cocktail ingredient or simply as a pure delight. The times where cream liqueurs were perceived as your grandmother’s drink are long behind us. Creamy cocktails are a must-have for any venue, and spirit brands strive to have the preferred ingredient for these cocktails in their brand portfolio – or offer them as ready-to-drink.

Innovation in product applications has been the key driver of this comeback of cream liqueurs, and helps spirit brands to reinvent themselves as it unlocks new tastes and recipes. To inspire brands, Creamy Creation partnered with Onno Kokmeijer, a 2-star Michelin chef at Ciel Bleu AMSTERDAM, to develop a series of new recipes. These recipes do not only inspire brands, they also show how innovation has shaken up the cream liqueur market. The initial launch announces the ‘The Summer Edition’ and includes three delicious recipes, all offering a creamy dash of summer to your drink.

One of these recipes is the Banana Dream. “The Banana Dream is a real crowd pleaser – everybody loves this one. This creamy cocktail is particularly suitable as an afternoon drink, when you really need a kick, or need to be shaken up. Other than the natural cream liqueur, the cocktail contains ginger and banana – always a great combination – as well as rum, cane sugar, chocolate mint, cassia, and mild Japanese yuzu. The cream liqueur has exceptional properties with these fresh ingredients, and adds to the experience,” says Onno Kokmeijer.

The concept of mixing multiple spirits or liqueurs with soft drinks, juices and other ingredients is more than 400 years old. Cocktails are strongly connected to summertime fun and beach-vibes, but successful brands look beyond a seasonal approach. Creamy cocktails with the right ingredients are timeless, season-less, and always in style. Consider cinnamon flavors for autumn, chocolate-mint in winter, or lemon and strawberry as the ultimate spring refresher. There is a creamy cocktail for everyone, at any time, in any setting.

Another eye-catcher is the Mocha Latte, a creamy cocktail with a sourish bite – a unique combination as cream liqueurs usually curdle when they are mixed with fruity juices. Onno Kokmeijer about the Mocha Latte and its unique characteristics: “This evening cocktail is based on the growing trend of iced coffee. The base ingredient for the Mocha Latte liqueur is a mixable cream, with a Baileys flavour. The Mocha Latte Liqueur has a hint of sour, from added lime juice and lemon shavings. Whereas sourish juices don’t usually mix with cream, Creamy Creation’s mixable cream has unparalleled characteristics and does not result in curdling.”

“No consumer is the same, making versatility a critical factor in cream liqueur development. Our white label mixable cream liqueurs are developed to be experienced both neat and as a mixer, but more importantly: they can be fine-tuned to appeal to your specific audience,” says Floris Daamen, global marketing manager at Creamy Creation. “Creamy Creation’s white label offering allows any brand to bring a silky-smooth mixable cream to the shelf. Our expertise in dairy and creamy liqueurs allows us to tailor the flavor to your specific target group. Consider rich iced-coffee or a delightful fruity flavour, surprisingly silky yogurt or something entirely new! Creamy Creation always provides unique and high-quality taste sensations. Together with Onno Kokmeijer we initiated these new recipes in order to inspire brands (our b2b customers) with new ideas.”

Finally, Creamy Creation has identified a completely new segment of cream liqueur application: mixing it with sparkling wine. This bubbly combination of sparkling wine and a splash of cream liqueur may catch any connoisseur by surprise, but not the adventurous millennial, who appreciates both sparkling wine and cream liqueur and will toast the unique combination. There is a huge opportunity for any liqueur brand to launch into the sparkling cream liqueur market. With sparkling wines now more popular than Champagne and millennials open to explore new tastes and concepts, this is the moment to jump ahead of the trend. With effervescence at the heart of this cream liqueur, there is nothing more delicious or fun to drink.

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