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In the Spotlight - Pernod Ricard, Vin & Sprit

Jessica Harvey | 1 Apr 2008

Pernod Ricard's victory in the race to buy Vin & Sprit has sent shockwaves across the global spirits industry, whilst also throwing up a vast array of questions. In a spotlight special, Jessica Harvey picks through the finer details of the deal to find answers to those questions. Esewhere on the just-drinks site, Olly Wehring talks to Tom Flocco, president and CEO of Beam Global Spirits & Wine, who had been everyone's hot favourite to win V&S's hand.

Potential bidders weigh up benefits of V&S move

Euromonitor International | 13 Jun 2007

The Swedish spirits producer V&S Group is up for sale and, with the global premium vodka brand Absolut as its prime asset, has attracted much attention from major international players. Jeremy Cunnington of Euromonitor International weighs up the pros and cons of a move for V&S facing the likely bidders.

V&S attracted by premium opportunities in baiju

just-drinks.com editorial team | 8 Jun 2007

V&S Group’s move into the local Chinese spirits market via a joint venture with Sichuan company JianNanChun offers the Swedish company access to the growing premium sector of a massive spirits industry. Sam Mulligan examines the opportunities and challenges presented by the huge baijiu market which is proving such a tempting proposition to international companies.

Latest Interviews

10 things you should know about... Vin & Sprit

just-drinks.com editorial team | 31 Mar 2008

10 things you should know about... Vin & Sprit

The just-drinks Interview - V&S Group's President

just-drinks.com editorial team | 14 Feb 2006

Combining genuine brand chic with selling millions of cases is to dream the impossible dream for most spirits executives, but for Bengt Baron, president and CEO of Absolut owners V&S Group, it is a reality. Dean Best met Baron to discuss Absolut, the spirits business and some of V&S’s other brands.

Latest News

Pernod Ricard silent on Vin & Sprit sale

just-drinks.com editorial team | 9 Sep 2009

Pernod Ricard has declined to comment on a report out of Sweden that the group is to sell off all Vin & Sprit brands apart from Absolut vodka.

Pernod completes V&S spirits sale

just-drinks.com editorial team | 1 Apr 2009

Pernod Ricard has completed the sale of three ex-Vin & Sprit brands to Arcus Gruppen, but competition concerns have forced the drinks giant to remove Gronstedt Cognac from the deal and sell to Altia instead.

Vin & Sprit Absolut president to stand down

just-drinks.com editorial team | 1 Apr 2009

The president of Vin & Sprit Absolut has announced his intention to step down from the post later this year.

Pernod Ricard sells V&S brands

just-drinks.com editorial team | 18 Dec 2008

Pernod Ricard has signed a deal with Norway's Arcus Gruppen to sell several drinks brands acquired as part of its takeover of Vin & Sprit.

Vin & Sprit sues Absolute Radio

just-drinks.com editorial team | 14 Oct 2008

Vin & Sprit, the owner of Swedish vodka brand Absolut has launched legal proceedings against UK radio station Absolute Radio for infringement of its trademark.

Pernod Ricard closes Vin & Sprit purchase

just-drinks.com editorial team | 24 Jul 2008

Pernod Ricard has announced it has completed its €5.69bn acquisition of Absolut vodka owner Vin & Sprit, after receiving the green light from EU competition authorities.

Pernod ordered to sell ahead of V&S purchase

just-drinks.com editorial team | 18 Jul 2008

Pernod Ricard has been set a selection of hoops to jump through ahead of the closure of its acquisition of Vin & Sprit.

Pernod V&S purchase suffers EC decision delay

just-drinks.com editorial team | 30 Jun 2008

The European Commission has delayed its decision on Pernod Ricard's proposed acquisition of Vin & Sprit.

Vin & Sprit readies Cruzan Guava for US

just-drinks.com editorial team | 22 May 2008

Vin & Sprit has unveiled an addition to its Cruzan flavoured rum portfolio in the US.

Court dismisses Fortune V&S injunction

just-drinks.com editorial team | 20 May 2008

A New York court has dismissed Fortune Brand’s claim for an injunction to prevent the transfer of a minority stake in its Beam Global Spirits & Wine unit to the Swedish government by Vin & Sprit, according to reports.

Fortune offers below V&S asking price for stake

just-drinks.com editorial team | 16 May 2008

Fortune is believed to have offered US350m for Vin & Sprit’s 10% stake in Beam Global, according to reports.

Fortune legal action won't delay V&S sale

just-drinks.com editorial team | 14 May 2008

The court action embarked upon by Fortune Brands to stop a 10% stake in its Beam Global Brands subsidiary passing from V&S to the Swedish state will not delay the sale of V&S to Pernod Ricard, a government spokesperson has said.

Vin & Sprit defeat keeps Beam’s “powder" dry

just-drinks.com editorial team | 16 Apr 2008

The head of Beam Global Spirits & Wine has said the company has “a lot of dry powder”, and will consider other acquisitions following its failure to capture Vin & Sprit earlier this month.

V&S faces Mexican stand-off in US

just-drinks.com editorial team | 8 Apr 2008

Vin & Sprit has moved to stave off a possible boycott of Absolut vodka in the US, by pulling a controversial advert in neighbouring Mexico.

Davide Campari-Milano eyes V&S seconds

just-drinks.com editorial team | 8 Apr 2008

Davide Campari-Milano would consider buying brands that Pernod Ricard might sell off following its acquisition of Vin & Sprit, according to an interview with the Italian company's CEO.

V&S targets US gay community with Absolut ads

just-drinks.com editorial team | 8 Apr 2008

Vin & Sprit has unveiled a promotional push for its Absolut vodka brand that specifically targets the gay community in the US.

“Business as usual” at Maxxium, despite V&S sale

just-drinks.com editorial team | 2 Apr 2008

Maxxium has said that “nothing will change” at the distributor, following this week’s announcement that Pernod Ricard is to buy Vin & Sprit.

Pernod Ricard wins race for Vin & Sprit

just-drinks.com editorial team | 31 Mar 2008

Pernod Ricard has won the auction for Vin & Sprit, beating Fortune Brands to the Absolut vodka trademark.

Fortune “didn’t see appropriate return” in V&S

just-drinks.com editorial team | 31 Mar 2008

Fortune Brands has said that it will launch a “high-return” share programme, in light of its failure to acquire Vin & Sprit.

Vin & Sprit sees "logic" in Pernod purchase

just-drinks.com editorial team | 31 Mar 2008

Vin & Sprit has welcomed today’s (31 March) announcement that Pernod Ricard is set to take control of the Swedish company.

V&S sale going “according to plan” - Government

just-drinks.com editorial team | 28 Mar 2008

The sale of the Swedish state-owned makers of Absolut Vodka, Vin & Sprit, is progressing “according to plan”, as speculation mounts that a buyer will be named in the coming weeks.

Bacardi to follow Fortune in V&S split plan?

just-drinks.com editorial team | 27 Mar 2008

Bacardi is the latest major drinks company thought to have teamed up with a local private equity firm, in its hopes to win the auction for Sweden’s Vin & Sprit group.

Fortune silent on Vin & Sprit sale split talk

just-drinks.com editorial team | 26 Mar 2008

Fortune Brands has refused to be drawn on speculation claiming the company has taken a partner in its bid to acquire Vin & Sprit.

V&S bidders get second deadline

just-drinks.com editorial team | 19 Mar 2008

The deadline for the second round of bids for Vin & Sprit (V&S) has been set.

V&S gets Golden Gate appeal rejected

just-drinks.com editorial team | 10 Mar 2008

Vin & Sprit has lost its appeal against The Wine Group subsidiary Golden State Vintners over the use of the Golden Gate trademark in Sweden.

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