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Chris Losh | 4 Aug 2009

As the economic downturn supposedly slows down, could one upshot of these troubled times be an upturn in popularity for the smaller players, when it comes to wine? Chris Losh thinks the little guys are coming back with a vengeance.

Chris Losh | 3 Jul 2006

Long-awaited draft proposals for EU wine reform get tough on sub-standard growers while freeing market-aware producers from regulatory fetters that have stifled innovation for too long. Chris Losh hopes the measures are adopted swiftly rather than becoming bogged down in Brussels bureaucracy and politicking.

In this month's Just the Answer, Christian Delpeuch, president of the CIVB (Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux), discusses how Bordeaux is tackling over-production and innovating to compete more effectively in today's wine market, notably with the development a completely new regional wine, Vin de Pays de L'Aquitaine.

French farmers have always been a militant group but the grave difficulties facing wine producers have prompted an escalation in the level of disruption and violence which demonstrating growers have been prepared to go to. Stuart Todd reports on the unfolding story in the Languedoc region of southern France and the prospect of further unrest to come.

Latest News

Les Domaines Paul Mas' Estate Single Vineyard Collection

Southern French wine producer Les Domaines Paul Mas has launched two brand extensions to its portfolio in the UK.

Coming up at this year's London International Wine & Spirits Fair…

Coming up at this year's London International Wine & Spirits Fair: a seminar on Southwest France, wines from the Languedoc and products from Montilla PX. Read on for more.

A new Vin de Pays range from Bordeaux négociant Yvon Mau has been launched in the UK under the brand name Maison Mau by the company’s distributor Freixenet (DWS) Ltd.

Sophie Kevany | 4 Apr 2007

The new president of the French table wine association Anivit (L'Association nationale interprofessionnelle des vins de tables et vins de pays) has been named as negociant Noel Bougrier.

Fetzer Vineyards has lined up a new French wine offering for the US.

Sophie Kevany | 18 Jan 2007

A national category for French wines that for the first time will allow for the mixing of mid-range Vins de Pays from different areas has been finalised.

Burgundy house Patriarche Père et Fils is launching a new range of Vin de Pays wines in the UK.

Stuart Todd | 11 Nov 2005

French wine producers and traders are for once showing a united front in urging the Government to back a project creating a new appellation of wine: “Vin de Pays de France.”

North Lake Wines, part of Constellation Wines US, and the French wine company Baron Philippe de Rothschild SA have announced the appointment of North Lake Wines as the exclusive importer of Mouton Cadet and several other Baron Philippe de Rothschild wines in the US.

The French wine harvest this year is forecast to come in below last year’s production, according to industry estimates.

A bomb blast has damaged a winery in the Languedoc region of France, according to Decanter.

Stuart Todd | 20 Oct 2004

France's wine co-operatives are seeking to negotiate a deal with brokers and traders guaranteeing a minimum price paid to producers.

Stuart Todd | 22 Jul 2004

Following crisis talks in Paris on Wednesday with France’s Agriculture minister, Hervé Gaymard, Bordeaux and Beaujolais producers will now be able to add the name of the vine to vin de pays labels.

Chris Brook-Carter | 9 Jun 2003

The scheme that was going to give the beleaguered French wine industry the chance to compete on a level playing field with the New World has been seriously stalled after objections to the French government. And many now believe it will be vetoed altogether. Under the scheme, provisionally titled Vins de Cépage de France, producers would have had the opportunity to produce varietal wine by blending grapes from across the country. At present, such a practice can only be used for the lowly Vins de Table, but the new wines would have carried a classification similar to Vin de Pays. This would have allowed them to carry both the vintage and the grape varietal on the label - factors on which the New World has built its success.

The wine industry, which has remained immune from many of the pressures of the modern era for a long time, is now undergoing radical change, according to beverage industry analyst Canadean.

Chris Brook-Carter | 26 Mar 2001

Rioting winegrowers in the French region of Languedoc-Roussillon have caused over $1m of damage and five policemen have ended up in hospital, in demonstrations over the falling price of French wine. Over 8,000 growers converged on the French town of Nimes to protest at a drop of 30% in the price of Vin de Pays (VDP) and Vin de table (VDT) wines. A previous demonstration in December had gone peacefully but after a number of rousing speeches last week, the rioting began.

The European Commission has blocked a scheme introduced by France to assist Cognac producers to switch production to table wine, despite Brussels' enthusiasm for persuading Cognac houses to reduce their production.A Commission statement said that the planned increase in output of "vin de pays" was counter to the principle behind the new common organisation of the EU wine market which is largely aimed at curbing new production.The French government proposed the plan last year in an effort to deal with the crisis in the Cognac industry, which has led to a substantial surplus of unsold stocks, a problem that has led the Commission to raise concerns about the payment EU grants to the industry.In this case, however, Brussels said that wine produced after the conversion of vineyards would enter the normal market in wine, whereas present Cognac production by definition went to a different market."Consequently, the generalised conversion of these vineyards would very likely simply shift the Cognac problem into other markets," the Commission said.Also, any conversion scheme should, under the terms of the new wine market organisation, be accompanied by a substantial reduction in production area and yields. Brussels said only measures adopted within the rules of the Common Agricultural Policy, and more precisely the common market organisation in wine, were likely to ensure that the overall interests of operators in this market throughout the EU were taken into account.Alan Osborn

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