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The wine category in 2017 - Review

As the year draws to a close, just-drinks takes a look back at the stories that have made the headlines across the global drinks industry ov...

Brexit - What's certain is that nothing is certain

Attending the UK Wine & Spirits Trade Association’s annual conference in London yesterday, I was particularly struck by one thought: Strippi...

Lucy Britner | 17 Sep 2015

There was a time when bars served beer in any old pint glass, fathers had their one brand of whisk(e)y and consumer feedback was received by post. Now, branded glassware is a given, no one wants to drink what their parents did and social media posts can go viral in minutes. In today's crowded market place, how do you get consumers to be loyal to your brand?

James Wilmore | 21 Mar 2013

George Osborne must think he can walk into any pub in the UK today and be treated to a free pint.

James Wilmore | 20 Sep 2012

The debate around minimum pricing in the UK is starting to feel more than ever like a can of worms. I'm not quite sure, however, who has got the biggest mess to deal with.

Ben Cooper | 12 Jan 2012

The recommendation by a House of Commons committee that consumers take two days off from drinking a week has thrust the issue of safe alcohol consumption guidelines back into the media spotlight. Ben Cooper reports.

Latest Interviews

Olly Wehring | 26 Jan 2017

In this, the second part of our interview the head of the UK's Wine & Spirit Trade Association, Miles Beale looks beyond the European Union and sees cause for optimism, despite the uncertainty of recent months.

James Wilmore | 1 May 2013

After nearly 20 years of working in the beer and spirits categories, Andrew Carter pitched up at Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) last year charged with leading the group's Europe, Middle East and Asia region. Travel Retail also falls under his remit. So, how's he finding the challenge? just-drinks' deputy editor, James Wilmore, caught up with him at ProWein in late-March.

Latest News

Lucy Britner | 6 Nov 2018

UK trade group the Wine & Spirit Trade Association has named two new board members.

Andy Morton | 27 Sep 2018

The average price of a bottle of wine in the UK has reached an all-time high, rising by almost GBP0.30 (US$0.40) since the EU referendum in June 2016, according to trade body the Wine & Spirit Trade Association.

Richard Woodard | 18 Sep 2018

Combined domestic and export sales of UK gin have more than doubled in the last five years, according to figures released today.

Olly Wehring | 14 Aug 2018

Exports of gin in the UK continue to rise, according to figures released this week, with full-year shipments forecast to come in twice as high as ten years ago.

Andy Morton | 26 Jan 2018

UK trade body the Wine & Spirit Trade Association has urged the country's Government to prioritise a free-trade agreement with Australia and New Zealand, once the UK leaves the European Union.

Andy Morton | 2 Jan 2018

UK rum sales are expected to break GBP1bn (US$1.35bn) in 2017, a new study has shown.

Andy Morton | 18 Dec 2017

Gin volumes in the UK climbed by almost one-fifth this year as the white spirit's popularity soared to new heights, figures have shown.

Andy Morton | 18 Oct 2017

UK alcohol trade bodies have joined with their European counterparts to form a united front on Brexit.

Andy Morton | 21 Aug 2017

Treasury Wine Estates’ European head, Tom King, has joined the board of the UK’s Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA).

Lucy Britner | 2 Aug 2017

Sparkling wine sales in the UK rose 12% in 2016, according to new research by the Wine and Spirit Trade Association. 

Olly Wehring | 19 Jun 2017

As the UK and the European Union kick off formal exit negotiations, the UK’s Wine & Spirit Trade Association has called for the country’s Government to do all it can to avoid a ‘no deal’ outcome.

Olly Wehring | 6 Jun 2017

Spirits sales generated more tax than sales of beer in the UK for the first time, according to recently-released figures.

Lucy Britner | 19 Apr 2017

The number of new distillery licences issued by the UK Government last year increased by more than 30% on 2015, according to figures released this week.

Andy Morton | 29 Mar 2017

Wine trade groups in both the UK and Europe have said they are united in the fight for a free-trade agreement, on the day the UK triggered Article 50 and started the process of leaving the European Union.

Olly Wehring | 27 Mar 2017

The UK’s exit from the European Union could create ideal conditions for alcohol smugglers in the years ahead, the country’s trade body for wine and spirits has warned.

Lucy Britner | 13 Mar 2017

The drinks industry has hailed a move by the European Commission to allow alcohol companies to propose their own labelling guidelines. 

Lucy Britner | 8 Mar 2017

Trade bodies across the UK drinks industry have expressed frustration over the Government's decision today to increase alcohol duty in line with inflation.

Lucy Britner | 27 Jan 2017

The UK's decision to leave the European Union offers opportunities for the country's wine and spirits categories in markets beyond Europe, the head of the UK's Wine & Spirit Trade Association has forecast.

Andy Morton | 19 Jan 2017

A UK wine trade body has criticised an attempt to secure official protected geographical status for English sparkling wine under the name "British Fizz".

Lucy Britner | 3 Oct 2016

British gin exports to the US market have risen by more than 500% the last decade, according to new figures. 

Olly Wehring | 14 Sep 2016

The outgoing head of Pernod Ricard's UK division has handed over the chairmanship of the Wine & Spirit Trade Association to Berry Brothers & Rudd chief Dan Jago.

Olly Wehring | 12 Sep 2016

Gin sales in the UK have broken the GBP1bn (US$1.34bn) barrier, according to recently-released figures.

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