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JAPAN: Asahi Breweries H1 sales, profits slip

2 Aug 2010

Falling demand for alcoholic drinks in Japan has caused Asahi Breweries to report a dip in half-year sales, with profits down by almost a third.

June Management Briefing - The BRICM Markets – Part I

6 Jul 2010

The rise of the world’s large emerging markets, Brazil, Russia, India, China and Mexico - or BRICM to give them their popular acronym - has been especially significant for the drinks industry. With its array of international and local brands and a growing inquisitiveness of consumers worldwide towards foreign drinks, the drinks industry is a good fit for globalisation.

June Management Briefing - The BRICM Markets – Part V: China

6 Jul 2010

Given the fast-growing domestic consumption of branded drinks, Chinese beverage manufacturers are racing to expand their production.

CHINA: Tsingtao Brewery sizing up Foster's bid - report

4 Jun 2010

China's Tsingtao Brewery is reported to be one of the companies eyeing a bid for Foster's beer business.

Focus - AUS: SABMiller, Japanese brewers in the Foster's frame?

27 May 2010

Will SABMiller finally break cover and go for a big acquisition or should we look to Asia to provide a suitor for Foster's beer business? Here, just-drinks takes a look at the names in the hat.

Comment - Will Anheuser-Busch InBev stick around in Russia?

7 May 2010

We've been debating here at just-drinks whether Anheuser-Busch InBev will hang on to its underperforming Russian business, Sun InBev.

CHINA: Tsingtao Brewery full-year profits soar

9 Apr 2010

Lower raw materials costs have helped China's Tsingtao Brewery to report a leap in profits for 2009.

Focus - Beer growth set to continue in Asia

4 Mar 2010

On a continent-by-continent basis, Asia is top of the pile when it comes to beer consumption. The region offers many opportunities for growth for the global brewers - welcome words in these trying times. Despite Japan's flat performance of late in the brewing sector, the potential offered by the likes of China and India means Asia is where the beer world is looking in 2010. Gavin Blair in Tokyo, Frances Wang in Shanghai, Raghavendra Verma in New Delhi and Karryn Miller, take a closer look at the region.

JAPAN: Asahi Breweries FY profits rise

9 Feb 2010

Asahi Breweries has reported a 6% rise in profits for 2009, but drinks sales struggled as an improved overseas presence failed to fully offset falling demand at home in Japan.

UK: Tsingtao prepares Chinese New Year push

14 Jan 2010

Tsingtao, the Chinese brewer part-owned by Japan's Asahi, is preparing a wave of promotions across the UK during Chinese New Year celebrations next month.

In the Spotlight - Constellation Brands Q3

8 Jan 2010

Constellation Brands, the world's largest wine firm, saw third quarter results beat analysts' expectations yesterday (7 January), but investors remained concerned by the slide in profits and sales.

JAPAN: Asahi building acquisition war chest

18 Dec 2009

Japan's Asahi Breweries plans to build a JPY400bn (US$4.5 bn) war chest for overseas acquisitions by using loans and revenue.

In the Spotlight – Constellation, Modelo dispute brews

18 Dec 2009

Constellation Brands stock fell as much as 7% on Wednesday (16 December) as news broke of a legal battle with joint venture partner Grupo Modelo. Michelle Russell looks at the early fallout.

just the facts - Japanese drinks giants awaken

18 Dec 2009

Destocking and economic turmoil aside, 2009 must surely be the year when Japan's latent drinks giants seized their chance to make themselves heard on the international scene.

Update - US: Constellation Brands rebuffs Grupo Modelo lawsuit

16 Dec 2009

Constellation Brands has vowed to defend itself against a lawsuit filed by Mexican brewer Grupo Modelo over the amount of funding both firms have given to their Crown Imports joint venture.

MEXICO/US: Grupo Modelo sues Constellation Brands

16 Dec 2009

Mexican brewer Grupo Modelo has filed a lawsuit against Constellation Brands over the two groups' beer joint venture in the US, Crown Imports.

Review of the Year 2009 - Beer

15 Dec 2009

What 2009 lacked in explosive headlines in the brewing category, it more than made up for in tactical manoeuvres for the future. Olly Wehring considers a year that was always going to struggle, in every way possible.

JAPAN: Asahi Breweries to invest overseas

1 Dec 2009

Asahi Breweries is looking to invest in more overseas drinks markets to help offset declining sales in Japan and become one of the world's top ten food and drink companies.

US: Crown Imports heads for Horizon Media for media

24 Nov 2009

Crown Imports has appointed Horizon Media as its media agency of record.

CHINA: Tsingtao Brewery profits jump

3 Nov 2009

Tsingtao Brewery, the Chinese beer giant, has reported an 80% jump in net profits and a double digit sales rise for the first nine months of 2009.

Insight - A-B InBev beats disposals target

15 Oct 2009

Anheuser-Busch InBev blew its US$7bn disposals target out of the water today, completing the brewer's mission to help pay off the A-B acquisition by refocusing the company on core businesses and markets.

just the facts - Anheuser-Busch InBev asset disposals

15 Oct 2009

Following the news this morning (15 October) that Anheuser-Busch InBev is to sell its brewing assets in Eastern Europe, we take a look at the company’s path to attaining its US$7bn disposals target.

CHINA: Tsingtao Breweries profits soar

12 Oct 2009

Tsingtao Breweries, the Chinese brewing giant, has said that it expects net profits to rise by up to 85% for the first nine months of its fiscal year.

Comment - A-B InBev defies the doubters

8 Oct 2009

Those who doubted that Anheuser-Busch InBev would meet its US$7bn disposals target clearly underestimated the beast they were dealing with.

CHINA: Tsingtao Brewery outperforms beer market slowdown

7 Aug 2009

Tsingtao Brewery has reported solid rises in net sales and profits for the first half of 2009, despite a slowdown on the Chinese beer market.

JAPAN: Asahi Breweries struggles in H1, as one-off sale braces profits

3 Aug 2009

Asahi Breweries has posted a lift in first half net profits, as a one-off gain helped temper a marked slide in operating profits for the period.

CHINA: Tsingtao Group sells Baotuquan to Tsingtao Brewery

31 Jul 2009

Local reports out of China this week have claimed that Tsingtao Group is going to switch ownership of Baotuquan Beer internally.

CHINA: Tsingtao Brewery H1 profits leap

14 Jul 2009

Tsingtao Brewery, the Chinese brewer, has reported net profits up by between 60 and 70% for the first six months of 2009.

JAPAN: Asahi boosts Tsingtao sales force

23 Jun 2009

Asahi Breweries is to shift focus from sales marketing and production of domestic brand beer in China from Yantai beer to support the Tsingtao beer brand.

BELGIUM: InBev India to control Budweiser operations

11 Jun 2009

InBev India International is to control the operations of Budweiser beer in the country.





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