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The Global New Product Database

25 May 2004

At a recent marketing forum, just-drinks heard one trends expert speak about the blurring boundaries between different FMCG categories in the latest product launches. The new product activity tracked in this month's database from Mintel appears to bear this trend out.

US: Coke & Pepsi go head-to-head with healthy OJ

14 May 2004

Coke and Pepsi have announced details of their respective assaults on the health-conscious orange juice market.

Soft drinks take their sporting chance

20 Apr 2004

Quite literally an Olympic year for sport, 2004 offers significant opportunities for soft drinks to market their refreshing, thirst quenching attributes and get their brand message across to consumers. Annette Sessions reports.

US: PepsiCo Q1 figures released

16 Apr 2004

PepsiCo has posted a rise in net income for the first quarter of this year.

US: PepsiCo seals $500m sponsorship extension

2 Apr 2004

PepsiCo has extended its sponsorship of the National Football League (NFL).

FRANCE: Pepsi launches energy cola

25 Mar 2004

PepsiCo has launched the first energy cola, Pepsi-X, on the French market. Containing high caffeine levels, Pepsi-X is also flavoured with extracts of guarana and is aimed at the night clubbing community.

COMMENT: FCC addresses the low-carb bandwagon

5 Mar 2004

Instead of attacking the low-carb diet, the Florida Citrus Commission (FCC) has decided to focus its ad campaign on promoting orange juice’s health benefits. Today’s health conscious consumers are increasingly aware of the effects of consumption choices on their health. As such, the FCC is trying to regain consumer loyalty with its informative ads.

CANADA: New president for Pepsi-QTG Canada

11 Feb 2004

Pepsi-QTG Canada has appointed a new president.

Drinks companies muscle in on low-carb boom

3 Feb 2004

In a bid to tap into the phenomenal boom in low carbohydrate diets in the US, brewers and other drinks manufacturers have been launching low-carb variants and amplifying low-carb claims for existing products. But while the short-term growth has been prodigious, if the boom is not sustained drinks companies may have cannibalised their core products with faddish variants. Philip Fine reports.

Expanding opportunities

3 Feb 2004

'Diet', 'Light', 'Low Cal', 'Sugar-free' - whatever the moniker - the diet soft drink industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, especially in the US, as concerns over obesity and health put the spotlight on new diet drinks and marketing investment. Annette Sessions reports.

COMMENT: BK - expanding menu to attract slimmers

19 Jan 2004

Burger King has joined a growing number of food and beverage makers eager to ride the popularity of the low-carb diets.

Fruit and dairy drinks gain ground on CSDs in India

12 Jan 2004

While the CSD market in India was affected by the pesticide residue row in 2003, the bottled water sector was not and the milk-based drinks market grew strongly as consumers turned to those beverages as an alternative to carbonated drinks. In the second part of his review of the Indian soft drinks market, Raghavendran Badrinath reports.

US: Tropicana releases health-conscious sub-line

6 Jan 2004

Tropicana Products Inc. yesterday announced immediate availability of a new sub-line of products for the health-conscious market.

US: 300 jobs to go at Tropicana

23 Dec 2003

PepsiCo Inc.’s transfer of Tropicana’s headquarters will result in job losses, the company announced yesterday.

US: Pepsico restructures, 750 jobs to go

3 Dec 2003

Pepsico has announced an operational restructure which includes cutting 750 jobs.

US: Tropicana to launch low-cal orange juice

27 Nov 2003

Tropicana is to launch a low-calorie orange juice, the first for over a decade.

US: PepsiCo to chase the healthy vote

6 Nov 2003

The chairman of PepsiCo Inc said that growing consumer interest in health provided the company with an excellent opportunity for long-term growth.

RUSSIA: Pepsi Bottling signs juice deal

15 Oct 2003

The Russian juice producer Nidan Foods has agreed a distribution and investment deal with the soft drinks company Pepsi Bottling Group.

The soft promise of the Orient

2 Sep 2003

An increase in disposable income and the growing acceptance of functional beverages has helped drive growth in China’s soft drinks market at an impressive rate. As Jonathan Thomas reports, it is a market set to assume increasing strategic importance even in the short term.

US: Pepsi and Coke in fruit juice shake up

18 Aug 2003

The Coca-Cola Co is planning to phase out its juice range of Fruitopia products, rebranding them under its portfolio of Minute Maid drinks, the company has said. The move is being seen as an attempt to fully utilise the fast-growing Minute Maid brand with the Fruitopia brand stalling in recent times.

US: Environmentalists attack Tropicana deal

1 Jul 2003

A US environment group has attacked a deal between the juice maker Tropicana and the federal pollution authorities. Manasota 88, an environmental group with about 1,000 members, is concerned that the agreement - which sees Tropicana Products pay a prearranged fine each time it breaks clean water standards - allows the company to continue polluting.

UKRAINE: Orlan launches carbonated juice drink

30 May 2003

Kyiv-based Orlan, one of the five largest producers of beverages in Ukraine, has started producing a new series of carbonated beverages with natural juice called Euroseries.

US: Pepsi income up but CSD volumes decline

17 Apr 2003

Soft drinks and snack food producer PepsiCo saw its net income grow 13% to US$777m for the first quarter, with earnings per share for the period up 17% to US$0.45. The company was boosted by a reduction in costs relating to the Quaker merger. But carbonated soft drink volume in the key North America region fell 2%, dragged down by declines in the Pepsi and Mountain Dew brands.

Pepsi pads-up for Cricket World Cup

24 Jan 2003

As the highlight of the international cricketing calendar draws ever closer, PepsiCo prepares for one of its most significant sponsorships of the year, in a market dominated by Coca-Cola. Amongst rumours of a comeback to the South African market, Arnold Kirkby sorts the fact from fiction about Pepsi’s plans for the event.

Global New Product Database - December 2002-12-13

16 Dec 2002

Extensions on food products, from alcoholic yoghurt to a potato-based milk alternative, feature strongly in this month’s GNPD from Mintel. But it is the aphrodisiacs and beer can flirting aids which will no doubt catch the most attention. Read on for all this month's drinks releases.

Bottled water leading light for India’s MNCs

3 Dec 2002

In our second report on the Indian soft drinks industry, R.Badrinathl examines the fragmented chaos of the fruit juice market, which is in marked contrast to the bottled water industry, where the multinationals have achieved genuine success in grabbing market share.

US: Pepsi earnings up as Quaker beds in

9 Oct 2002

Soft drinks and snack giant PepsiCo saw its earnings per share grow 14% for its third quarter as most of its units posted gains in sales and profits. The news drove both Pepsico and rival The Coca-Cola Company's share price up.

Health and discounts drive German soft drinks forward

24 Sep 2002

The growth of functionality and the importance of health issues in the German soft drink market are creating a new agenda for producers determined to succeed. Ute Ballay reports on trends and developments pushing the industry forward.

US: Citrus World denies Tropicana lawsuit allegations

20 Sep 2002

The fruit juice producer, Citrus World Inc., which makes the Florida's Natural brand of orange juice, has denied claims of label violations made by PepsiCo-owned Tropicana Inc. Tropicana filed a lawsuit against Citrus World on September 11, alleging that Florida's Natural is mislabeled with regard to the origin of the juice.

US: Tropicana patent appeal could last for years - reports

12 Sep 2002

Tropicana's fight to keep its patent for the production of not-from-concentrate orange juice could drag out for years, according to reports from the US. The US Office of Patents and Trademarks having revoked Tropicana's tradmark, after it found that, has said it will re-examine the issue after an appeal from the juice maker and Pepsi subsidiary. The examination could take two years.









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