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US: PepsiCo launches Tropicana CSD line

21 Feb 2005

PepsiCo is to use its Tropicana brand on a line of carbonated drinks.

US: PepsiCo profits up across the board

4 Feb 2005

The snack and soft drinks giant today said it had finished the year with a strong fourth-quarter performance across all its business segments. The company said that each of its operating divisions posted solid top line growth, and total division operating profits increased by 10%.

Product innovation drives UK soft drinks market

1 Feb 2005

Consumer demand for new styles of carbonated drinks and the proliferation of non-carbonated offerings, such as functional and sports drinks and smoothies, continue to dominate new product development in the UK, reports Jonathan Thomas, senior market analyst, Leatherhead Food International.

CANADA: PepsiCo to roll out Smart Spot

21 Jan 2005

Soft drink group PepsiCo is to introduction its Smart Spot symbol in Canada. The Smart Spot system is an effort by the company to help consumers identify healthier food and beverage products.

US: PepsiCo launches healthy consumption promotion

13 Jan 2005

As the pressure on soft drinks companies to provide healthy beverage options grows, PepsiCo said yesterday that it would be launching a national retail promotion for its Smart Spot programme in the US.

US: PBG expecting 1% to 2% growth in 2005

20 Dec 2004

Growth in Europe will help drive overall volume growth of 2% in 2005 for the Pepsi Bottling Group, the company estimated today.

US: Job cuts threatened at Tropicana

17 Dec 2004

Tropicana Products Inc is looking to shed up to 100 jobs.

US: Low-carb orange juice companies targeted

16 Dec 2004

Producers of low-carb orange juice may be forced to clarify to consumers that their products are not 100% juice.

Indian soft drinks takes fruitful direction

7 Dec 2004

Rising shipping costs and adverse weather conditions in the south of the country resulted in the first drop in CSD volumes in India for a decade, but the fruit juice sector fared much better. Raghavendran Badrinath reports.

US: Pepsi signs pouring deal with AMF

17 Nov 2004

AMF Bowling Worldwide, Inc, the world's largest owner and operator of bowling centres, and Pepsi-Cola North America announced yesterday that they have signed a multi-year agreement designating Pepsi-Cola as the official refreshment beverage supplier for AMF's 368 bowling centres in the US.

US: Hurricanes force Tropicana price hike

2 Nov 2004

The recent hurricane season in Florida has prompted Tropicana to raise its prices on orange and grapefruit juices.

COMMENT: Pepsi shrugs off the underdog image

19 Oct 2004

Coke's current tribulations would be worrying enough, seeing its bitter rival, PepsiCo, enjoying rather better times adds insult to injury. Chris Brook-Carter reports.

US: Merrill Lynch raises Pepsi rating

19 Oct 2004

Investment bank Merrill Lynch has raised its rating on PepsiCo from “neutral” to “buy”.

UK: McDonald's drops Coke's OJ for Pepsi's

8 Oct 2004

McDonald’s is dropping Coca-Cola’s Minute Maid orange juice in its UK restaurants.

US: Pepsi Bottling raises full year expectations

28 Sep 2004

The Pepsi Bottling Group today reported third quarter 2004 net income of US$191m, up from the US$183m achieved last year, and raised its full-year earnings expectations.

RESEARCH: The hunt for fresh orange juice taste

17 Sep 2004

Scientists from the USA’s Agricultural Research Service are trying to improve the taste of reconstituted orange juice in order to match the flavour of freshly squeezed orange juice that most consumers prefer.

US: Tropicana surfaces after Hurricane Frances

9 Sep 2004

Tropicana Beverages North America is returning to full operations after the two hurricanes in Florida.

COMMENT: EU seeks to end Coke's fizzy gravy train

8 Sep 2004

The European Commission has welcomed Coca-Cola’s plans to change its sales practices in Europe.

US: Charley won't affect OJ prices - report

27 Aug 2004

Damage caused to Florida’s citrus groves by Hurricane Charley will not lead orange juice retailers to raise prices, according to press reports.

US: Tropicana unaffected by Hurricane Charley

25 Aug 2004

Tropicana has said that its Florida facilities have emerged unscathed from Hurricane Charley.

Cartons which say something

24 Aug 2004

Segmentation and most notably the growth in the premium soft drinks sector offer carton manufacturers the chance to demonstrate to brand companies how carton design and technology can positively influence consumer choice. Paul Gander reports.

US: Tropicana sustains no damage from hurricane

18 Aug 2004

The PepsiCo-owned orange juice business Tropicana has said it has not been hit by Hurricane Charley, which tore its way through citrus groves in central Florida.

Healthier drinks for kids going down well

17 Aug 2004

In the UK, children make up roughly a third of the population, but account for over 50% all soft drinks consumed. They constitute a consumer group not to be dismissed, but one which requires responsible handling. Annette Sessions reports

US: Pepsi to introduce healthy labelling

30 Jul 2004

PepsiCo is to promote the benefits of its healthier foods and drinks with a new uniform labelling on its brands in the US.

Slimming softly

20 Jul 2004

So-called 'sugary fizzy' drinks have been singled out as contributing to the global obesity epidemic. The soft drinks industry has been in the firing line, but it has, and is, responding positively and proactively through the development of new drinks whose ingredients and formulations aid weight reduction. Annette Sessions reports.

US: PBG sees good growth, ups full year forecasts

9 Jul 2004

The Pepsi Bottling Group yesterday reported second quarter 2004 net income of US$142m, or diluted earnings per share (EPS) of $0.53.

Smoothie semantics

22 Jun 2004

Born in the juice bars found in Californian health food stores in the early-1990s, smoothies have certainly made an impact in the UK. But what is happening elsewhere? Annette Sessions investigates.

A function of health

15 Jun 2004

The functional market is at the forefront of technology, innovation and growth within the soft drinks industry. But although already a dynamic proposition, the potential for future growth remains significant, with many underdeveloped categories. A recent report by examines these issues and predicts continued rapid expansion. Chris Brook-Carter reviews the evidence.

COMMENT: Ocean Spray - going it alone

11 Jun 2004

Ocean Spray growers have narrowly voted to reject Pepsi's joint venture bid.

COMMENT: Cadbury Schweppes fortifying soda

4 Jun 2004

The maker of 7-Up and Dr Pepper has revealed plans for the first ever fortified soda. While other beverage companies scramble to introduce low carb soft drinks, Cadbury Schweppes is trying to carve out a niche in the nutraceuticals marketplace. As US milk prices soar, calcium fortified sodas might just find a willing audience









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