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Focus - UK soft drinks sector puts sustainability centre stage

16 Jun 2009

Environmental concerns have climbed steadily up the agenda for soft drinks producers in recent years. However, Annette Farr writes, progress has been faster in the UK than in the US.

UK: Innocent Drinks, Coca-Cola Co tie-up gets green light

12 Jun 2009

The UK Office of Fair Trading has shrugged off competition concerns to approve Coca-Cola Co's acquisition of a stake in smoothie maker Innocent Drinks.

UK: Soft drinks firms cutting carbon emissions - BSDA

11 Jun 2009

Wind turbines, recycled plastics and more environmentally friendly refrigerators are some of the initiatives that have been highlighted by the British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA) to demonstrate the industry's work on sustainability.

In the Spotlight - Innocent Drinks and the pact with Coca-Cola Co

9 Apr 2009

Leading UK smoothie maker Innocent Drinks this week risked the wrath of its fan base by selling up to a fifth of its business to one of the biggest corporations in the US – The Coca-Cola Co. Michelle Russell assesses the damage.

The View from A Farr – Smooth(ie) move

7 Apr 2009

Coca-Cola’s purchase of a stake in leading UK smoothie brand Innocent could be a fillip for a sector that had grown rapidly but flagged last year, Annette Farr writes. It also sees Coke and PepsiCo extend their intense rivalry to another category.

US: PepsiCo launches stevia-sweetened Tropicana variant

31 Mar 2009

PepsiCo has lined up the launch of a stevia-sweetened extension to its Tropicana orange juice portfolio in the US.

UK: Juice costs hurt Tropicana - PepsiCo

17 Feb 2009

PepsiCo juice brand Tropicana faces tougher competition in Western Europe and must work hard to offset rising supply chain costs, the head of PepsiCo International has said.

US: PepsiCo publishes carbon footprint of Tropicana

23 Jan 2009

PepsiCo has worked with UK body the Carbon Trust to calculate and certify the carbon footprint of its Tropicana juice brand.

The View from A Farr – A new regime to fight obesity?

20 Jan 2009

The tax on sweetened soft drinks being proposed by New York State Governor David Paterson has brought an angry response from the soft drinks industry. Annette Farr also questions the move by Governor Paterson but believes the change of guard at the White House could provide new impetus in the fight against obesity in the country.

US: PepsiCo revamps Tropicana juice brand

9 Jan 2009

Tropicana Products, a division of PepsiCo, has launched a marketing and advertising campaign for its Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice brand in the US.

US: Pepsi-Cola NA marketing exec heads to Kraft

21 Nov 2008

Pepsi-Cola has confirmed the departure of its vice president of marketing for non-CSDSs in North America.

CHINA: PepsiCo to spend $1bn in China

3 Nov 2008

US soft drinks giant PepsiCo has unveiled an investment package that will see it spend US$1bn in the Chinese market over the next four years.

UK: PepsiCo to discontinue PJ Smoothies

3 Nov 2008

PepsiCo UK has announced plans to discontinue its PJ Smoothies brand.

Research - Juices and water to lead growth in Middle East

5 Sep 2008

With a young population and increasing demand for a wider variety of soft drinks, the Middle East represents a strong growth opportunity for soft drinks producers, both international and local. Simon Maddrell of Euromonitor International picks out the 100% juice and bottled water categories as strong growth areas.

The View from A Farr – Smooth move

21 Aug 2008

Innocent has blazed a trail in the smoothie category but as these drinks have become more popular, juice companies have looked to capitalise by launching their own products. Now Innocent has retaliated by creating its own juice brand and, writes Annette Farr, the company has once again demonstrated considerable self-confidence by launching a new premium product at a time when consumers are tightening their belts.

US: PepsiCo renews Panda Restaurant deal

12 Aug 2008

PepsiCo has renewed its contract with Panda Restaurant Group making the soft drinks group the exclusive beverage supplier in all 1,100 Panda locations in the US.

In the Spotlight - PepsiCo

28 Jul 2008

Under the stewardship of chairman and CEO, Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo has so far been able to shrug off the rising costs and economic slowdown that has taken the shine off many beverage and food companies.

Focus - Carbonates grow up and hit back

10 Jun 2008

Blamed for contributing to rising obesity, traditional carbonated soft drinks, notably colas, have suffered in recent years. But the sector has responded with a plethora of new, healthier drinks, many targeted at the increasingly vibrant adult soft drinks market. Annette Farr takes a look at the new generation.

US: Havoc hires former Pepsi senior manager

3 Jun 2008

American Enterprise Development Corp (AEDC) and Havoc Distribution have appointed a former Pepsi senior manager to a consultancy role within the company.

US: PepsiCo tight lipped over Apple Rush action

2 Jun 2008

PepsiCo is refusing to be drawn on reports it is being taken to court by Apple Rush over the alleged usurping of its brand name in India.

View from A Farr – Confusing messages

27 May 2008

Juice and smoothie manufacturers use the idea that drinking their products contributes to the ‘five-a-day’ dietary recommendation in their marketing. However, Annette Farr found some discrepancy between the claims brands make and official guidance, and believes consumers, who research suggests are already confused about the ‘five-a-day’ message in general, need clearer and more accurate advice.

INDIA: PepsiCo faces Tropicana court case - report

19 May 2008

PepsiCo India may receives a lawsuit from US-based organic juice maker Apple Rush Company after the drinks giant launched an Apple Rush variant to its Tropicana Twister’s line in India, according to reports.

Smoothie boom shows no signs of flattening off

15 May 2008

Tapping into demand for healthier beverages, the fresh fruit smoothie has been one of the success stories of soft drinks market in recent years, particularly in the UK. Annette Farr takes a look at other major markets to see if the exceptional success seen in the UK is being replicated elsewhere.

US: Pepsi performs “plastic surgery” on bottles

7 May 2008

Pepsi is launching a reduced plastic non-carbonated beverage bottle in the US in a bid to eliminate approximately 20m pounds of waste from the environment.

US: Purple Beverage hires another Red Bull exec

1 May 2008

Purple Beverage Co. has appointed a former Red Bull North America national accounts manager to take on the same role within the antioxidant beverage company.

US: Tropicana introduces natural lemonade line

21 Apr 2008

PepsiCo. has launched a new line of premium lemonades under its Tropicana juice brand across the US market.

US: PepsiCo shifts Gatorade and Tropicana accounts

17 Apr 2008

PepsiCo plans to move its Gatorade and Tropicana accounts from Omnicom Group’s Element 79.

US: Tropicana, Habitat for Humanity toast partnership with lemonade

15 Apr 2008

Tropicana has launched a premium lemonade line featuring its partner Habitat for Humanity International on the packaging to raise awareness for Habitat's Gulf Coast work.

The just-drinks interview – PepsiCo International

8 Apr 2008

PepsiCo is aiming to become the largest beverage company in Russia and its recent acquisition of a majority stake in the juice company, JSC Lebedyansky, represents an important step towards achieving this aim. In this month’s two-part just-drinks interview, Olly Wehring spoke with Mike White, chairman and CEO of PepsiCo International, about the company’s plans for Russia.

US: The Pepsi Bottling Group makes board appointment

28 Mar 2008

The Pepsi Bottling Group has announced the appointment of John Compton, CEO of PepsiCo Americas Foods, to the its board of directors.









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