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USA: PepsiCo posts 15% rise in fourth quarter

5 Feb 2001

PepsiCo Inc has posted a 15% rise in fourth-quarter profits, with earnings growth of $567m, up from $494m for the previous year. In a statement, Roger Enrico, chairman of PepsiCo, said: "Our strength was broad-based with solid earnings growth across every business, domestic and international."

Strategic outlook for the soft drinks industry in 2010

1 Feb 2001

Over the next decade the global soft drinks industry is likely to undergo probably the most fundamental change in its entire history, according to a new report from Canadean. With its traditional focus mainly on carbonates, and notably colas, often involving complicated franchise systems, the soft drinks business is already in the throes of a major revolution.

USA: Digitas Partners With PepsiCo On E-Commerce Development

11 Oct 2000

Digitas Inc. (NASDAQ: DTAS), a leader in bricks and clicks business integration, announced today that it is partnering with PepsiCo, Inc. (NYSE: PEP) at a corporate level to coordinate and facilitate the rollout of the consumer e-Commerce strategy for three business units: Pepsi-Cola, Frito-Lay and Tropicana. "Every PepsiCo business is ranked either number one or number two in the world," said David Kenny, chairman and chief executive officer of Digitas. "The success of their brands is the result of superior differentiation as well as superior quality. Our goal is to assist Pepsi in leveraging their powerful brands and competitive strategies on the Internet."

USA: PepsiCo Chairman and CEO Roger Enrico Announces Succession Plan

4 Oct 2000

PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP) Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Roger Enrico announced today his intent to transition from his position as CEO before the end of 2001 and retire as Chairman before the end of 2002. Mr. Enrico also announced that the PepsiCo Board of Directors intends to elect Steve Reinemund, currently PepsiCo President and Chief Operating Officer, to the offices of CEO and Chairman as he vacates both those posts.

USA: Former Warner Lambert Executive Named to Ocean Spray Board of Directors; Barbara Thomas is Cooperative's Third Outside Director

2 Oct 2000

Barbara Thomas, former president of Warner Lambert's consumer healthcare division, has been named to the Board of Directors of Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc., an agricultural cooperative of cranberry and grapefruit growers throughout North America.Thomas will serve as the third outside director appointed by the Board as part of a company restructuring approved by Ocean Spray's 930 grower-owners.

USA: PepsiCo Signs Contract With viaLink

31 Aug 2000

The viaLink Company (NasdaqNM:VLNK) today announced that it has entered into an agreement with PepsiCo Inc. which allows any PepsiCo enterprise -- Frito-Lay, Inc., Pepsi-Cola Company and Tropicana Products, Inc. -- to use viaLink's e-commerce services. Frito-Lay will be the first PepsiCo enterprise to utilize viaLink's syncLink(SM) service to synchronize item, price and promotion information with its trading partners. "We are extremely pleased to start the PepsiCo relationship by providing our synchronization services to Frito-Lay, the largest salty snack manufacturer in the world," said Lewis B. "Bucky" Kilbourne, viaLink's chairman and chief executive officer. "We believe a positive start with Frito-Lay will encourage the additional PepsiCo enterprises to use our synchronization and other e-commerce services to streamline trading relationships and more effectively manage their supply chain." "Frito-Lay has also agreed to help us market viaLink's services to its major retail accounts and we believe its endorsement of viaLink will prove to be a substantial benefit in our sales efforts," said Kilbourne. "PepsiCo has been a supporter of viaLink since PepsiCo's participation in the Grocery Manufacturers of America (GMA)'s scan based trading pilot that utilized viaLink's technology for both synchronization and scan based trading. Through the pilot, PepsiCo experienced the power of synchronization first hand and, by signing this contract, PepsiCo is signaling its desire to bring viaLink's services to its various enterprises."

USA: Tropicana Switches to 16-Ounce Single-Serve PET Hot-Fill Bottle Made by Graham Packaging

25 Aug 2000

Graham Packaging Company, L.P., a leading global producer of custom blow-molded plastic containers, today announced it will produce a 16-ounce single-serve PET (polyethylene terephthalate) hot-fill bottle for Tropicana Products, Inc., the world's leading producer of branded fruit juices."The decision to switch from glass to plastic was driven by overwhelming customer preference for plastic," said Beth Byron-Reasoner, Tropicana's director of immediate consumption marketing.

USA: PepsiCo Inc. Endorses Planned Merger of Whitman and PepsiAmericas

22 Aug 2000

PepsiCo Inc. said it fully endorses the proposed merger of Whitman Corporation and PepsiAmericas, Inc., two major Pepsi-Cola bottlers. The bottlers issued a joint announcement of their merger plans earlier today."We view this merger as great news," said PepsiCo Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Roger Enrico. "Combining Whitman and PepsiAmericas will create a larger, stronger and more effective bottler, and it is consistent with our strategy to encourage consolidation in our bottling network. In general, larger bottlers can operate more efficiently, compete more effectively against other big bottlers and, most important, better serve the needs of our rapidly consolidating retail customers.""Bob Pohlad will be an excellent leader for Whitman," Enrico said. "His family has a long and illustrious history in the Pepsi system, and Bob has proven a gifted operator with a tremendous commitment to the business. I expect he'll do great things for Whitman and continue to be a great asset to the Pepsi system."PepsiCo Inc. is one of the world's leading consumer products companies, with 1999 revenues of $20 billion. Its principal businesses are Frito-Lay snacks, Pepsi-Cola beverages and Tropicana juices.

CANADA: Seagram Announces Record Fourth Quarter Earnings And Results For Fiscal Year 2000

18 Aug 2000

The Seagram Company Ltd. (NYSE: VO) reported today that earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) increased 70 percent to $441 million on revenues of $3.7 billion in the Company's fiscal fourth quarter ended June 30, 2000. The increase in EBITDA results reflected improvement in all business units. Revenues for all business units rose 5 percent.For the fourth quarter, the Company reported operating income of $116 million, compared with an operating loss of $47 million last year.The Company reported a net loss of $128 million or $0.29 per basic share, compared with a net loss in the prior year of $129 million or $0.32 per basic share, excluding an additional gain on the 1998 USA Networks, Inc. transactions. Including this gain, the Company posted a net loss of $53 million or $0.13 per share last year.

Coke tops AC Nielsen's UK's biggest brand table

14 Aug 2000

It is that time of year again, when the UK's top 50 favoured brands find out exactly how they are faring, with the annual Biggest Brands survey, compiled by AC Nielsen and published in the UK's Marketing magazine. Providing the most comprehensive overview of grocery brands for the year to April 2000, the Biggest Brands survey also looks at the growth in the top sectors and the UK's top 20 fastest-growing brands.

UK soft drinks report: And you thought Britain was a nation of tea drinkers?

2 Aug 2000

A report issued by AC Nielsen indicates that UK consumers are now spending more on cold soft drinks as they do on bread and, twice as much on cold drinks as they do hot. Coca-Cola continues to be king of AC Nielsen's top 100 UK brands, closely followed by Pepsi which, AC Nielsen says, accounts for 20% of sales. But one of the biggest growth areas seen so far in the UK is mineral water.

USA: PepsiCo EPS Surges 24%

13 Jul 2000

Earnings per share for PepsiCo, Inc. surged 24% to $.38 cents in the second quarter ended June 10, from $.31 in the prior year on a pro forma basis. Revenues jumped 9% to $4.9 billion as every operating division posted higher volume.Roger Enrico, chairman and CEO, said: "PepsiCo continues to generate broad-based growth, healthy cash flow and improving returns on capital. Our volume gains in the second quarter reflect the strength of our businesses and our excellent position in the vast convenient food and beverage market. Our second quarter performance also confirms that we can sustain 12-13% EPS growth, with occasional upsides.""Looking ahead, we believe that changing lifestyles will continue to create enormous opportunities for PepsiCo. We believe our commitment to innovation and our unparalleled distribution capability can drive consistent double-digit EPS growth in the second half of 2000, and beyond." Some highlights from the quarter include:

USA: OSHA Confers Star Rating on Tropicana Bradenton Plant

6 Jul 2000

The Bradenton manufacturing facility of Tropicana Products, Inc. has qualified for the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) STAR rating conferred by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). The designation, the highest in the VPP program, was recognized in a ceremony held Thursday, June 29, at the company's main plant.

CANADA: MTL Technologies launches new POP refrigerated display

19 Jun 2000

MTL Technologies Inc., which specialises in the design and manufacturing of commercial doorless refrigerated merchandisers and industrial cooling systems, today is launching its new, technologically innovative product, the "Chameleon".As its name implies, the Chameleon has the ability to take on different shapes and colours. Clients who buy this product acquire a merchandiser that mirrors the "look" of their product. Famous for its fruit juices, Tropicana was the first of MTL Technologies' clients to own a refrigerated merchandiser of this type. "We spent a lot of time looking for a merchandiser that gave customers easy access, and complete product visibility. When we set eyes on the Chameleon, we knew we had finally found exactly what we had been looking for," admitted Tropicana's Pierre Côté, regional sales manager for the Québec region.

USA: Former General Mills, Pillsbury Exec Joins Ocean Spray Board

26 May 2000

Jerome J. (Jerry) Jenko, a former top executive of various consumer products companies, including General Mills, Inc., The Pillsbury Company and Minnetonka Corp., has been appointed to the Board of Directors of Ocean Spray, Inc., an agricultural cooperative of cranberry and grapefruit growers throughout North America.

New Products From Japan

21 May 2000

Regular Coffee Nippon Hills Coffee: Modern Times Kobe Coffee Drip Coffee in two varieties - Refined Blend and Traditional Blend. The flavor of this drip coffee is fully extracted by a two layer filter system which allows the hot water to percolate downwards without leaking out through the sides. Packed in an inert gas flushed aluminum film pack to prevent oxidation and preserve the taste of freshly roast coffee beans. Refined Blend is a roasted coffee blend ideal for drinking black with a rich aroma and mild refreshing taste. Traditional Blend is suitable for milk coffee. The addition of fresh milk or cream complements the rich body and aroma. 5 x 8 g, 200, ¥48 per case

Coca-Cola : New Name But Business as Usual for UK Market Leader

18 May 2000

Coca-Cola Enterprises, which recently changed its name from Coca-Cola & Schweppes Beverages, continues to lead the way in Britain's £7 billion soft drinks market.

USA: Former Seagram, Tropicana Exec Named to Ocean Spray Board

10 May 2000

William G. Pietersen, a professor of management at Columbia University's Graduate School of Business and a former top executive of the Seagram Beverage Group and Tropicana Products, has become the first outside member appointed to the Board of Directors of Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc., a growers' cooperative.

USA: Tropicana's New C- and E-Fortified Orange Juice Will Help Consumers Meet the New RDAs

12 Apr 2000

Tropicana is bringing to market its new Pure Premium Double Vitamin C with 100% E orange juice to deliver powerful antioxidant nutrition to consumers. The National Academy of Sciences panel recently released a report that underscores the importance of vitamins C and E, as well as selenium, in health maintenance and disease prevention.

Refocused PepsiCo Eyes New Horizon

8 Oct 1999

The process of reshaping and refocusingPepsiCo, which commenced in 1996, is expected to leave the US-based soft drinks and snacksgiant in a stronger position as it enters the new millennium than it has been for manyyears. By Mike Rohan. PepsiCo's ambitious 'ProjectBlue' campaign signified the company's last big play to try and catch up witharch rival Coca-Cola in global soft drinks. Having since accepted that Coca-Cola isunassailable in certain markets, PepsiCo has settled for making the most of being theworld's second biggest soft drinks group and is now concentrating its efforts only onthose markets where it has the economies of scale and market share to compete effectivelywith its US rival. This has meant retreating or scaling back in certain international softdrinks markets - South Africa being a prime example where PepsiCo threw in the towel justthree years after re-entering the market in 1994.

Refreshing Outlook for Fruit Juices and Juice Drinks

12 Aug 1999

UK fruit juices and juice drinks consumption remains buoyant after fiveyears of continuous growth and a number of acquisitions have consolidated the marketplaceboth nationally and internationally.

Refreshing Outlook for Fruit Juices and Juice Drinks

14 Jul 1999

UK fruit juices and juice drinksconsumption remains buoyant after five years of continuous growth and a number ofacquisitions have consolidated the marketplace both nationally and internationally. The fruit juices and juice drinks(containing between 5-25% juice) market increased by 4% in both volume and value last yearto reach 1.37 billion litres with sales worth £1.4 billion, according to Leatherhead FoodRA. Pure fruit juices represent the lion's share, accounting for 68% of volume and71% of market value (see Tables One and Two).

Soft Drinks

28 Apr 1999

Britvic Aims to Add Fizz to SoftDrinks Market The tireless launching of new products andunveiling of novel marketing initiatives are driving the soft drink industry. Supportingthis revolution is a cavalry of heavyweight advertising campaigns and large-scaleinvestment.

Chilled juice remains segment leader : Part 1

9 Feb 1999

Refrigerated juices once again led growth in the juice segment this year, with strong gains in almost all varieties, and while that alone is enough to mark a successful category, this summer's news that PepsiCo has entered that market with the purchase of Tropicana brought even more attention to the segment.










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