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UK: Watchdog sharpens teeth over drinks marketing

17 Sep 2002

The drinks industry's own watchdog, The Portman Group, has unveiled a clampdown on what it sees as irresponsible promotions, sponsorship deals, websites and branded merchandise by alcohol producers as fears over underage drinking continue to increase. The Group has revised its Code of Practice on marketing standards to combat under-age drinking and alcohol misuse.

UK: Portman Group launches anti-drunkeness campaign

19 Aug 2002

The Portman Group, the alcohol concern body supported by the likes of Diageo, Bacardi and Pernod Ricard, is to launch a new advertising campaign to combat drunkenness. Research by the group showed that in the UK alone more than a million 18- to 24-year-olds drink just to get drunk every week. "Drinking just to get drunk should be as socially unacceptable as drink driving," said the Portman Group in a statement.

Spirits producers at watershed in battle for advertising acceptance

16 Jul 2001

No one can deny the slow but sure liberalisation spirits advertising has been party to over the last five years. But with the war on tobacco almost won, attention will return to drinks industry regulations. Chris Brook-Carter reviews a report by analyst Datamonitor who argues that media support is the key to winning the PR war.

Not the problem but part of the solution

26 Apr 2001

In recent years, the drinks industry has without question made a contribution to the battle against alcohol abuse. In his last article regarding this debate, Ben Cooper assesses how the industry is placed to continue its work in this area, where its priorities lie and what could threaten its all-important credibility.

WHO brings self-regulation debate to a head

5 Mar 2001

Death among young people through alcohol abuse is something the drinks industry is painfully aware of, and in recent years has introduced self-regulatory measures to combat criticisms. In his second article on the social issues surrounding the industry, Ben Cooper assesses the continuing damage heavyweights such as the WHO can inflict and how the industry is responding.

Alcohol industry's hopes up in smoke?

5 Feb 2001

The smoke warnings have been billowing from the tobacco industry for years. But the problems of how to market alcohol in the face of drink-driving, health and alcohol abuse issues have not been solved. In the first of a series of articles on the subject Ben Cooper investigates the conflict between morality, health and the alcohol business.






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