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Just the Answer - Marcus Grant

26 Apr 2005

In this month's Just the Answer interview, Marcus Grant, president of the alcohol policy think-tank, the International Center for Alcohol Policies (ICAP), discusses alcohol legislation, self-regulation, corporate social responsibility and ICAP's role in bringing together organisations from all sides of the alcohol policy debate.

UK: Kalashnikov vodka shot down for its name

18 Feb 2005

The controversially named Kalashnikov vodka is to change its name in the UK, following concerns voiced by industry watchdog The Portman Group that the brand suggests an association with violent behaviour.

UK: Binge-drinking debate moves up a gear

25 Jan 2005

The announcement by the UK government last Friday of new measures to combat binge-drinking has once again put this contentious issue centre-stage. Ben Cooper assesses the immediate reaction to the proposals.

UK: WSA calls for duty cut in budget

20 Jan 2005

The UK’s Wine and Spirit Association (WSA) has delivered its pre-Budget Submission to HM Treasury this week.

New boom could be shot in the foot

16 Nov 2004

The ready-to-drink shot market is booming in the UK but many of these products have been slammed by social aspects organisations and alcohol abuse charities because of their links with excessive and rapid consumption. David Robertson reports.

UK: S&N introduces sensible drinking message

15 Nov 2004

Scottish Courage, the UK division of international brewer Scottish & Newcastle, is to introduce “sensible drinking” messages on its bottles and cans.

UK: Portman Group introduces uniform unit info

20 Sep 2004

The Portman Group has drawn up new guidelines for the labelling of alcohol units.

UK: Portman Group targets women drinkers

26 Aug 2004

The Portman Group has launched a new campaign targeted at women.

UK: Drunk disorderlies face united front

28 Jul 2004

A new partnership between police, trading standards, local authorities and the drinks industry is aiming to combat the problem of alcohol-related disorder across the UK this summer.

UK: New off-trade guidelines launched

24 Jun 2004

A new set of best practice guidelines for drinks retailers – Responsible Retailing of Alcohol: Guidance for the Off-Trade – is launched today by a group of trade associations representing the off-trade drinks industry.

On-trade must meet the take-home challenge

11 May 2004

The recently published Interbrew UK Market Report shows growth in all sectors of the beer market and looks forward to the summer boost of the Euro 2004 football tournament but also warns that the on-trade is facing continued pressure from growth in the take-home market. Olly Wehring reports.

UK: Brewers question funding of alcohol harm reduction

22 Apr 2004

UK brewers, while welcoming the recent Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy (AHRMS), have questioned the effectiveness of the proposal to set up a separate fund to tackle alcohol related harm and have called for the Government to establish clearly defined targets against which success can be measured.

Responsibility rather than regulation

16 Mar 2004

Given the escalating problems of alcohol misuse, the drinks industry was awaiting the UK government's Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy for England with some trepidation. But with its emphasis on partnership and cooperation with industry, the strategy document published yesterday has given drinks suppliers and retailers a further chance to participate in tackling the problems. Ben Cooper reports.

UK: Drink driving message getting through

23 Dec 2003

Seven out of ten young adults in the UK claim to never have driven after drinking, according to data released by industry watchdog the Portman Group and the motoring organization RAC.

UK: Allied moves to discourage ad regulation

24 Nov 2003

Allied Domecq has made moves to state its intentions against external advertising regulation.

UK: Saatchi joins Portman Group campaign

18 Nov 2003

The UK drinks industry watchdog The Portman Group has signed up the global advertising agency M&C Saatchi to produce a responsible drinking campaign for 2004.

If not self-regulation, self-restraint

7 Oct 2003

As the UK drinks industry awaits publication of the government's National Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy, increasing attention is likely to be focused on TV alcohol advertising. As criticism of both the content and scheduling of TV alcohol advertising grows, Ben Cooper examines the likelihood of tighter regulation and asks why the industry has not made a better job of regulating itself.

UK: WSA instigates international code of practice

6 Oct 2003

The Federation Internationale des Vins et Spiriteux (International Federation of Wines and Spirits - FIVS) has decided to follow the Wine and Spirit Association's recommendation of putting together a code of practice for the responsible marketing of drinks, the WSA said today.

UK: Portman Group censures Shag brand

3 Oct 2003

The UK drinks industry self-regulatory watchdog, The Portman Group, has censured a range of RTD products sold under the brand name, Shag. The group said the product was in breach of its code of conduct because it makes an association between drinking and sexual success.

UK: Alcoholics plan test case

22 Jul 2003

According to a report in the Sunday Times, a group of 12 alcoholics are planning to sue drinks companies for failing to warn them adequately of the dangers of consuming alcohol.

I used to drink too much…until I discovered Smirnoff!

15 Jul 2003

Smirnoff has been known for its innovative and creative advertising for many years but with its latest ad, which takes the promotion of sensible alcohol consumption as its central theme, the Diageo-owned brand has broken new ground in an altogether different way. Chris Brook-Carter takes a look at the ad and examines what has motivated Diageo to take this bold step.

EIRE: Roxxoff sparks further controversy

1 Jul 2003

The ready to drink brand Roxxoff, which has been dubbed a "Viagra Pop", is to go on sale in Ireland, amid a flurry of controversy. The Vintners Federation of Ireland (VFI) has called on pubs and off-licenses not to stock it. VFI president Joe Browne said: "The name and marketing of this product is associated with sexual success which is absolutely outrageous and totally unacceptable.

UK: Diageo to launch anti-binge-drinking campaign

30 Jun 2003

The drinks giant, Diageo, is planning to launch a campaign aimed at reducing the problem of binge-drinking in the UK.

UK: Portman Group attacks "Viagra pop"

26 Jun 2003

The UK drinks industry watchdog The Portman Group has ruled against the controversial "Viagra Pop" Roxxoff and asked retailers not to stock the drink.

COMMENT: Drinks ad regulations draw closer

12 Jun 2003

The UK government is proposing a new set of regulations for alcohol advertising.

UK: Matthew Clark axes Fcuk Spirit

23 May 2003

The UK division of Constellation Brands, Matthew Clark, has withdrawn its RTD brand Fcuk Spirit, after a ruling from the drinks industry watchdog, the Portman Group, that said it appeals too strongly to under-18s.

COMMENT: RTDs stirring young passions

26 Mar 2003

A wave of new aphrodisiac alcopops is set to hit the bars and clubs in the UK this summer, as manufacturers decide to openly target young clubbers. However, the move has been condemned for contravening existing industry guidelines. Clubbers looking for a good time will be able to get a liquid boost this summer, as alcopop manufacturers release "performance enhancing" drinks. Dubbed 'Viagrapops', these drinks will contain not medicine but Chinese herbs such as ginseng and cordyceps, which - so the manufacturers would have us believe - enjoy aphrodisiac properties.

UK: "Viagrapop" drink courts controversy

25 Mar 2003

A new vodka pre-mix brand called Roxxoff which claims in its marketing that it will boost sexual performance is already attracting controversy in the UK ahead of its launch.

UK: Government urged to defeat binge drinking

15 Jan 2003

Drinks industry watchdog, The Portman Group, has called on the UK government to direct more resources towards tackling the problem of binge drinking and put it on a par with the fight against drink driving. In a statement released yesterday. The Portman Group also urged the government to impose compulsory training for doctors and nurses on the use and misuse of alcohol.

UK: Portman Group calls for boycott of drink after Conduct breach

25 Nov 2002

The Portman Group, the drinks industry's watchdog in the UK, has found three new product launches in breach of its Code of Practice and called on retailers to boycott one altogether. The Group found that Cannabis Vodka, from L'Or Special Drinks, and Logan Original Hemp Vodka, by Drinks Merchants Ltd, breached the code because they made an "allusion to an illicit drug".





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