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UPDATE UK: Portman Group backs Baroness Coussins in Lords dispute

30 Jan 2009

Drinks industry body the Portman Group has leapt to the defence of former chief executive Baroness Coussins over her active role in shaping drinks labelling legislation in the House of Lords.

UK: Portman Group defends Baroness Coussins

30 Jan 2009

Drinks industry body the Portman Group has leapt to the defence of former chief executive Baroness Coussins over her active role in shaping drinks labelling legislation in the House of Lords.

UK: Portman Group secures Red Star Plus change

28 Jan 2009

The Portman Group has told Intercontinental Brands to change the packaging for its Red Star Plus drink.

UK: BrewDog rapped for Speedball beer drug connotations

20 Jan 2009

Scottish brewer BrewDog has had its Speedball beer brand pulled from UK shelves following a complaint about the product's intimated link to drugs.

UK: BrewDog brewer wins appeal against Portman Group

23 Dec 2008

Scottish brewer BrewDog has won an appeal to maintain names and packaging for its beers, after they were found to breach the industry's code of practice.

just the round-up - The week in drinks

5 Dec 2008

The top ten stories published on just-drinks this week:

UK: Drinks industry awaits mandatory code

1 Dec 2008

A new mandatory code to govern sales and promotion of alcoholic drinks is expected to be officially proposed by the UK government this week.

UK: Portman Group calls on consumer to complain at Christmas

1 Dec 2008

The Portman Group has launched a nationwide campaign, encouraging the UK consumer to complain about drinks marketing that he or she deems irresponsible in the run-up to Christmas.

UK: Portman Group pulls ShotPak drinks

13 Oct 2008

Alcoholic drinks pouches sold under the ShotPak brand are to be removed from sale in the UK because they are likely to encourage underage and excessive drinking.

UK: BrewDog under fire from Portman Group

22 Sep 2008

UK beer maker BrewDog is under fire from industry watchdog Portman Group following a complaint about four of its products.

UK: Halewood told to change "badly labelled" Red Square

22 Aug 2008

Halewood International is to alter the packaging of its vodka-based Red Square Reloaded in the UK, to make it clear the drink contains alcohol.

UK: Blackout, Mega White cider pulled up on code breach

25 Jul 2008

Two cider brands in the UK have been found in breach of the Portman Group’s code of practice on the naming, packaging and promotion of alcoholic drinks.

Focus - UK lawmakers look to rein in drinks companies

24 Jul 2008

The consultation launched by the UK government this week represents a strong indication that it has lost patience with the drinks industry, and is moving towards introducing mandatory measures to replace self-regulatory ones. Ben Cooper analyses the reaction from industry bodies and campaigners, and assesses where this week’s announcement leaves the industry.

UK: UK drinks industry hit by threat of mandatory code

22 Jul 2008

The drinks industry in the UK is facing the possibility of the current voluntary industry retailing code for alcohol becoming mandatory.

UK: Coors ends Scottish football shirt branding

10 Apr 2008

Coors Brewers has announced plans to cease displaying its Carling logo on children’s replica shirts of two major football clubs in the UK.

UK: Binge drinking on decline in UK - research

23 Jan 2008

The number of people in the UK that are drinking alcohol irresponsibly has fallen, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics.

UK: Responsible drinking message getting through - survey

19 Dec 2007

The promotion of responsible drinking in the UK is having a positive effect on the country’s drinking habits, according to recent research.

UK: Drinking habits to "remain the same" despite survey changes - Portman Group

17 Dec 2007

The Portman Group has responded to the Office for National Statistics’ plans to update its drinking surveys in the UK.

UK: PM warns drinks industry to up anti-binge drinking presence

21 Nov 2007

The UK Prime Minister has warned the drinks industry to ‘get more involved’ with the issues of under-age and binge-drinking in the country, or face tougher action in the future.

COMMENT: Action not reaction in UK

23 Aug 2007

Anti-social behaviour linked to alcohol abuse has once again grabbed the headlines in the UK. But Chris Losh believes that while the industry has made great strides with regard to social responsibility, the Government has been more focused on courting public opinion than on finding long-term solutions to serious health and social problems.

UK: Portman Group moves to stamp out ‘down-in-one’ promotions

20 Jun 2007

The Portman Group has unveiled fresh marketing rules preventing drinks companies from promoting ‘slammers’ in the UK.

UK: Industry welcomes alcohol strategy review

5 Jun 2007

The UK government has unveiled an updated alcohol strategy, which focuses on dealing with health problems associated to excess consumption.

UK: Sport shirt ad ban gets industry support

4 Jun 2007

Alcohol companies in the UK have agreed to cease advertising on children’s replica sports shirts.

UPDATE: UK: Drinks trade slams age increase proposal

16 Apr 2007

Industry bodies representing the drinks trade in the UK have slammed a call to raise the legal drinking limit.

UK: Portman Group to revamp corporate image

2 Mar 2007

The Portman Group is to undergo an image overhaul to reflect its role as a drinks industry regulator, the UK body said today (2 March).

EFRD fails to find consensus on sponsorship

10 Nov 2006

The European Forum for Responsible Drinking (EFRD) has had to postpone its plans to publish self-regulatory guidelines on drinks sponsorship because of a failure to find consensus on the subject. Ben Cooper reports on how growing political and public concern over sponsorship has given the drinks industry much to think about.

UK: Government urges drinkers to know their limits

16 Oct 2006

The UK government has launched a campaign aimed at tackling the growing problem of binge drinking among young people.

UK: Diageo backs under fire Portman Group

19 Oct 2005

Diageo has backed the Portman Group in the battle against alcohol abuse in the UK.

UK: AB counters binge-fuelling claims for B(E)

5 Jul 2005

Anheuser-Busch has countered attacks against the launch of its caffeine-infused B(E) beer.

UK: Legislation challenge for UK drinks industry

23 May 2005

The UK drinks industry is facing a triple-whammy of impending legislation that will fundamentally change the way alcohol is bought and sold over the next few years, according to market analysts Euromonitor.





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