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UK's Portman Group sets 'immoderate consumption' definition in code update

4 Mar 2019

UK industry watchdog The Portman Group has released the latest version of its Code of Practice, outlining a new definition for 'immoderate consumption' of alcohol, among several other measures.

UK drinks industry welcomes NHS 'alcohol care teams'

7 Jan 2019

A UK industry watchdog has welcomed a move by the country's health service to introduce dedicated help for those who suffer from alcohol dependency.

Industry "bitterly disappointed" as UK Government sticks to current low- and no-alcohol guidelines

14 Nov 2018

Trade organisations in the UK have expressed disappointment over the Government's decision not to amend the rules for low- and no-alcohol products.

HappyDown urged to display RTD alcohol content clearly after Portman Group rap

9 Nov 2018

UK ready-to-drink cocktail company Tipple Brands has been told to display alcohol information more clearly, after a complaint to a watchdog was upheld.

Portman Group cautions BrewDog over 'beer for girls'

10 Jul 2018

The UK alcohol watchdog has upheld a complaint against BrewDog over the launch of a "beer for girls" that the Scottish brewer intended as a satirical swipe at sexism.

Portman Group boosts Independent Complaints Panel numbers

3 Jul 2018

The Portman Group has increased the number of members on its Independent Complaints Panel to nine.

Portman Group heads to Tesco for new chief executive

25 Apr 2017

The Portman Group has recruited the head of EU & international government relations at Tesco to become its next CEO.

The Portman Group maps UK drinking trends - video

10 Nov 2016

Alcohol consumption in the UK has fallen by almost a fifth in the last decade, an industry watchdog has claimed today.

Treasury Wine Estates to publish wine calories

7 Dec 2015

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) is to provide calorie information across its entire portfolio of bottled wine.

just a While Ago - On 28 April in...

28 Apr 2015

Here's a look at what was happening on this day in...

Health lobby angered over Diageo's rumoured Premier League deal

30 Mar 2015

The Portman Group has argued that UK health campaigners are “ignoring the facts” after claims that children are being negatively influenced by drinks firms sponsoring sport.

just the Week in - Spirits & Wine

31 Oct 2014

Here's a round-up of this week's highlights in the global spirits & wine categories. We are also running similar round-ups for beer and soft drinks & bottled water.

EXCLUSIVE - Mast-Jaegermeister, Treasury Wine Estates join The Portman Group

27 Oct 2014

Mast-Jägermeister and Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) have joined UK drinks industry watchdog, The Portman Group, just-drinks can reveal.

UK: Sharp fall in alcohol-related crime as British attitudes shift - studies

1 Sep 2014

Alcohol-related violent crime in the UK fell by 32% in the past 10 years, while the population is becoming less tolerant to anti-social behaviour, according to latest studies.

UK: C&C Group steps down as Portman Group funder

17 Jul 2014

C&C Group has left UK drinks industry watchdog the Portman Group after three-and-a-half years as a paying member.

UK: Government drops minimum unit pricing

17 Jul 2013

The UK Coalition Government has officially abandoned plans to introduce minimum unit pricing for alcohol in England and Wales.

Industry Engagement on Alcohol Harm & Responsible Consumption - Part IV: The Future for Collaboration

18 Apr 2013

The fourth and final part of this month's management briefing sees Ben Cooper consider how the future looks for the drinks industry's attempts to deal with alcohol harm and responsible consumption.

Round-Up -The ICAP 'Global Actions: Initiatives to Reduce Harmful Drinking' Conference - Day II

10 Oct 2012

While the opening day of the ICAP 'Global Actions: Initiatives to Reduce Harmful Drinking' conference focused on many of the industry-led programmes initiated since 2010 when the WHO 'Global Strategy to Reduce the Harmful Use of Alcohol' was launched, the second day was far more about looking ahead.

UK: Brewer falls foul of industry code over Krays Twins pump clip

1 Jun 2012

Ramsgate Brewery has agreed to change the pump clip on one of its beers, featuring gangsters the Kray twins, after it fell foul of industry guidelines.

Encouraging Responsible Consumption - Part I - An Industry Engaged

30 Apr 2012

This month, we present a four-part management briefing into the role the alcoholic drinks industry does play, doesn't play, and ought to play in encouraging responsible consumption. In part one, Ben Cooper looks at the lie of the land today.

Encouraging Responsible Consumption - Part III - Non-Branded Industry Messaging, the Drinkaware Model and Social Media

30 Apr 2012

This month, we present a four-part management briefing into the role the alcoholic drinks industry does play, doesn't play, and ought to play in encouraging responsible consumption. In the penultimate part, Ben Cooper considers what branding the message ought to carry, and how to harness social media as part of the strategy.

Comment - Wine - Losh's Chris-tal Ball

19 Jan 2012

It's the week of forecasts on just-drinks this week. On Tuesday, Ian Buxton considered what 2012 will bring for the world of whisky. Today, Chris Losh looks at what the next 12 months will provide for all you wine producers out there. Note: Some of the following might not happen.

Focus - Alcohol Consumption Guidelines Under Scrutiny

12 Jan 2012

The recommendation by a House of Commons committee that consumers take two days off from drinking a week has thrust the issue of safe alcohol consumption guidelines back into the media spotlight. Ben Cooper reports.

UK: Portman Group appoints CEO

20 Sep 2011

The Portman Group has appointed a top Cabinet Office civil servant as its new CEO, strengthening its hand as the UK drinks industry seeks to adhere to the Government's responsibility deal on alcohol.

Corporate Social Responsibility – Part I: The UK

30 Mar 2011

The first part of March's management briefing looks at the alcoholic drinks industry's use of corporate social responsibility in the UK.

The Alcohol Debate: From the Other Side – Part IV: Comment: Alcohol Debate Follows an All Too Familiar Pattern

25 Feb 2011

The alcohol policy debate was back in the spotlight earlier this month, with the publication of a paper in The Lancet warning of thousands of avoidable alcohol-related deaths if stronger action is not taken by the UK government. Ben Cooper, whose management briefing this month examines the various groups campaigning for tighter alcohol legislation, asks whether the debate needs to be so acrimonious.

UK: Portman Group offers digital ad training

13 Jul 2010

The Portman Group will run free training sessions to help the alcoholic drinks industry get up-to-speed with responsible online advertising ahead of tighter regulations.

Comment - Portman Group takes a wrong turn

11 May 2010

The Portman Group has undermined efforts to promote responsible drinking by allowing companies to sell 14% abv alcohol in shot-sized test-tubes.

UK: Portman Group takes action over Yegaar labelling

23 Mar 2010

The UK's Portman Group is to take action against a drink it claims leaves consumers guessing whether it contains alcohol or not.

UK: Government sets out product placement rules

9 Feb 2010

The UK government has confirmed that it will maintain a ban on the placement of branded alcohol and soft drinks high in sugar in television programmes.




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