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The Coca-Cola Co unveils Honest Yerba Mate

30 Apr 2021

The Coca-Cola Co has released an Honest Tea RTD based on the yerba mate brew that originates from South America.

Molson Coors Performance Trends 2016-20 - results data

29 Apr 2021

In February, Molson Coors Beverage Co released its full-year results for 2020. The now-multi-category group posted an 8.7% dip in sales from the year, driven by a near-30% top-line tumble in Europe. Here, just-drinks picks apart Molson Coors' numbers over the last five years and considers the trends that are set to shape the future for the company and the categories Molson Coors operates in.

The Coca-Cola Co general counsel switches to consultancy role

26 Apr 2021

The Coca-Cola Co's head lawyer, Bradley Gayton, is to move to a new position as a consultant to CEO James Quincey, after only seven months in the role.

CEO Alison Watkins to exit Coca-Cola Amatil after Coca-Cola European Partners takeover

21 Apr 2021

Coca-Cola Amatil CEO Alison Watkins will leave the company once Coca-Cola European Partners acquires the Australasian bottler.

The Coca-Cola Co adds colour to Coca-Cola Beverages Africa IPO decision

20 Apr 2021

The Coca-Cola Co has added details to yesterday's confirmation of its plan to launch an IPO for its bottler unit in Africa.

The Coca-Cola Co upbeat on 2021 as Q1 bodes well - results data

19 Apr 2021

The Coca-Cola Co has started this year with a return to growth, as first-quarter sales came in an impressive 6% up on the corresponding period a year ago.

PepsiCo changes Pepsi recipe in India

9 Apr 2021

PepsiCo has reformulated its flagship Pepsi CSD brand in India to be "even more refreshing".

Are hard seltzers paving the way for 'soft seltzers'? - comment

7 Apr 2021

From White Claw to Mike's, Drty to Bodega Bay, hard seltzers are big business. But, could the success of alcoholic sparkling water provide a fillip to the sparkling water category itself? Soft drinks commentator Lucy Britner investigates.

What will The Coca-Cola Co's priorities be for the years ahead? - analysis

7 Apr 2021

Earlier this week, just-drinks analysed The Coca-Cola Co's performance trends over the last five years. In this excerpt from the report, we consider what's currently top of inbox for CEO James Quincey.

The Coca-Cola Co's Innocent Super Smoothies Light - Product Launch

1 Apr 2021

The Coca-Cola Co has launched a low-calorie extension to the Super Smoothies range of its Innocent brand in the UK.

The Coca-Cola Co Performance Trends 2016-20 - results data

31 Mar 2021

In mid-February, The Cola-Cola Co posted a 9% dip in sales from the 12 months of 2020. An improved performance in the final quarter failed to offset the COVID-impacted second and third quarters for the soft drinks giant. Here, just-drinks picks apart Coca-Cola's numbers over the last five years and considers the trends that are set to shape the future for the company, specifically, and the soft drinks category more broadly.

Why White Claw's alcoholic iced tea signals hard seltzer's continued potential - analysis

31 Mar 2021

This month's US launch of an alcoholic iced tea from White Claw is an indication not only of the ambition levels for Mark Anthony Brands but also the solidity of the hard seltzer category in the country. The company's success with the alcoholic sparkling water market leader, coupled with a raft of consumer trends, bodes well for White Claw Hard Seltzer Iced Tea.

The Coca Cola Co's Vitaminwater Look & Gutsy - Product Launch

30 Mar 2021

The Coca-Cola Co has added two new variants to its Vitaminwater brand.

Molson Coors Beverage Co warns of performance hit from cyberattack, winter storms

29 Mar 2021

The combination of a recent cyberattack with bad weather in Texas will impact on Molson Coors Beverage Co's first-quarter results, the company has warned.

Why premium mixers will be winners in the post-COVID environment - analysis

25 Mar 2021

In a move designed to capitalise on the at-home cocktail trend, PepsiCo has unveiled Neon Zebra, a four-strong line of mixers, in the US.

The Coca-Cola Co's Topo Chico Hard Seltzer to hit US this month

19 Mar 2021

The Coca-Cola Co has outlined plans to launch Topo Chico Hard Seltzer in the US this month.

Heineken Performance Trends 2016-20 - results data

17 Mar 2021

In mid-February, Heineken reported a near-12% decline in its 2020 sales. The 12-month performance was the worst of the major multi-national brewers, with Anheuser-Busch InBev's top-line down 3.7%, Carlsberg falling 8.4% and Molson Coors at -8.7%. Here, just-drinks picks through the brewer's performance over the last five years for the trends set to affect the company, specifically, and the global beer category, more broadly.

PepsiCo signs up Lebron James as Mtn Dew Rise Energy launches

17 Mar 2021

PepsiCo has unveiled a functional energy drinks line from Mtn Dew, supported by the brand's recently-recruited ambassador, professional basketball player LeBron James.

The massive potential in e-commerce for drinks brand owners - analysis

16 Mar 2021

Consumer appetite for direct-to-consumer (D2C) services is growing. In 2014, GlobalData found that only 1.4% of consumers had used D2C once in the prior 12 months to purchase food and drinks. By 2018, that figure had climbed to 5.8%.

The Coca-Cola Co prints jersey numbers on personalised Powerade bottles

10 Mar 2021

The Coca-Cola Co has released personalised Powerade bottles in the US with a choice of numbers from zero to 99.

Fourth quarter pulls Coca-Cola FEMSA in right direction for 2020 - results data

8 Mar 2021

Coca-Cola FEMSA finished 2020 with a flourish, as the largest bottler in the Coca-Cola system saw fourth-quarter sales deliver near-2% growth on the year prior.

Why energy and functional drinks should be wary of coffee's renewed attack on the caffeine occasion - comment

4 Mar 2021

From coffee-flavoured energy drinks to plant-based milk and protein-spiked lattes, the RTD coffee category is lining up to give energy and functional drinks a run for their money. Soft drinks category commentator Lucy Britner investigates.

Ocean Spray Cranberries' Ocean Spray Wave caffeinated water - Product Launch

4 Mar 2021

Ocean Spray Cranberries is latest soft drinks company to enter the caffeinated sparkling water category with the launch of Ocean Spray Wave.

Why trend towards smaller households offers opportunity for new pack sizes in soft drinks - analysis

3 Mar 2021

In Japan, The Coca-Cola Co has introduced two new pack sizes to adapt to evolving demographic trends in the country.

The Coca-Cola Co offers magazine subscriptions in Diet Coke campaign

2 Mar 2021

The Coca-Cola Co's UK unit is giving away subscriptions to a digital magazine platform with every purchase of Diet Coke.

The Coca-Cola Co test-launches branded CSD syrups

1 Mar 2021

The Coca-Cola Co is to launch a trial of 'soda syrups' in Germany, similar to the ones PepsiCo produces for its SodaStream platform.

The Coca-Cola Co removes two Aha flavours as can shortages bite

26 Feb 2021

The Coca-Cola Co is to discontinue two variants from its US caffeinated flavoured sparkling water brand, Aha, due to constraints on the supplies of aluminium cans.

Heineken, The Coca-Cola Co end Brazil spat with distribution revamp

25 Feb 2021

Heineken is to take the distribution of its two biggest beer brands away from The Coca-Cola Co in Brazil as the two sides settle a long-standing dispute in the country.

The Coca-Cola Co dives into mood-aid category with Smartwater+ launch

24 Feb 2021

The Coca-Cola Co has launched a new Smartwater range in the US containing ingredients that claim to either boost mental focus or bring "emotional calmness".

The Coca Cola Co unveils new look Zero Sugar for Europe - video

22 Feb 2021

The Coca-Cola Co is lining up the launch of updated packaging for Coke Zero Sugar in Europe.





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