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11 Sep 2007

US: Pernod Ricard gears up for the holiday season editorial team

22 Aug 2007

UK: Pernod calms Stolichnaya head arrest calls editorial team

17 Aug 2007

RUSSIA: Arrest warrant issued for SPI Group head editorial team

31 Jul 2007

Analysis: Pernod leaves Allied deal behind and looks forward

Olly Wehring

28 Jun 2007

Just the Answer – Ian Jamieson, Stolichnaya Vodka editorial team

21 Jun 2007

FRANCE: Orangina Schweppes sees strong sales growth editorial team

19 Jun 2007

Just the Answer – Anna Laestadius, Absolut Vodka editorial team

13 Jun 2007

Analysis - Potential bidders weigh up benefits of V&S move

Euromonitor International

12 Jun 2007

FRANCE: Pernod counters latest Russian Standard outburst editorial team

11 Jun 2007

US: Russian Standard takes Stoli attacks public editorial team

8 May 2007

GLOBAL: Smirnoff heads up 2007 'Power 100' chart - again editorial team

2 May 2007

UK: Stolichnaya lines up cinema ad push editorial team

30 Apr 2007

US: Stolichnaya opens its Stoli Hotel and website editorial team

10 Apr 2007

UPDATE: UK: Smirnoff to get ‘Signature’ global promo push editorial team

10 Apr 2007

US: Pernod gives Stolichnaya constructivist push editorial team

19 Mar 2007

RUSSIA: Russian Standard appoints general director editorial team

8 Mar 2007

FRANCE: Spirited growth buoys upbeat Pernod editorial team

1 Mar 2007

UK: Stolichnaya gears up for music sponsor deal editorial team

19 Feb 2007

UK: Pernod enjoys happy Christmas in UK off-trade editorial team

25 Jan 2007

FRANCE: Bullish Pernod ups sales forecast editorial team

12 Dec 2006

FRANCE: Pernod again quells Stolichnaya talk editorial team

30 Nov 2006

FRANCE: Orangina Schweppes appoints marketing director

Stuart Todd

17 Nov 2006

FRANCE: Pernod calms Soyuzplodoimport conclusion talk editorial team

3 Nov 2006

INDIA/RUSSIA: UB, Russian Standard sign deal editorial team

26 Oct 2006

FRANCE: Pernod's spirits lifted during mixed quarter editorial team

24 Oct 2006

US: Russian Standard files Stoli lawsuit editorial team

18 Oct 2006

Tariko plays Russian card in global vodka market

Richard Woodard

11 Oct 2006

US: Pernod unveils holiday offerings editorial team

18 Sep 2006

SWEDEN: Fortune touted as V&S front-runner editorial team

27 Jul 2006

FRANCE: Pernod FY sales leap, Allied showing mixed editorial team

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