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Product Launch - AUS: Diageo's Smirnoff Honey

3 Jun 2013

Diageo has launched a new honey flavoured offshoot of its Smirnoff vodka brand in Australia.

just the Facts – The Power 100 2013

24 May 2013

Earlier this week, brand valuation consultancy Intangible Business released the results of its latest survey of the world's spirits brands. Here's a look at the top ten, along with the methodology used to draw up 'The Power 100'.

Focus - Fighting Alcohol Harm: The European Union's Strategy Under Review - Part III

11 Apr 2013

The third and final part of EurActiv's analysis of the European Union's alcohol harm reduction strategy focuses on the different positions being taken on different issues in different regions.

UK: Diageo gears up for US$3.8m Smirnoff push

5 Apr 2013

Diageo's new GBP2.5m (US$3.8m) UK marketing campaign for its Smirnoff vodka brand will include a TV ad set to launch this month.

UK: Diageo rolls-out Smirnoff Espresso to UK

19 Mar 2013

Diageo is rolling out its coffee-flavoured version of its Smirnoff vodka to the UK.

Product Launch - US: Diageo's Smirnoff Sorbet Light range

5 Mar 2013

Diageo's Smirnoff Sorbet Light range

EUROPE: Diageo to roll out Parrot Bay across Europe

26 Feb 2013

Diageo has announced the roll-out of its RTD cocktail range Parrot Bay across eight European countries.

Focus - Diageo's H1 Performance by Category

31 Jan 2013

Diageo reported healthy first-half numbers earlier today. Here just-drinks takes a look at how each category is performing for the drinks giant:

Comment - Spirits - Vodka Can Go Far

22 Jan 2013

A new year, a new commentator. Taking the baton for white spirits, we welcome back just-drinks' former deputy editor, Chris Mercer, to cast his watchful eye over all things white. This month: Vodka.

GLOBAL: Diageo leads Pernod Ricard in top-end vodka fight - analyst

16 Jan 2013

Pernod Ricard's super-premium vodkas lack the depth to compete with Diageo's as vodka continues its value boom, an analyst has said.

AFRICA: Diageo appoints new marketing and innovation boss

11 Jan 2013

Diageo has appointed a new marketing and innovation director for its Africa division.

Product Launch - US: Good Time Beverage's Bob & Stacy's Ultra Premium Vodka

10 Jan 2013

Good Time Beverage's Bob & Stacy's Ultra Premium Vodka

INDIA: Diageo avoids 30 years of work with United Spirits deal - report

7 Jan 2013

Diageo has circumnavigated many years of work building up a spirits distribution network in India by buying a majority stake in United Spirits, according to a senior executive from one of the Indian group’s sister companies.

just On Call - Southern Comfort seeing "dramatic" recovery - Brown-Forman

13 Dec 2012

Southern Comfort is bouncing back for Brown-Forman with a “dramatic improvement” in US sales, the company has said.

just the Facts - Diageo and the Global Vodka Category

5 Dec 2012

Earlier today (5 December), Diageo hosted a briefing on its position in the vodka category. Here, just-drinks looks at the numbers for the sector as a whole, and Diageo's three global vodka brands.

UK/CHINA: Diageo targets vodka growth in China, despite baijiu buy

5 Dec 2012

Diageo has said it believes its vodka stable is well-placed to grow in China, despite its recent entry into the country's domestic white spirits category.

US: Diageo looks to up distribution footprint in Brazil

6 Nov 2012

The head of Diageo's operations in Brazil has said that the company is set to expand its distribution coverage, to exploit the burgeoning middle class in the country.

just the Facts - Diageo in Latin America and the Caribbean

31 Oct 2012

Next week, Diageo will host its latest investor conference, this time covering Latin America & the Caribbean. Here is an overview of the company's presence in the region.

Round-Up - NPD: 2012 - The Year of Oddball Liquor Flavors

31 Oct 2012

Starting this month, Tom Vierhile from Datamonitor takes a look at the world of new product development. First up, Tom casts an eye at the more outre spirits launches of the last few months.

Product Launch - US: Diageo's Smirnoff Iced Cake, Kissed Caramel vodkas

16 Oct 2012

Diageo's Smirnoff Iced Cake, Kissed Caramel vodkas

just The Preview - Diageo Q1

15 Oct 2012

Diageo releases a Q1 trading statement on Wednesday (17 October). Below, we take a look at the highs and lows for the company in the three months to the end of September.

just the Facts - Diageo and India

25 Sep 2012

Earlier today (25 September), Diageo confirmed that it is seeking to buy a stake in UB Group's United Spirits division in India. Here's a look at the Indian alcoholic drinks landscape and Diageo's current position in it.

UK/IRELAND: Diageo launches limited-edition Smirnoff bottles

11 Sep 2012

Diageo has unveiled limited-edition bottle wraps for its flavoured Smirnoff vodka lines in the UK and Ireland.

EUROPE: Diageo's M&A plans put Pernod Ricard in shade - analyst

31 Aug 2012

Diageo has overtaken Pernod as the investor's choice in European spirits because it is more likely to spend on acquisitions, an analyst has said.

GLOBAL: Diageo sticks with nightlife for next Smirnoff push

29 Aug 2012

Diageo has lined up its next global marketing campaign for the Smirnoff vodka brand.

UK: Diageo "on track" for medium term as FY numbers hold firm

23 Aug 2012

Diageo has posted increases in sales and profits for its latest fiscal year, with the troubles in Southern Europe failing to hold back the emerging markets.

Comment - Spirits - What makes a brand 'global'?

16 Aug 2012

How do you define a truly international brand? And does it matter. Can it be decided purely on volumes? Patience Gould digs out her atlas as she ponders the issue

UK: ASA rejects complaint over Diageo's Madonna advert

15 Aug 2012

Diageo has escaped a sanction from the UK's advertising authorites after a complaint over a TV ad featuring Madonna was rejected.

just the Round-Up - The week in drinks

10 Aug 2012

The top ten stories published on just-drinks last week:

Comment - Social Media: Facebook 'Advertising' Sparks Headaches for Drinks Firms

7 Aug 2012

Social media remains a minefield for businesses - particularly drinks companies. While Twitter appears to be addressing the problems, by introducing a blanket age-gating system, Facebook is throwing up different issues. And two recent rulings in Australia will do nothing to reduce the number of sleepless nights for marketers.








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