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13 Jun 2007

Analysis - Potential bidders weigh up benefits of V&S move

Euromonitor International

1 Jun 2007

UK: Beam UK MD quits editorial team

16 May 2007

US: Diageo adds blueberry flavour to Smirnoff stable editorial team

14 May 2007

US: Diageo introduces Smirnoff Source to US editorial team

8 May 2007

GLOBAL: Smirnoff heads up 2007 'Power 100' chart - again editorial team

27 Apr 2007

GLOBAL: Diageo targets premium consumers and innovation editorial team

20 Apr 2007

US: Diageo offers new flavoured malts in North America editorial team

10 Apr 2007

UPDATE: UK: Smirnoff to get ‘Signature’ global promo push editorial team

10 Apr 2007

UK: Smirnoff to get ‘Signature’ global promo push editorial team

2 Apr 2007

INDIA: Diageo introduces Captain Morgan rum editorial team

20 Feb 2007

The just-drinks interview – Andrew Morgan

Dean Best

15 Feb 2007

UK: Diageo CEO upbeat after "strong start" editorial team

26 Jan 2007

CANADA: Strike looms at Diageo's Crown Royal editorial team

19 Jan 2007

INDIA: Diageo targets Absolut with "super-premium" vodka editorial team

3 Nov 2006

UK: Diageo seeks sparkling spirits patent editorial team

31 Oct 2006

TURKEY: Diageo could quit Turkey amid tax row editorial team

18 Oct 2006

Tariko plays Russian card in global vodka market

Richard Woodard

13 Oct 2006

GERMANY: Diageo unit sales up in FY 05/06 editorial team

27 Sep 2006

UK: Smirnoff Ice and WKD fall foul of ASA editorial team

27 Sep 2006

The Losh Cause – Seeking inspiration

Chris Losh

20 Sep 2006

Emerging markets could hold the key for Diageo

Richard Woodard

18 Sep 2006

ISRAEL: Government to change alcohol taxes

Sagi Cooper

5 Sep 2006

RUSSIA: Diageo decides to pull Smirnoff editorial team

5 Sep 2006

SWEDEN: Diageo urges against RTD tax hike editorial team

5 Sep 2006

US: Diageo silent on "vodka water" launch editorial team

31 Aug 2006

UK: US growth drives Diageo full-year profits editorial team

31 Aug 2006

US: Smirnoff ad agency changed amid InBev link editorial team

30 Aug 2006

KENYA: EABL posts rising FY profits editorial team

21 Aug 2006

INDIA: Radico reveals Diageo venture editorial team

28 Jul 2006

UK: Hennessy and Moët crash global top brands chart editorial team

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