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RESEARCH: Mexican spirits need boost

14 Apr 2003

Although the alcoholic drinks market as a whole is growing strongly in Mexico, the country's consumption of spirits continued to decline in 2002, according to research released by industry analyst Canadean.

US: Skyy to launch three flavoured variants

26 Mar 2003

The spirits producer, Skyy Spirits, which produces the Skyy Vodka brand, has announced the launch of three new flavoured variants, Skyy Spiced, Skyy Berry and Skyy Vanilla.

SOUTH AFRICA: Campari launches Cinzano RTD

20 Mar 2003

Campari, through a local affiliate in South Africa, has launched its third RTD offering, Cinzano Five. This South African launch is the third RTD launched from the group in the past 15 months, after the vodka-based Skyy Blue into the USA and the Campari Mixx in Italy and Switzerland. The Cinzano Five is a 5.4% abv spirit cooler, using lemon, pineapple and orange flavours in a 275cl bottle, which cost R9m to develop, including a full-house TV, cinema, poster and press campaign.

ITALY: Campari breaks off Eckes talks

7 Feb 2003

The Italian spirits company, Campari Group, has said it has pulled out of talks with the German group, Eckes, regarding the acquisition of the German company's spirits division. The breakdown in negotiations resulted from the two sides not being able to agree on the value of the companies for sale.

US: New Year greets Allied and Miller with RTD headache

2 Jan 2003

In yet another setback for the RTD category, Allied Domecq and SABMiller are scaling back their joint operations in the category and reducing inventories of Stolichnaya Citrona and Sauza Diablo, because of weak consumer demand. "The brands have not met our expectations," SABMiller spokeswoman Molly Reilly said on Tuesday.

Brown-Forman strengthens its position in premium vodka

23 Dec 2002

With Brown-Forman increasing its stake in Finlandia Vodka Worldwide (FVW) to 80%, Euromonitor looks at how it will access strong growth potential in the dynamic premium vodka sector, and considers its next move.

ITALY: Campari earnings leap on back of acquisitions

13 Nov 2002

Campari, the drinks group which owns the eponymous bitter apperitif, has reported a 54% increase in nine-month core earnings (EBITDA) and a 32% rise in sales boosted by new acquisitions, such as Skyy Spirits.

COMMENT: Coors loses the vibe for malternatives

5 Nov 2002

As Coors announces the withdrawal of its Vibe malternative brand, there are growing signs that the category's meteoric rise may be followed by an equally spectacular fall. With the craze over, malternatives now need to carve out a lasting niche market - or suffer the same fate as their closest forebears, wine coolers, and collapse into obscurity.

AUSTRALIA: Foster's subsidiary to distribute SKYY vodka

31 Oct 2002

Foster's-owned Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) is to distribute the Campari vodka brand SKYY through its subsidiary The Continental Spirits Company from February next year after a distribution agreement between the two companies was announced.   The Continental Spirits'  portfolio already includes Kirov Vodka and Karloff Vodka at the cheaper end of the market and the addition of SKYY, the company said, would complement those brands.

Consolidation on hold as the joint venture blossoms

23 Sep 2002

It seems you are no-one in the drinks industry these days unless you have a joint venture partner to bring to the party. Affordable and low-risk, the jv offers an easy way to boost your portfolio and market reach. But as Jeanette Stamper discusses, are they really a marriage made in heaven or a disaster waiting to happen.

US: SKYY Spirits adds Tequilas to portfolio

12 Aug 2002

Skyy Spirits, the maker of SKYY Vodka, has clinched a five-year marketing and distribution agreement in the US for the super-premium Reserva 1800 Tequila and ultra-premium Gran Centenario Tequila, produced at Los Camichines, Jalisco, México. Anthony Foglio, Skyy Spirits president and CEO said: "We are delighted with this new relationship. This agreement continues our vision to be the most innovative, dynamic brand-building organization in the wine and spirits industry.  By offering a profitable brand portfolio and a partnership orientation with suppliers, wholesalers and retailers, SKYY is poised for continued success." 

Brewers make the malternative argument

2 Jul 2002

The RTD boom in the US, led by Smirnoff Ice, has proved a major fillip to spirits companies but has also provided brewers with substantial new business as they have collaborated with spirits brands to produce these malt-based beverages. However, Anne Brockhoff found that while both have much to gain, the brewers still have more to lose.

US: Name and launch date for JD malternative

21 May 2002

US drinks group, Brown-Forman Beverages Worldwide, and brewer, Miller Brewing Co., have announced that the ready-to-drink Jack Daniel's "malternative" will be launched in July and will be called Jack Daniel's Original Hard Cola. The brand will be available in the on premise market in July and in retail outlets by September, the companies said.

ITALY: Campari forecasts 30% sales growth

1 May 2002

Italian drinks group, Campari, is forecasting 30% sales growth for 2002. That would boost turnover at the company to around €640m. Last year, sales at Campari rose by 13.9% to €494.3m. Acquisitions have played a significant part in Campari's growth. Recent purchases include the Italian spirits company, Zedda Piras, which owns a 67% stake in the Sardinian wine group, Sella & Mosca, and a 50% stake in the US premium vodka company, Skyy Spirits.

UK: Morrison Bowmore in £10m joint venture with Campari.

24 Apr 2002

UK Scotch producer Morrison Bowmore and the Italian drinks company Campari have entered into a £10m joint venture, to extend their reach in the UK. The 50/50 venture will be see the Campari brands Cinzano, Midori, Skyy Vodka and Campari lien up next to Morrison Bowmore's Islay sinegle malt and Auchentoshan lowland single malt.

UK: Allied UK and Skyy Vodka part ways

3 Apr 2002

Allied Domecq Spirits & Wine UK Ltd (ADUK) said yesterday that the UK distribution of Skyy Vodka will be transferred to Morrison Bowmore Distillers Ltd, from 15th April 2002. An ADUK spokesman said "We have enjoyed the working on the Skyy Vodka brand and wish Morrison Bowmore and Campari well for the future".

ITALY: Tax drop drives Campari growth

28 Mar 2002

The Italian drinks group Campari announced yesterday that its net profits grew 20% in 2001 to €63.4m (US$55.47m). The company said the growth was driven by a rise in sales and a significant drop in taxes. Campari, the maker of the eponymous aperitif, along with Cinzano and Skyy Vodka, saw its sales rise 13.9% to €494.3m in 2001. However, pre-tax profits fell 3.6% to €94m, which suffered from foreign exchange losses.

US: Coors gets into the RTD vibe

26 Mar 2002

Colorado-based brewer, Coors Brewing Co, is set to increase its presence in the malt-based beverage sector with the launch of a new brand, Vibe, later this spring. Vibe should be available in at least eight major cities by early May. Coors' existing malt beverage brand, Zima, which was launched in the 1990s, is to be re-packaged in order to tap into the growth in this area of the market. When hinting that it would be adding a new malt brand to the portfolio, Coors described the new product as "Zima's wild cousin".

US: SKYY Blue RTD to make TV debut

21 Mar 2002

By Anne Brockhoff SKYY Blue will make its television debut Thursday as Miller Brewing Co. and Skyy Spirits launch their first advertising campaign for the flavoured malt beverage since they teamed up in January to develop it. The ads will appear during the NCAA basketball tournament, then continue on primetime and late-night network and cable television through the summer, Miller spokeswoman Molly Reilly said.

The rise of the RTD - fad or fabulous?

19 Mar 2002

The ready-to-drink sector has transformed the drinks industry. In 18 months Diageo alone expects 15% to18% of its business to come from products that did not exist three years ago. But will this phenomenon blow itself out, burning millions of dollars as it goes, or is it here to stay? Chris Brook-Carter examines the arguments.

US: Brown-Forman, Miller to Sell Jack Daniel#;s RTD

8 Mar 2002

Brown-Forman is joining the fast-growing US ready-to-drink (RTD) market by teaming up with Miller Brewing Company to introduce a Jack Daniel#;s flavored malt beverage.

New Products Report - January 2002

21 Jan 2002

Exclusive to just-drinks is the first New Products Report of 2002. With the use of its Global New Products Database, leading drinks analyst Mintel investigates the growth of the ready-to-drink market, hot drink innovations, new flavours in soft drinks and much more.

US: Allied and Miller join RTD battle in Stoli joint venture

18 Jan 2002

The battle for the lucrative US ready-to-drink (RTD) market is accelerating with ever more vigour, with the announcement today that Allied Domecq and US brewer Miller Brewing are to launch a range of flavoured malt beverages together. The first two products to be unveiled by the joint venture will be based on Allied's Stolichnaya vodka and Sauza Tequila brands. The roll out is expected in the spring.

US: Miller and SKYY to join battle for RTD market

4 Jan 2002

American brewing giant Miller Brewing and Skyy Spirits, the premium drinks producer, are to introduce a ready-to-drink malt beverage containing SKYY Vodka in the US. The announcement comes only weeks after it was revealed that Anheuser-Busch and Bacardi are to introduce their own RTD, Bacardi Silver, to compete in the fast growing pre-packaged market, currently led by Smirnoff Ice.

ITALY: Campari takes control of Skyy Spirits

14 Dec 2001

Campari, the Italian drinks producer, has said it is paying US$207.5m in cash to acquire a controlling stake in US-based Skyy Spirits, maker of the fast-growing super premium brand Skyy Vodka. The deal sees Campari add another 50% of the company from Skyy founder Maurice Kanbar to the 8.9% it acquired in 1998.

Polmos auctions: Vodka under the hammer

17 Jul 2000

Agros Holdings, owned by Pernod Ricard, could lose its exclusive rights to the vodkas Wyborowa and Zubrowka which could open the international floodgates. Simon Meads reports on the future of the vodka brands. The last few weeks has seen two big stories shake and stir the vodka category. First came the news that Brown-Forman Beverages has secured a 45% stake in Finlandia for £55m. Then came the not entirely surprising news - as it had been threatened while going through Parliament - that the Polish government had voted to remove Agros's export rights for the country's 21 Polmoses. Pernod Ricard, which owns a 74% share of Agros, has already warned that the Polmos and any other company trying to distribute the brands, will face a tirade of law suits. Pernod Ricard has been happy to take on Bacardi-Martini in the US over the Havana Club rum rights, so why not the Polish legislature?

UK: Skyy Vodka hits the UK with Allied's new style bar specialists

23 Jun 2000

Allied Domecq has created a specialist team to promote key brands in the style bar market, including Skyy Vodka launched last week in the UK.Similar to Seagram's Ideal Brands concept, balance spirits ltd will be Allied's strategic on-trade marketing operation specifically aimed at driving its brands in top bars and chic city venues."We put the team together in February this year to push our top line brands into the fashionable bars in cities across the UK," said sales manager Mark Esling. He heads a team of four other "players" who will be offering "on the ground support" to style bars in the major UK metropolitan areas and will control a separate budget to help support the brands and any new ventures."Style bars are a unique sector of the market place and style leaders require a tailored strategy towards marketing and support. balance is a specialist in this area of the market, identifying future trends, developing existing products and seeding new brands," he said. Allied's four core brands such as Sauza, Beefeater gin, Kahlua coffee liqueur and Ballantine's scotch whisky form the basis of the brand onslaught but some old and new faces will be introduced. Ballantine's Gold, Ballantine's 21 year-old, Laphroaig, Canadian Club, Courvoisier Cognac and Tia Maria will be on offer plus Crown Jewel, the 50 deg premium Beefeater gin, once limited to duty free only, will be released at the end of June on the bar shelf.Sauza Hornitos, which has dominated the US and Mexican Tequila craze, is launched in the UK and Allied has also won the UK rights to distribute Skyy Vodka from Campari International. The other non-Allied brands will be Bols liqueurs which have been re-packaged and re-invented for the cocktail scene."New cocktails recipes will be available using the balance brands. We are in negotiations with the Schrager Group, Match and Oliver Peyton's bars and restaurants and the future looks promising," said Esling.Elliot Lane







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