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Skyy vodka revamp to include new recipe - Campari Group CEO

19 Feb 2021

The upcoming relaunch for Skyy vodka will include new liquid, the head of Campari Group has confirmed this week.

Final quarter pulls on 2020 sales for Campari Group - results data

18 Feb 2021

Campari Group saw the final three months of 2020 return to the red, as sales in the final quarter added to a bleak first half to pull on full-year results.

Whiskey boom and vodka slide? How US wholesalers view the next six months - analysis

19 Nov 2020

The global beverage industry is approaching the first anniversary of the coronavirus impact, dating back to the first effects in China back in January. Despite the distance, the outlook still remains clouded, with spiking infection rates in some parts of the world and fresh lockdowns adding to the complexity.

Campari Group Performance Trends 2015-2019 - results data

21 May 2020

In mid-February, Campari Group reported a near-6% lift in full-year sales from the 12 months of 2019. The top-line performance was in line with the year prior, with 2018 sales growing by 5.3%. Here, just-drinks considers Campari's performance over the last five years.

How did Campari Group perform in 2019? - results data

19 Feb 2020

Campari Group has reported a slight slowing in its growth rate towards the end of last year, with the first half of 2020 also set to decelerate.

Could 'delocalisation' signal the death of provenance in spirits? - Editor's Viewpoint

3 Oct 2019

The role of provenance in marketing is widely prevalent in the spirits category - always by brands that have to be produced in a certain location, but also often by those that aren't tied by rules of definition.

Campari Group Performance Trends 2014-2018 - results data

8 May 2019

In early-March, Campari Group released its results for 2018. The group saw sales in the 12-month period come in 5.3% up on 2017. Here, drinks industry commentator Richard Woodard considers Campari's performance over the last five years.

How did Campari Group perform in 2018? - results data

5 Mar 2019

Campari Group is looking forward to a continued ride of the premiumisation wave in 2019, with last year's sales coming in 5% up on the year prior.

Can Aperol maintain its stellar growth for Campari Group in 2018? - results data

6 Nov 2018

A remarkable performance by the Aperol brand has contributed to a strong set of figures from Campari Group in both the third quarter of 2018 and the year to date.

Why the usual vodka suspects will have to sit out the short-term in the US - Comment

2 Oct 2018

What are the prospects for vodka in the category's vital US market? Spirits commentator Richard Woodard takes us back, to look forwards.

Campari Group Q1 2018 - results data

8 May 2018

In early-May, Campari Group reported its results for the first quarter of 2018. Here, just-drinks takes an in-depth look at the company's performance in the three months to the end of March.

Skyy vodka's US woes could be worse - Gruppo Campari CEO

10 May 2017

Gruppo Campari CEO Bob Kunze-Concewitz has defended Skyy declines in the US, saying the vodka brand is performing better than struggling rivals.

Gruppo Campari's Skyy Infusions California Apricot vodka - Product Launch

2 Mar 2017

Gruppo Campari has added another expression to its Skyy Infusions flavoured vodka stable in the US.

"Gin as a category is hot and Bulldog is a hot brand" - Interview, Gruppo Campari CEO Bob Kunze-Concewitz

1 Mar 2017

Yesterday, Gruppo Campari posted strong sales and an adjusted profits leap for 2016. Speaking to just-drinks following the full-year results announcement, CEO Bob Kunze-Concewitz discusses plans for newly-acquired Bulldog gin, a move away from flavoured vodka and the path to premium rum in the US.

Gruppo Campari 2012-2016 - results data

1 Mar 2017

Earlier this week, Gruppo Campari released its full-year results for 2016. The company saw its net profits dip by 5% on one-offs, although sales in the 12-month period rose by 4%. Here, just-drinks considers Campari's performance over the last five years.

The Vodka Category - Everything you need to know - just-drinks Spirits Essentials

7 Feb 2017

As part of our Spirits Essentials series, just-drinks and The IWSR present a comprehensive guide to the vodka category. Sourced from the joint Global Vodka Insights report, published in December, we look at both market and category trends for vodka globally, the performance of the key brands, as well as the challenges facing the category going forward.

Gruppo Campari's Skyy Infusions Bartlett Pear vodka - Product Launch

13 Sep 2016

Gruppo Campari has added a Bartlett Pear expression to its Skyy Infusions vodka range.

Is Pernod Ricard's Absolut dying in the US? - Comment

22 Mar 2016

This month, white spirits commentator Richard Woodard considers the present health - or lack thereof - of Pernod Ricard's flagship vodka brand, Absolut.

Wild Knight Ultra-Premium English Vodka - Product Launch

21 Mar 2016

UK-based Wild Knight has released a high-end vodka under the same brand name.

"It's difficult to stretch existing vodka brands upwards" - Campari CEO

3 Mar 2016

The CEO of Gruppo Campari has flagged the challenges in creating a more premium version of Skyy vodka, to drive growth for the brand.

Gruppo Campari flies the flag for US success - analysis

12 Nov 2015

The US has long been perceived as the pot of gold at the end of the spirits rainbow. According to figures released by the country's Distilled Spirits Council (DISCUS), earlier this year, the share for spirits in 2014 rose to 35.2% - US$4.2bn - from 34.7% the prior year, marking the fifth consecutive year of growing market share. Despite the attractive figures, for some, finding the end of the rainbow has proved to be a challenge.

Don't mess with core vodka - Campari CEO - just On Call

12 Nov 2015

Gruppo Campari’s CEO Bob Kunze-Concewitz has warned against tampering with core products. 

Gruppo Campari's Q3 & YTD by region - focus

11 Nov 2015

Earlier today, Gruppo Campari posted a solid jump in nine-month sales and profits as developed markets outperformed emerging countries. Here, just-drinks takes a look at the company's performance by region.

Gruppo Campari Q3 & YTD - just The Preview

9 Nov 2015

Gruppo Campari will report its third-quarter and year-to-date results on Wednesday (11 November). Here, just-drinks takes a look at how the Milan-headquartered company has fared in the three months to the end of September.

Product Launch - Gruppo Campari's Skyy Infusions Coastal Cranberry

3 Nov 2015

Gruppo Campari has added a cranberry variant to its Skyy Infusions flavoured vodka line.

On this day in drinks history - featuring Brown-Forman, Carlsberg, Nichols

18 Aug 2015

Here's a look at what was happening on this day in...

Gruppo Campari’s H1 Performance by Region, Brand - Focus

4 Aug 2015

Earlier today (4 August), Gruppo Campari announced its first half results, including a 36% hike in net profits and a 10.5% sales increase.

Skyy vodka makes US recovery for Gruppo Campari - just On Call

4 Aug 2015

Skyy vodka has returned to growth in the US, according to the head of the brand's parent company, Gruppo Campari.

Gruppo Campari toasts strong first half despite Jamaica sugar woes

4 Aug 2015

Gruppo Campari has reported a continued lift in sales and profits for the first six months of 2015, following strong numbers in Q1.

Gruppo Campari Q2 & H1 - Preview

3 Aug 2015

Tomorrow (4 August), Gruppo Campari will report its second-quarter and first-half results. Here, just-drinks takes a look at how the Milan-headquartered company has fared in the three months to the end of June.







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