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UK: Tesco agrees ban on strong beers to gain licence

14 Jun 2013

Tesco has agreed to not sell beer and cider stronger than 5.5% abv in order to secure an alcohol licence from a Scottish council.

UK: Scots Government 'disappointed' over minimum price battle

23 May 2013

A Scottish Government official has said that the drinks industry's on-going legal challenge over minimum unit pricing is "disappointing", and has argued there is no need for the policy to be decided by European authorities.

Comment - Wehring's Way - Minimum Unit Pricing: A Long and Winding Road

3 May 2013

The headlines today (3 May) may suggest that minimum unit pricing is on its way in Scotland. But, for those in our industry who oppose the proposal, there's no need to panic yet. There's still a way to go.

UK: Spirits trade body to appeal judgement backing Scottish minimum unit pricing

3 May 2013

The European trade organisation for spirits has said that it will appeal the legal ruling handed down this morning in favour of minimum unit pricing in Scotland.

UK: Wine & Spirit Trade Association still eyeing "options" after Budget beer blow

17 Apr 2013

The Wine & Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) has said it is continuing to assess its legal options in light of the UK Government's singling out of beer in last month's Budget.

UK: Burn Stewart Distillers sale proves Scotch in robust health - MD

15 Apr 2013

The sale of Burn Stewart Distilleries to Distell is “another vote of confidence” in the booming Scotch whiskey industry, the company's MD has told just-drinks.

Focus - Fighting Alcohol Harm: The European Union's Strategy Under Review - Part II

11 Apr 2013

In the second part of this analysis of the European Union's review of its strategy to combat alcohol harm across the region, EurActiv details the issues that have to be considered.

Focus - Fighting Alcohol Harm: The European Union's Strategy Under Review - Part III

11 Apr 2013

The third and final part of EurActiv's analysis of the European Union's alcohol harm reduction strategy focuses on the different positions being taken on different issues in different regions.

GLOBAL: European spirits exports hit record high in 2012 - figures

9 Apr 2013

Sales of European spirits outside the European Union hit a record EUR10.2bn (US$13.3bn) in 2012, with growth being driven by whisk(e)y, new figures reveal.

just For Subscribers - The week in drinks

5 Apr 2013

Here are the eight most viewed, subscriber-only items on just-drinks this week:

Comment - Scotching Rumours that the Whisky Boom is on the Wane

3 Apr 2013

Is the fabled Scotch whisky boom subsiding?

just the Facts – Scotch whisky exports in 2012

2 Apr 2013

Earlier today (2 April), the Scotch Whisky Association released the Scotch export figures for 2012. Here, courtesy of the SWA, is a list of the top export markets for Scotch in 2012 by value and by volume.

UK: Scotch whisky exports grow in value, but volumes drop in 2012

2 Apr 2013

Export sales of Scotch whisky by value edged up to a record high last year, despite a drop in volumes of 5%, according to latest figures.

Comment - Spirits - Adding a Touch of Flavour to Scotch Whisky

25 Mar 2013

Earlier this month, Bacardi announced the launch of Dewar's Highlander Honey in the US. The move has ruffled feathers in Scotland, where the heritage and provenance of Scotch whisky is almost an obsession. Here's Ian Buxton with his take on the storm in a nosing glass.

just For Subscribers - The week in drinks

22 Mar 2013

Here are the ten most viewed, subscriber-only items on just-drinks this week:

Comment - UK Budget: Has George Osborne Avoided a Hangover?

21 Mar 2013

George Osborne must think he can walk into any pub in the UK today and be treated to a free pint.

Exclusive - UK/US: Scotch Whisky Association raises concerns over Dewar's Highlander Honey

20 Mar 2013

The Scotch Whisky Association has admitted that it has “concerns” over Bacardi’s extension of its Dewar’s Scotch whisky brand in the US.

Comment - Dewar's Highlander Honey: The Start of Something New?

19 Mar 2013

You may have seen us get rather excited late last week when we broke a(nother) exclusive on just-drinks. When we found out that Bacardi has lined up an extension for its Dewar's Scotch whisky brand in the US, we initially started to go through the gears to get the usual information for a news story.

Exclusive - US: Bacardi to launch first "infused Scotch specialty", Dewar's Highlander Honey

15 Mar 2013

Bacardi has lined up the launch of a honey-"infused" variant of its Dewar's Scotch whisky brand.

Exclusive - US: Dewar's Highlander Honey gets okay from SWA

15 Mar 2013

The Scotch Whisky Association has clarified that Bacardi's Dewar's Highlander Honey is not in breach of laws defining the term 'Scotch whisky'.

UK: Government re-launches TV ad warning over drinking levels

8 Feb 2013

The UK Government is reviving a TV advertising campaign urging people to lower their alcohol intake.

Research in Focus - Global reach gives Scotch whisky an edge during downturn

8 Feb 2013

The international scope of the Scotch whisky sector and its strong growth in emerging markets has allowed the market to continue growing in spite of the global downturn. However, as a new just-drinks/IWSR report points out, the performance in mature markets has led some to question whether more innovation is required to rejuvenate the category in what remain key markets.

Product Launch - GLOBAL: Inver House Distillers' anCnoc 22 Years Old

4 Feb 2013

Inver House Distillers has launched a 22-year-old version of its anCnoc single malt, with 950 cases made available throughout the year.

UK: WSTA launches minimum pricing campaign

28 Jan 2013

A new UK industry campaign has been launched aiming to highlight "unfair" minimum pricing and galvanise public opposition to the measure.

CHINA: Wholesaler sent to prison over "fake" Scotch whisky

25 Jan 2013

A wholesaler in China has been given a four-year prison sentence for selling “fake” Scotch whisky in the country's first case centered on the term 'Scotch'.

Comment - Spirits - Scotch: It’s Scotland’s Water

11 Jan 2013

This month, Ian Buxton takes a look at an idea that, should it come to fruition, will send shockwaves through the Scotch whisky industry. In Scotland, he notes, there seems to be water, water everywhere, but not a drop that is taxed. Yet.

UK: SWA attacks bid for extra tax on Scotch whisky

9 Jan 2013

The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) has branded a proposal to bring in an extra tax on the drink as “ludicrous”.

Comment - Scotch Boom Opens Door to Boutique Distillers

3 Jan 2013

More proof came last week, if any more was needed, of Scotch whisky's continuing appeal around the world.

GLOBAL: Scotch whisky continues inexorable export rise - figures

2 Jan 2013

Scotch whisky continues to play a “key role” in the Scottish economy, according to data released late last month.

Review of the Year 2012 - Part V: Spirits

21 Dec 2012

It was back to business for spirits companies in 2012 as the industry's recovery continued apace.








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