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Comment - Spirits - Where Next for Scotch Whisky?

29 Jan 2015

The Scotch whisky category appears to have hit a tipping point. What does the future look like for the until-recently booming category? Ian Buxton voices his concerns.

Scotch Whisky Association steps up global efforts with new director role

8 Jan 2015

The Scotch Whisky Association has announced a shake-up of its senior management, including plans to recruit a global affairs director and the departure of two senior figures.

just a While Ago - On 7 January in...

7 Jan 2015

Here's a look at what was happening on this day in...

Sparkling wine sales still shining in UK - figures

22 Dec 2014

Sparkling wine continues to be the star performer in the UK off- and on-trade in 2014, while the flavoured vodka category has endured mixed fortunes, according to latest figures.

Review of the Year 2014 - Part IV: Spirits

16 Dec 2014

It's that time of year when just-drinks takes a look back at the past 12 months. Here, in part three of our final management briefing of the year, Andy Morton, reviews the major spirits stories of 2014.

just a While Ago - On 5 December in...

5 Dec 2014

Here's a look at what was happening on this day in...

just a While Ago - On 17 November in...

17 Nov 2014

Here's a look at what was happening on this day in...

Sustainability in Drinks - Are Roadmaps the Way Forward?

7 Nov 2014

Ben Cooper has stumbled upon a term that crops up time and again when it comes to sustainability.

just the Week in - Spirits & Wine

31 Oct 2014

Here's a round-up of this week's highlights in the global spirits & wine categories. We are also running similar round-ups for beer and soft drinks & bottled water.

just a While Ago - On 27 October in...

27 Oct 2014

Here's a look at what was happening on this day in...

Pernod Ricard unveils new Dalmunach Scotch whisky distillery

13 Oct 2014

Pernod Ricard has completed the construction of a new Scotch whisky distillery ahead of schedule, with production due to kick off this month.

Comment - Scotch Whisky around the World

7 Oct 2014

“May you live in interesting times.” That ancient Chinese proverb, surely apocryphal but horribly apt, seems to apply more than ever to Scotch whisky.

Sustainability in Drinks - Scoring Points

30 Sep 2014

This month, Ben Cooper considers the need for healthy competition among drinks companies when it comes to driving industry-wide sustainability.

Sustainability in Spirits - Part I: Better Together

22 Sep 2014

The first part of this month's management briefing on sustainability in the spirits sector sees Ben Cooper flag the importance of collaboration - both internal and external - among companies and trade associations.

Sustainability in Spirits - Part II: External Engagement

22 Sep 2014

Part two of this month's four-part members' briefing on environmental sustainability in the spirits sector looks at spreading the work-load among other trade associations and other drinks sectors.

Sustainability in Spirits - Part III: The Scotch Whisky Association's Environmental Strategy

22 Sep 2014

In this, the third part of this month's management briefing into environmental sustainability in the spirits sector, Ben Cooper offers a case study of the Scotch Whisky Association's approach to the environment.

Sustainability in Spirits - Part IV: Converting Waste to Energy

22 Sep 2014

The fourth - and final - part of this month's members' briefing, which looks at environmental sustainability in the spirits sector, considers the growing move to generate energy from waste products.

LIVE BLOG: Industry responds to Scotland 'No' vote

19 Sep 2014

Scotland has voted to stay in the United Kingdom. The 'No' campaign received 55% of votes, compared to 45% of voters in favour of independence. Follow live round-up of reaction from the drinks industry here:

Comment - Spirits - Scottish Independence and the Scotch Whisky Industry

18 Sep 2014

The time is finally here: Today, Scotland decides. Will The Union remain or is Scotland set to declare its independence from the UK? With the country taking to the polls, Ian Buxton takes one final look at what the result of the vote will mean for the Scotch whisky industry.

Focus - Government, Industry want Minimum Alcohol Pricing in Scotland

16 Sep 2014

Although the Scottish Government's initiative to put a minimum unit pricing (MUP) on alcohol has been referred to the European Court of Justice, some members of Scotland's alcohol industry are backing the initiative to tackle alcohol harm in the country.

Analysis - Irish whiskey eyes a slice of Scotch's global pie

15 Sep 2014

We've had a reminder this month of the high levels of investment being ploughed into the renaissance of Irish whiskey by emerging players.

UK: Scotch Whisky Association secures ORIGIN membership

5 Sep 2014

The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) has bolstered efforts to protect its geographical status by joining the Organisation for an International Geographical Indications Network (ORIGIN).

MEXICO: Premium sales drive H1 Tequila exports up 16% - report

4 Sep 2014

Mexico's Tequila exports jumped 16% to US$568m in the first half of this year, local media has reported.

RUSSIA/UKRAINE: Russia bans Ukrainian alcohol - report

14 Aug 2014

Russia's food safety watchdog has announced an import ban on a number of beers and spirits produced in Ukraine, according to reports.

UK: Scotch industry on guard for Russia sanctions

8 Aug 2014

The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) is “closely monitoring” Russia's trade sanctions after the country banned food imports from the UK and other western countries.

MYANMAR: Scotch whisky gets legal protection boost

11 Jul 2014

Scotch whisky will receive better legal protection in Myanmar under new rules, while efforts to crack down on fake supplies are being stepped up.

UK: Scotch Whisky Association denies being silenced on Scottish independence debate

10 Jul 2014

The head of the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) has denied the group has been pressured into silence on the question of Scottish independence, but admitted there has been “vigorous” discussions with both sides.

UK: Scotch Whisky Association names head of alcohol abuse fund

9 Jul 2014

The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) has appointed the first chairperson of its alcohol-harm charity, the Scotch Whisky Action Fund.

GLOBAL: SpiritsEurope urges EU to tie up global trade deals

25 Jun 2014

Trade body SpiritsEurope is calling on the European Union to finalise global free trade agreements and support the spirits sector as it aims to “significantly” boost exports over the next five years.

MEXICO: Scotch Whisky Association to work with Tequila Regulatory Council

2 Jun 2014

The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) is set to sign a "cooperation agreement" with Mexico's Tequila Regulatory Council this week to help boost protection of both spirits globally and encourage "fair" competition.








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