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just the answer – United Spirits

4 Jun 2009

Like prominent Indian companies in many sectors, spirits producer United Spirits India has not only benefited from the rapid development of its domestic market but is also expanding its own international horizons. In this month’s just the answer, Chris Mercer spoke with United Spirits' president Vijay Rekhi.

UK: Scotch whisky distillers to cut fossil fuel use

4 Jun 2009

Scotch whisky companies have pledged to cut their use of fossil fuels by 80% by 2050, under an industry-wide environmental strategy.

INDIA: Diageo close to deal in Tamil Nadu - report

3 Jun 2009

Diageo is to become the first international spirits firm to enter the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, after securing a deal with state authorities, according to a report.

just the round-up - The week in drinks

22 May 2009

The top ten stories published on just-drinks this week:

UK: Scotch whisky distilleries escape alcohol display ban

19 May 2009

Scotch whisky distilleries will escape a crackdown on alcohol displays, devised by Scotland's Government as part of its strategy to tackle alcohol abuse.

CHINA: Scotch whisky protection talks to be held

18 May 2009

Scotch Whisky Association CEO Gavin Hewitt will this week hold fresh talks with Chinese officials on securing better protection for authentic Scotch in China.

just the round-up - The week in drinks

15 May 2009

The top ten stories published on just-drinks this week:

UK: Minimum pricing threat to Scotch whisky exports - SWA

13 May 2009

Minimum pricing on alcoholic drinks in Scotland could set a precedent for foreign governments that would be "immensely damaging", Scotch Whisky Association chairman Paul Walsh has said.

UK: Scotch whisky exports rise, volumes slip in '08 - figures

8 May 2009

Scotch whisky exports rose 8% to a record GBP3bn (US$4.5bn) in 2008, but the industry faces a tougher 2009 amid declines in key established and emerging markets, new Scotch Whisky Association figures show.

just the round-up - The week in drinks

8 May 2009

The top ten stories published on just-drinks this week:

INDIA: Scotch whisky progress on tax barriers

1 May 2009

The Scotch Whisky Association has hailed new progress in its battle to force Indian states to reduce import tax on spirits, but the body has rejected claims that the issue is settled.

just the answer – Diageo

30 Apr 2009

As owner of some of the world’s most successful alcohol brands, Diageo clearly recognises the importance of innovation. Olly Wehring spoke with Syl Saller, global innovations director at Diageo, about its brand innovation strategy and the role innovation can play in battling the recession.

Focus - Spirits industry calls for tougher action on counterfeiting

28 Apr 2009

The growing problem of spirits counterfeiting not only results in loss of revenue for spirits companies but more alarmingly continues to cost lives. Keith Nuttall and Emma Jackson report on attempts by trade organisations and governments to address the issue.

UK: Molson Coors chief seeks Chancellor tax meeting

23 Apr 2009

The chief executive of Molson Coors is calling for a meeting with the Chancellor following the 2% increase in beer duty in yesterday’s (22 April) budget.

UK: Alcohol duty tax to rise - Chancellor Budget Speech

22 Apr 2009

Duty tax on alcoholic drinks will rise by 2%, UK Chancellor Alistair Darling has announced in his Budget Speech, to the dismay of drinks trade bodies.

UK: Distillers confident despite Scotch whisky exports fall

22 Apr 2009

Export volumes of Scotch whisky are predicted to have fallen by almost 2% in 2008, according to preliminary figures, but distillers at this week's World Whiskies Conference remained optimistic about investment in the sector.

Comment - UK Budget 2009

22 Apr 2009

Without wishing to be labelled as doomsaying hack, there really doesn't look to be much positive news emerging from Chancellor Alistair Darling's UK Budget Speech.

The World Whiskies Conference - quote, unquote Day 2

21 Apr 2009

The best quotes from day two of the World Whiskies Conference in London. See our previous entry for quotes from yesterday (20 April) and see the just-drinks blog for a brief roundup of news we've picked up in and around the conference hall.

The World Whiskies Conference - quote, unquote, Day 1

20 Apr 2009

Delegates from the world of spirits gathered in London today for day one of the two-day World Whiskies Conference. You can expect more from us over the next couple of days, but here are some choice quotes from the speeches so far. Follow live conference updates from us on Twitter.

CHINA: Scotch whisky to get protection in China - minister

14 Apr 2009

Scotch whisky distillers are close to securing protected name status for their products in China, Scottish ministers believe, following meetings with Chinese government officials.

EU: Scotch distillers welcome EU body to tackle piracy

7 Apr 2009

The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) has welcomed the launch of a European Observatory on Counterfeiting and Piracy to fight intellectual property criminals faking its members’ products.

COLOMBIA: Scotch whisky distillers up tariff pressure

30 Mar 2009

High import tariffs on Scotch whisky will discussed in a meeting between Scotch Whisky Association CEO Gavin Hewitt and senior officials from the Colombian Government this week.

EU: South Korea, EU edge closer to trade deal

26 Mar 2009

Talks on a free trade deal bewteen the EU and South Korea, which could include lower tariffs for Scotch whisky imports, are set to take place at next week's G20 summit in London.

The Losh Cause – New measures that come up short

26 Mar 2009

Proposed new legislation in Scotland aimed at tackling alcohol abuse has sparked huge debate. Chris Losh believes the plans display muddled thinking and fail once again to address the real cultural problems behind alcohol misuse.

UK: Scottish alcohol plans face delay

11 Mar 2009

Plans to restrict alcoholic drinks sales in Scotland, including the introduction of a minimum price, cannot be implemented without fresh legislation, opposition parties have warned.

Focus - Scottish proposals provoke mixed reaction

3 Mar 2009

Legislation being proposed by the Scottish government would, if passed, represent some of the strictest alcohol regulation in the EU, so it’s no surprise that it has provoked widespread reaction. just-drinks takes a look at what politicians, industry, campaigners, academics and the medical community have been saying about the proposals announced on Monday.

UK: Drinks industry facing mass job cuts, falling sales - study

25 Feb 2009

The UK alcoholic drinks sector is braced for up to 80,000 job cuts and falling sales over the next four years, a new report has warned, as industry leaders ratchet up the pressure on the government's proposed duty tax rises.

UK: Scotch whisky distillers push for Korea tax deal

23 Feb 2009

Talks between the EU and South Korea on a possible free trade agreement could significantly benefit Scotch whisky distillers, the Scotch Whisky Association has said.

Focus - Youth protection looms large in self-regulatory moves

12 Feb 2009

Recent self-regulatory measures announced in the US and the UK serve to underline how critical the issue of youth protection is to the alcohol industry and its attempts to project a socially responsible image. Ben Cooper reports.

just the round-up - The week in drinks

6 Feb 2009

The top ten stories published on just-drinks this week:








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