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Ongoing spirits tariffs "causing rough seas on both sides of the Atlantic"

17 Feb 2020

The US Government has maintained the high tariffs on some European Union spirits imports, drawing the ire of trade associations on both sides of the Atlantic.

What's coming up in dark spirits in 2020? - Predictions for the Year Ahead - comment

14 Jan 2020

The dawning of a new decade will bring plenty of surprises, creativity and optimism. As we welcome 2020, then, what will be the first likely trends in dark spirits? Category commentator Neil Ridley takes a look.

Scotch whisky awarded GI protection in Cambodia

13 Dec 2019

Cambodia has become the latest market to acknowledge Scotch whisky's Geographical Indication.

Corporate Social Responsibility activations around the world - The IARD Digest - November 2019

26 Nov 2019

Once a month, the drinks industry-funded International Alliance for Responsible Drinking, which covers alcohol policies worldwide, reviews some of the alcohol industry's recent CSR activities. Here's a look at what's been going on in recent weeks.

Single malt Scotch risks sales plunge as US tariffs kick in

21 Oct 2019

A US tariff on single malt Scotch whisky could see exports to the country drop by one-fifth in the next year, the Scotch Whisky Association has warned.

Distillers unite to condemn tariffs as US targets revealed

3 Oct 2019

Trade groups in the US and the EU have attacked a decision to impose a 25% tariff on European spirit drinks.

Scotland’s minimum unit pricing cuts alcohol purchases - study

27 Sep 2019

Minimum unit pricing has reduced the amount of alcohol per person bought in Scotland by 1.2 units a week, according to a new study that lends broad support to the policy.

Scotch Whisky Association names new international director

21 Aug 2019

The Scotch Whisky Association has appointed a former UK diplomat as its new international director.

Why the next chapter for Scotch whisky has its challenges - Comment

18 Jul 2019

The recent rule changes in Scotch maturation introduced by the Scotch Whisky Association go some way to appealing to the creativity of today's forward-thinking distillers. However, is the general public ready for Scotch 2.0 or, for that matter, does the consumer even want it? Neil Ridley delves into the casks to see what's slumbering away.

World Spirits Alliance trade organisation comes into being

10 Jul 2019

A raft of spirits companies and trade organisations have combined forces to create a worldwide trade association for the spirits category.

Diageo hails "healthy tension" in Scotch whisky rule change

2 Jul 2019

Diageo's global head of innovation has welcomed a rule change on Scotch whisky production, describing the move as an example of the "healthy tension" between tradition and consumer demands.

Spirits trade groups take aim at Scotch tariff threat in US

2 Jul 2019

US and UK spirits trade groups have expressed their dissatisfaction at the news that the Donald Trump administration may impose tariffs on Scotch whisky imports.

Scotch Whisky Association opens door to Tequila-cask Scotch as production rules relaxed

18 Jun 2019

Scotch distillers could be allowed to mature whisky in Tequila and other casks under new rules that loosen restrictions on how the spirit is produced.

Blended Scotch sales & volumes in UK to fall 4% by 2022 - data

12 Jun 2019

The blended Scotch category will remain under pressure in the UK over the next three years, a new report has said, with sales and volumes expected to decline.

Why brown spirits is behind the low- & no-alcohol curve - Comment

11 Jun 2019

With the booming trend of no-abv white 'spirits', Neil Ridley wonders whether the dark spirits sector will follow suit and who will be the first to really crack the potentially flavoursome formula.

BrewDog looks to bring colourful reputation to Scotch - Focus

23 May 2019

As a brewer, BrewDog is no stranger to confrontation. The company's next run-in, however, could be with the rule makers of the spirits industry as the Scottish start-up's distilling arm looks to make its mark. As the launch of a BrewDog Scotch whisky approaches, the company has some bracing words for that most venerable of gatekeepers, the Scotch Whisky Association.

Scotch Whisky Association secures South Korea certification trademark for Scotch

15 May 2019

The trade association for Scotch whisky has successfully registered the product in South Korea, as the group continues to secure post-Brexit protection.

Exports hit another high for Scotch in 2018 - data

12 Feb 2019

Scotch whisky exports to the US broke the GBP1bn barrier for the first time last year, according to figures released today.

US, UK agree post-Brexit whisk(e)y protection

5 Feb 2019

Trade organisations in the US and UK have welcomed a move by both countries to protect whisk(e)y terms after Brexit.

Premium Scotch boosts H1 2018 export growth as blends catch up

19 Oct 2018

Scotch whisky export growth accelerated in the first half of the year as premium sales continued to drive the category.

Scotch whisky granted legal protection against fakes in South Africa

6 Aug 2018

The Scotch Whisky Association has said the registration of 'Scotch Whisky' as a trademark in South Africa will make it easier to fight counterfeits in the category's seventh-largest market by volume.

Why Irish whiskey must learn to manage its time - Comment

19 Jun 2018

Is the renaissance of Irish whiskey about to hit its first major bump along the emerald pathway? Neil Ridley looks at what can be learnt as the segment's popularity continues to rise.

Why consumers don't yet know about your sustainability efforts - Sustainability Spotlight

30 May 2018

A recently-published study suggests consumers may not be as drawn to Anheuser-Busch InBev's new 100% renewable electricity icon as the brewer might hope for. But, Ben Cooper writes, there are factors other than consumer sentiment driving the beverage sector's investment in renewable energy.

Scotch Whisky Association calls for continued trade policy influence post-Brexit - just-drinks exclusive

2 Mar 2018

The trade organisation for the Scotch whisky industry has called for the UK Government to ensure it retains influence over regulations and trade rules following the country’s departure from the European Union.

Brexit boost for Scotch whisky as main markets drive export high - figures

9 Feb 2018

Increases for Scotch whisky’s top three global markets by value helped drive the category to record export sales highs last year, new figures show.

The wine category in 2017 - just-drinks' Review of the Year, Part III - FREE TO ACCESS

12 Dec 2017

As the year draws to a close, just-drinks takes a look back at the stories that have made the headlines across the global drinks industry over the last 12 months. In this, the third in our four-part category review, Ben Cooper considers how 2017 has treated the wine sector.

The spirits category in 2017 - just-drinks' Review of the Year, Part I - FREE TO ACCESS

5 Dec 2017

With 2017 drawing to a close, just-drinks looks back at the stories that have made the headlines across the global drinks industry. Here, deputy editor Lucy Britner picks out the highs and lows for the spirits category.

Brexit effect fails to move needle on Scotch production - Diageo

30 Nov 2017

Diageo has quelled speculation that it has moved to slow its production of Scotch whisky, in light of the UK's vote to leave the European Union last year.

Spirits industry eyes boost as China cuts tariffs

24 Nov 2017

Industry trade groups have welcomed a move by China to cut tariffs on some of its spirits categories.

Thirst for premium whisky pushes Scotch export values up, volumes down in H1 2017

2 Nov 2017

Scotch whisky exports were up more than 3% in value terms during the first six months of 2017, though volumes dropped in the period, further indicating a move by consumers towards higher priced whiskies. 





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