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Campari faces familiar troubles as it strikes out into new territory - analysis

5 May 2021

It is hardly the fault of Campari Group that the coronavirus has effectively shut down the Italian on-premise and disrupted international travel. But, the group is very clearly facing the consequences.

Spirits grabs its 'YOLO' moment as Remy Cointreau leads the way - analysis

28 Apr 2021

Earlier this week, Liberium analyst Joachim Klement highlighted new research that shows credit card spending spikes in the wake of traumatic events such as a terrorist attack. Does this, wondered Klement, suggest that businesses are set for a post-COVID sales boost?

Remy Cointreau surprised by sales surge as full-year finishes up - results data

23 Apr 2021

A double-digit rise in sales from the three months to the end of March has managed to pull Remy Cointreau over its full-year finishing line with a near-2% top-line lift.

Remy Cointreau in fiscal-2021 - results preview

21 Apr 2021

On Friday, Remy Cointreau will announce the results of its fiscal-2021. The numbers, to the end of March, have as their base a 1.6% sales decline from the nine months to the end of December. Here's a look at the news that is likely to have shaped Remy's performance in its Q4 reporting period.

Remy Cointreau's Bruichladdich Port Charlotte PAC:01 2011 - Product Launch

20 Apr 2021

Remy Cointreau has switched two expressions from its Bruichladdich stable of single malt Scotch whiskies.

Why alcohol's tobacco comparisons have returned, why less could be more for brand owners and why grape & grain team-up is back on the agenda - The just-drinks Analyst

17 Mar 2021

Returning for his latest, monthly look at the drinks industry is ex-beverages analyst Ian Shackleton. On Ian's radar is the rise of ESG as an investor's priority, the risk facing brand owners if they spread themselves too thinly and the likelihood - or otherwise - of a return to combining wine with spirits in one company.

"We have to be able to have honest dialogue" - just-drinks speaks to Moet Hennessy NA diversity & inclusion head Dr Atira Charles and Hennessy US senior VP Jasmin Allen

18 Feb 2021

In December, Moët Hennessy announced the appointment of Jasmin Allen to senior VP of the company's flagship Cognac brand in the US, followed swiftly by the hiring of Dr Atira Charles as head of diversity & inclusion in North America. The hires saw two women of colour take executive positions at one of the spirits industry's biggest names. Earlier this month, just-drinks sat down with both Allen and Charles to reflect on the issue of diversity in corporate America, a year of social unrest and the continued importance to brand identity of cultural resonance.

Altia Group prepares for Larsen Cognac roll-out in US with US$45 Aqua Ignis

17 Feb 2021

Altia Group has lined up the US release of its Maison Larsen Cognac line, debuting with global-first Aqua Ignis.

New Islay Scotch whisky distillery gets green light

11 Feb 2021

The Scottish island of Islay is to get an 11th Scotch whisky distillery after a proposed project was given clearance.

Has the spirits category emerged stronger from COVID-19 fight? - analysis

1 Feb 2021

As the coronavirus rocked the alcohol industry last year, one question evaded a definitive answer; where will the pandemic hit hardest - in beer, wine or spirits?

Cognac capitalises on locked-down US consumers - figures - Cognac in the US data

29 Jan 2021

Cognac enjoyed a lockdown boom in the US last year, according to figures from trade association the Distilled Spirits Council.

Moet Hennessy closes 2020 with Q4 sales drop - results data

27 Jan 2021

Moët Hennessy has failed to match the pace set by luxury spirits rival Remy Cointreau this month, posting declining sales from the final three months of last year compared to Remy's top-line jump.

Why "blowout" Q3 offers hope of longer boom cycle for Remy Cointreau and Cognac - analysis

25 Jan 2021

Last week closed with some good news, finally - at least, if you're in Cognac. Remy Cointreau's blockbuster third quarter - with sales leaping by 25% in the three months to the end of December – put the company in an upbeat mood while, at the same time, showing the direction of travel for the wider Cognac category.

Remy Cointreau recovery continues with Q3 sales up 25% - results data

22 Jan 2021

A combination of buoyant Cognac consumption in the US and a recovering China has helped boost Remy Cointreau's performance in the group's fiscal third quarter.

Which Cognac brand owners are in line for a hit as new US tariffs loom? - analysis

5 Jan 2021

Hopes that 2021 will see a lessening of the tariff turmoil of the past two years in alcohol were dashed last week when US trade authorities announced new levies on European Union imports.

William Grant & Sons forecasts 15% sales slide for 2020

23 Dec 2020

William Grant & Sons has warned of a significant drop in sales for this year because of coronavirus disruption.

Remy Cointreau, Roust Group extend Eastern Europe bunk-up - Cognac in Russia data

22 Dec 2020

Rémy Cointreau has extended its distribution arrangement with Russian Standard vodka owner Roust Group for Hungary, Poland and Russia.

The wine category in 2020 - just-drinks' Review of the Year, Part IV - FREE TO ACCESS

17 Dec 2020

As the end of the year approaches, just-drinks takes an in-depth look at the stories that made the headlines in 2020 across the global drinks industry. In part IV, Ben Cooper picks out the highs and the lows for the global wine category.

The spirits category in 2020 - just-drinks' Review of the Year, Part III - FREE TO ACCESS

15 Dec 2020

COVID-19 dominated 2020, a year that will be forever linked to the novel coronavirus that has killed millions and brought parts of the world to a virtual standstill. For the spirits industry, business for a long time to come will be split into pre- and post-COVID, partly because of the unprecedented disruption but also because of the major trends and new consumer drivers set in action by the global pandemic.

Stoli Group adds Diageo, Pernod Ricard Remy Cointreau experience to executive team

15 Dec 2020

Stoli Group has followed the recent appointment of a new CEO with three new senior recruits, all of whom have experience with other alcohol competitors.

Remy Cointreau, Lucas Bols close on Passoa transition

4 Dec 2020

Remy Cointreau has completed the divestment of Passoa to Lucas Bols, drawing a line under the two companies' four-year joint-venture for the liqueur brand.

Cognac should target Tequila in US - Remy Cointreau CEO

1 Dec 2020

The head of Remy Cointreau has challenged the wider Cognac category to catch Tequila in the US, with Cognac growing its share of the country's spirits market during the coronavirus pandemic.

Remy Cointreau finds balance after China over-reliance - comment

26 Nov 2020

In a year like this, good news in the spirits category has been thin on the ground. While the first three months of 2020 were... okay, the second quarter - to the end of June - saw the sky fall in for all the brand owners out there. Much as the third quarter was better than the second, spirits sales across the board were still not where companies wanted them to be. Maybe we should all write off this year, then, and steer our optimism to 2021.

Remy Cointreau offers high-end Louis XIII Cognac gifting sets

16 Nov 2020

Rémy Cointreau is targeting high-rolling consumers with a packaging offering from its ultra-high-end Louis XIII Cognac expression.

Roust hands full Caribbean, Latin America distribution to Monarq

3 Nov 2020

Roust Group has restored the Caribbean and Latin American distribution of its alcohol portfolio to a third-party, with Monarq Group building on the pair's relationship over Roust's Zubrówka vodka brand.

Fresh lockdowns put drinks industry rebound at risk - Moody's

30 Oct 2020

The global beverage industry is poised to rebound from "unprecedented declines" this year to post as much as low-double-digit profit growth in 2021, a new report from credit-rating agency Moody's has forecast.

Will Q3 bring an end to 2020's hangover, are the softs going hard and would Stock Spirits fancy a beer? - The just-drinks Analyst

20 Oct 2020

The timing of Ian Shackleton's latest consideration of the drinks industry couldn't be better. With the latest results season breaking all around us, who better to survey the situation than just-drinks' in-house analyst?

Positive noises grow louder for Remy Cointreau after stronger Q2 - results data

20 Oct 2020

Remy Cointreau has seen its first-quarter sales tumble return to a more even keel in the second three months of its fiscal-2021, with the top-line registering a 16.4% fall in the full six months.

Remy Cointreau re-enters Champagne with J de Telmont purchase

16 Oct 2020

Remy Cointreau has secured majority control of Epernay-based J de Telmont, marking the group's return to Champagne.

Remy Cointreau's Mount Gay The Master Blender Collection - Port Cask - Product Launch

5 Oct 2020

The third bottling from Mount Gay's 'Master Blender Collection' has been announced, with the latest rum set to launch this month.





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