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Latest Interviews

Lucy Britner | 20 Jun 2017

Later this year, US spirits firm Heaven Hill Brands will see both a new Bourbon and a new vodka production facility become operational. Yesterday, just-drinks sat down with Heaven Hill president Max Shapira at Vinexpo in Bordeaux to talk about family ownership, the Bourbon boom and the company's investment in vodka.

Latest News

Lucy Britner | 12 Jul 2018

Heaven Hill has announced the 12th edition of its annual ultra-premium release. Parker’s Heritage Collection Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey was finished in orange curaçao barrels.

Lucy Britner | 4 Jul 2018

Heaven Hill Brands has released a limited edition Bourbon.

Olly Wehring | 28 Jun 2018

Heaven Hill Brands is set to relaunch the Dubonnet aperitif brand in the US, featuring an updated recipe and "vintage" packaging.

Olly Wehring | 12 Feb 2018

Heaven Hill Brands has announced plans to update the packaging across the full range of its Burnett’s vodka brand.

Sean Clinton | 24 Jul 2017

Gruppo Campari has sold its Carolans Irish Cream and Irish Mist brands to Heaven Hill Brands for US$165m.

Lucy Britner | 20 Jul 2017

Heaven Hill Distillery has announced the 2017 bottling of its Parker's Heritage Collection. The 11-year-old single barrel Bourbon will begin shipping in September.

Olly Wehring | 20 Jun 2017

Heaven Hill Distilleries has lost its legal fight with Diageo in Canada over similarities between the packaging of its Admiral Nelson's spice rum brand and Diageo's Captain Morgan.

Olly Wehring | 7 Apr 2017

Heaven Hill Brands has added a pineapple-flavoured variant to its Admiral Nelson’s Rum brand in the US.

Olly Wehring | 14 Mar 2017

Heaven Hill Brands has added a citrus-flavoured extension to its Deep Eddy vodka brand.

Lucy Britner | 7 Dec 2016

Heaven Hill has announced plans to construct a second Deep Eddy Vodka distillery as it looks to meet growing demand for the brand. 

Lucy Britner | 7 Jun 2016

Heaven Hill has launched a bottled-in-bond brandy from California.

Lucy Britner | 17 May 2016

The former CEO of Deep Eddy Vodka has acquired the Dulce Vida Spirits company. 

Olly Wehring | 19 Feb 2016

Heaven Hill Brands has confirmed a change of leadership at its recently-purchased Deep Eddy Vodka brand.

Olly Wehring | 5 Feb 2016

Heaven Hill Distilleries has added a cucumber lime flavour extension to its Burnett's Flavored Vodka range in the US.

Lucy Britner | 25 Jan 2016

Heaven Hill has reduced the age of its Elijah Craig Small Batch whiskey as demand impacts supply. 

Olly Wehring | 18 Jan 2016

Heaven Hill Brands has added a third flavour expression to its Christian Brothers brandy range.

Lucy Britner | 12 Jan 2016

Heaven Hill has added a peach variant to its Deep Eddy Vodka range. 

Olly Wehring | 5 Jan 2016

Heaven Hill Distilleries has confirmed a change of sales chief at its recently-purchased Deep Eddy Vodka unit.

Olly Wehring | 19 Oct 2015

Heaven Hill has re-launched the 18-year-old expression of its Elijah Craig Bourbon after a three-year break.

Olly Wehring | 29 Sep 2015

Heaven Hill has released a one-off wheated Bourbon that has been aged for 20 years.

Andy Morton | 3 Sep 2015

Heaven Hill Brands has completed its acquisition of the Deep Eddy Vodka brand.

Lucy Britner | 26 Aug 2015

Musician Bruno Mars' rum is set to roll out across the US and in Canada.

Lucy Britner | 21 Aug 2015

Heaven Hill Brands has agreed to acquire Deep Eddy Vodka from Eliza Spring for an undisclosed sum.

Andy Morton | 21 Aug 2015

French spirits producer Maison Ferrand has launched a pineapple rum as part of its Plantation range.

Lucy Britner | 12 Aug 2015

Heaven Hill has announced a tie-up between its Blackheart spiced rum brand and Playboy Enterprises to launch a special edition bottle.

Andy Morton | 9 Jul 2015

Heaven Hill Brands has launched a "super-premium" rye whiskey under its Pikesville brand.

Andy Morton | 10 Apr 2015

Heaven Hill Distilleries has launched a flavoured whiskey aimed at women.

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