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Competition alive in Brazilian beer market

18 Sep 2001

The arrival of the giant Ambev on the Brazilian beer market was meant to see the end to all competition in the Latin American market. But as Steven Anderson reports, despite growing economic difficulties Ambev's competitors are far from buried.

Latin America beer review: Growing pains

20 Aug 2001

Latin America, characterised by economic uncertainty, is one of the beer industry's toughest markets. Over the next few weeks, just-drinks brings you its 2001 Latin American beer review. In the first instalment Chris Brook-Carter reports on the economic outlook for producers in the region.

Price and US key if Interbrew's German foray to be deemed success

30 Jul 2001

The news that Interbrew has emerged as the frontrunner for Germany's Brauerei Beck's shook both its shareprice and its investors looking for reassurance after the Bass debacle. But Chris Brook-Carter argues that there is enough in it for the Belgian brewer to prove its critics wrong.

CANADA: Good cheer for Molson investors as growth on horizon

29 Jun 2001

Molson shareholders were given good tidings at an annual shareholders meeting in Montreal, where it was reported that the Canadian beer giant made profits of C$133.9m (US$88.1m) for the year ended in March, compared to a loss of C$44m last year. The brewery claimed that as a result, its share price has increased by 88%, which it says is higher than any other major brewer worldwide.

CANADA: Molsen announces profits to shareholders

29 Jun 2001

Molson shareholders were told at an annual shareholders meeting in Montreal that the Canadian beer giant made profits of CAN$133.9m (US$87.2m) for the year ended in March, compared to a loss of CAN$44m last year. The brewery claimed that as a result, its share price has increased by 88%, which it says is higher than any other major brewer worldwide. Molson's revenue went up 5% with beer volume rising 2.6%.

CANADA: Molson to close brewery in C$150m cost cut

15 May 2001

Molson Inc. has announced that it will close its Regina, Saskatchewan brewery as part of a cost-cutting scheme, which will save the company C$150 million (US$100m) over a period of three years. "Our review of our capacity utilisation in our western Canadian brewery network has unfortunately led us to make this difficult decision," said

SOUTH AFRICA: Eastern Cape to get South Africa's second regional brewery

15 Jan 2001

A joint European-South African consortium intends to build South Africa's second regional brewery, at a cost of £15m, in the Eastern Cape city of East London. A Swiss, Austrian and German consortium comprising private investors will have a 56% share, the South African Industrial Development Corporation will hold a 34% share and a black empowerment consortium group from the Eastern Cape the remaining 8%. Germany's industrial development body the Kreditanstallt fuer Wiederaufbau (KfW), will provide the majority of the finance.

CANADA: Molson completes Brazilian beer acquisition

22 Dec 2000

Molson Inc. has completed its previously announced purchase of Bavaria, one of Brazil's leading beer brands, from Companhia de Bebidas das Américas (AmBev). The sale received Brazilian regulatory authority approval December 13, 2000. "With the completion of this transaction, we are well into phase one of our international strategy, which is to successfully enter two of the top five global beer markets," said Daniel J. O'Neill, president and chief executive officer of Molson. "Our profitable growth strategy is extending from our core strategic brands and limited regional growth in Canada, to the US import market, and now internationally into high growth markets such as Brazil."

Molson buys into Brazil with global expectations

20 Nov 2000

Brazil, land of sun, sizzling beaches, dental floss thongs and the world's largest carnival. Canada, land of snow, sparkling lakes, polar fleece, and some of the world's greatest skiing. Two opposite cultures not to mention climates, yet however different they may seem, there is something that now binds the two nations - beer. Molson beer to be precise.

Intrigue surrounds Distillers-SFW merger

13 Nov 2000

Distillers Corporation and Stellenbosch Farmers' Winery (SFW) are embroiled in a web of intrigue in the run up to the finalisation of the companies' merger plans and joint listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange next week.

BRAZIL/CANADA: AmBev sells Bavaria to Canada's Molson Inc.

8 Nov 2000

AmBev - Companhia de Bebidas das Americas (NYSE: ABV) announces that on Nov. 6, it concluded negotiations to sell the Bavaria S/A company to Canada's Molson Inc. The divestiture of the Bavaria brand and five plants was a condition made by the "Conselho Administrativo de Defesa Economica" - Cade (Administrative Council for Economic Defense) on March 30 to secure the approval for the merger between the Antarctica and Brahma breweries. In addition to this, AmBev will have to share its Antarctica retail distribution network with Molson.Molson purchased Bavaria for US$213 million, of which US$98 million was paid upon the business conclusion and the remaining amount is conditioned upon the company's performance. The business includes the selling of two former Antarctica plants in Ribeirao Preto, Sao Paulo and Getulio Vargas, Rio Grande do Sul and three Brahma plants in Cuiaba, Mato Grosso; Manaus, Amazonas; and Camacari, Bahia. All of these units received during the last few months, investments of R$17 million, and are currently fully operational and already making the Bavaria beer. The Ribeirao Preto unit, which already had a bottle production line, started up a can production line, to comply with the Cade's ruling.In order to make both the brand and the selling of assets feasible, AmBev has incorporated the Bavaria S/A company, which is being handed to the purchaser without financial liabilities. Bavaria S/A has an installed capacity to make 7 million hectoliters. Molson is Canada's largest brewery, holding a 45% share of the market.

Competition fragile in face of Brazilian domestic beer giants

31 Oct 2000

Six months on from the merger that created the giant Brazilian brewer AmBev, re-evaluates the Brazilian beer market. Despite multi-national interest in Brazil, complex distribution agreements, soft-drink alliances and the marketing spend of the "Big Two" are threatening smaller and international players.

SOUTH AFRICA: SAB taken on by UK's Bulmers on home turf

8 Sep 2000

The world's largest cider producer HP Bulmer is set to lock horns with the giants of South Africa, including the mighty South African Breweries (SAB) as it actively pursues a larger slice of the South African cider market.South African Breweries, which controls 98% of the local beer market, faces the UK' s HP Bulmer, which has been buoyed by its success in the UK, a success it believes it can now repeat in South Africa. While the local beer market is showing static growth, the cider market is growing in excess of 20% annually. Currently the cider market in SA is the second largest in the world (after the UK), making it an irresistible opportunity for the likes of Bulmers as it looks to increase its turnover.The SA cider market is dominated by SFW (Stellenbosch Farmers Winery) and Distillers Corporation (presently engaged in merger talks) with around 70% of the market, followed by SAB with 18% and HP Bulmer with just over 2%. A joint venture has been set up with Bavaria Brau, a family-owned brewery near Pretoria, in which HP Bulmer owns 70% although it takes 90% of the distributed profits.However, there have been problems in the first months of operation resulting in a R4m operating loss on turnover. Reasons for the depressed profits are in part due to distribution problems, "slow penetration of the mass market" and not least to the ravages of nature - unseasonal rains and a tornado struck the brewing plant in December.Despite these setbacks HP Bulmer remains optimistic it can succeed and break even well within the next five years.

UK: Beer Abstracts

14 Aug 2000

The following abstracts are just a few examples of some recent records added to the Food Science and Technology Abstracts (FSTA) database, produced by International Food Information Service (IFIS). Process for manufacture of an alcohol free beer Swiderek, E. German Federal Republic Patent Application

ABN Amro report predicts four global mega-brewers

12 Jun 2000

Three or four global mega-brewers are likely to emerge in the next decade, according to a research report by ABN AMRO, with Anheuser-Busch, Heineken and, probably, AmBev, likely to be the dominant players. The report says that as

AmBev merger complete but integration will take time

6 Jun 2000

At the end of the 19th century, Sao Paulo was the location of the first 52 breweries in Brazil. During the next 100 years, the beer industry would change and develop to become the national icon that it is today. In a country where beer is more heavily consumed than milk per capita, competitors are concerned that the recent merger of the two largest brewers in Brazil, Antartica and Brahma, will drastically effect the country's beverage market.

BRAZIL: AmBev Releases First Quarter 2000 Results

2 Jun 2000

Companhia de Bebidas das Americas -- AmBev, today announced its Brazilian corporate law financial statements for the three months ended March 31, 2000. The information presented is material for Brahma shareholders since AmBev is a holding company currently comprised of Companhia Antarctica Paulista -- a wholly owned subsidiary -- and Companhia Cervejaria Brahma, of which AmBev owns 55.

Tempo of Consolidation in Beer Industry Increasing

10 May 2000

The world's leading brewing groupsmarginally increased their share of the global beer market in 1998 with the top 20accounting for 57% of global sales compared to their share of 48% in 1993, according tothe latest Global Brewer Handbook from Canadean, the leading international beverageanalysts. Most of this share growth has been due to consolidation through mergers andacquisitions. Of particular note are Interbrew's acquisition of Labatt (and throughthem a 30% stake in Mexican brewer FEMSA) and Anheuser-Busch's acquisition of a 50%equity stake in Mexico's largest brewer, Modelo.





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