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Fourth quarter pulls Coca-Cola FEMSA in right direction for 2020 - results data

8 Mar 2021

Coca-Cola FEMSA finished 2020 with a flourish, as the largest bottler in the Coca-Cola system saw fourth-quarter sales deliver near-2% growth on the year prior.

Van Boxmeer leaves behind a more worldly Heineken as CEO dances out the door - comment

12 Feb 2020

When Anheuser-Busch InBev CFO Felipe Dutra announced last week was was stepping down, his replacement - another Brazilian man - did little to reflect today's widening global beer market.

Dual distribution in Brazil must continue, Heineken told

1 Nov 2019

Heineken has failed to consolidate its distribution operations in Brazil, where its Kaiser beer business has been told it must honour an existing tie-up with the Coca-Cola system in the country.

Michelob Ultra ripe for global expansion - Anheuser-Busch InBev's Carlos Brito

26 Jul 2019

Anheuser-Busch InBev CEO Carlos Brito has said there is a "big opportunity" for Michelob Ultra in global markets as the low-carb beer expands beyond its US base, including through a test-run in China.

Anheuser-Busch InBev set for brewery, OXXO boost in Mexico - CEO Carlos Brito

1 Mar 2019

A new brewery and the opening up of the OXXO convenience store chain will further boost Anheuser-Busch InBev's performance in Mexico, the brewer's CEO has said.

Volumes hit expected as OXXO ends Heineken exclusivity in Mexico - market data

27 Feb 2019

Heineken has signed a new deal with Mexican retailer OXXO that will phase out the Dutch brewer's exclusivity agreement.

Where are all the female CEOs? Ask again in 2029 - Comment

29 Jan 2019

Last year saw a raft of CEOs from global drinks firms announce their intentions to either move on or retire. As the stories unfolded, it became clear that those of us hoping for more female leaders in the industry would potentially have to wait another ten years.

Why the soft drinks category is trapped in a plastic corner - Sustainability Spotlight

29 Nov 2018

Faced with relentless campaigning and mounting public concern about plastic pollution, soft drinks companies have no choice but to act to mitigate the environmental impact of their packaging. As new research is published underlining the increasing importance of sustainable packaging to consumers, Ben Cooper assesses the soft drinks sector's engagement with a recently-launched global initiative on plastic use.

Coca-Cola FEMSA buys Uruguay bottler Montevideo Refrescos

2 Jul 2018

Coca-Cola FEMSA has purchased a Uruguay-based bottler from The Coca-Cola Co.

Coca-Cola FEMSA shutters Ciudad Altamirano site amid security concerns

3 Apr 2018

Coca-Cola FEMSA has announced the indefinite closure of one of its Mexican plants as it looks to protect employees. 

Heineken Performance Trends 2013-2017 - results data

6 Mar 2018

In mid-February, Heineken released its results for 2017. The brewer posted a 5% increase in sales for the 12 months, on a 3% lift in volumes. Here, drinks industry commentator Richard Siddle considers Heineken's performance over the last five years.

Is FEMSA trying to bloody Heineken's nose with stake sale? - Editor's Viewpoint

19 Sep 2017

On the surface, it looks pretty clear-cut. Give it a scratch, though, and there could be a little more to FEMSA’s Heineken stake sale than first meets the eye.

FEMSA makes 163% killing from Heineken stake sale

19 Sep 2017

Mexican group FEMSA has sold off just over 5% of the 20% stake it holds in Heineken, bringing in almost US$3bn.

FEMSA names Eduardo Padilla Silva as next CEO

30 Aug 2017

FEMSA has appointed a new CEO, following the present incumbent's decision to retire.

Coca-Cola FEMSA steps away from US bottling deal

17 May 2017

Coca-Cola FEMSA has decided not to pursue the acquisition of certain bottler territories in the US market. 

Coca-Cola Co takes control of Unilever's AdeS soy drinks brand

30 Mar 2017

The Coca-Cola Co has completed its acquisition of the AdeS soy-based drinks business from Unilever.

Volumes down but sales rise for Coca-Cola FEMSA in 2016 - results

27 Feb 2017

Coca-Cola FEMSA has reported a rise in sales for 2016, with volumes dropping back in the period.

The season of Japanese goodwill as M&A premium hits home - Comment

19 Dec 2016

It is an established fact that, desperate for growth outside of their stagnant home market, Japanese companies have frequently had to pay a premium in global M&A.

Coca-Cola FEMSA YTD sales jump on Mexico growth - results

26 Oct 2016

Coca-Cola FEMSA has posted a jump in nine-month sales as it upped prices and found volumes growth in its domestic Mexican market.

AdeS soy-based beverages - what have Coca-Cola Co, Coca-Cola FEMSA bought for US$575m? - The Facts

2 Jun 2016

Yesterday, The Coca-Cola Co and Coca-Cola FEMSA agreed to acquire Unilever's AdeS soy-based beverage business, in a move to bolster their non-carbonates portfolios. Here, we take a closer look at AdeS and why Coca-Cola has bought it. 

The Coca-Cola Co, Coca-Cola FEMSA buy Unilever's AdeS business

1 Jun 2016

The Coca-Cola Co and Coca-Cola FEMSA have agreed to acquire Unilever's AdeS soy-based beverage business, as the companies look to bolster their non-carbonates portfolio.

The global beer category - The facts

9 Feb 2016

Earlier this week, Bernstein released the fourth edition of its annual global beer guide. With commentary from the sell-side research and brokerage firm, here's a look at the report's significant research conclusions.

Coca-Cola Andina's YTD soars despite currency pressure

30 Oct 2015

Coca-Cola Andina has beaten currency headwinds to post a leap in nine-month profits.

Currency woes hamper Coca-Cola FEMSA's Q3

29 Oct 2015

Currency headwinds have hampered Coca-Cola FEMSA’s third quarter and year-to-date performance. 

Coca-Cola Co welcomes possible sugar tax cut in Mexico - just On Call

22 Oct 2015

The Coca-Cola Co has welcomed news that Mexico may cut its sugar tax.

Arca Continental enters Peru with Corporacion Lindley stake purchase as Coca-Cola consolidation continues

11 Sep 2015

Arca Continental has acquired majority control of Corporacion Lindley, the sole Coca-Cola bottler in Peru, in the latest bottler consolidation move in the Coca-Cola system.

Is Latin America right time, right place for Coca-Cola tie-ups? - Analysis

18 Aug 2015

The non-alcoholic bottling landscape in Latin America is ripe for consolidation. Reports out of the region this week, claiming three major Coca-Cola system bottlers have opened talks about a merger, are not surprising, then. What is of note, however, is that of the 25 major players in LatAm's Coke bottling system, the three concerned are the region's largest.

Latin America next for Coca-Cola bottler consolidation? - report

18 Aug 2015

Three of the four largest Coca-Cola bottlers in Latin and South America have opened initial talks about a possible merger, according to local reports.

On this day in drinks history - featuring Bacardi, Carlsberg, Coca-Cola Amatil

12 Aug 2015

Here's a look at what was happening on this day in...

On this day in drinks history - featuring Constellation Brands, Heineken, SABMiller

11 Aug 2015

Here's a look at what was happening on this day in...





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