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US: Coca-Cola revenues up 10% in Q1

16 Apr 2003

The soft drinks giant, Coca-Cola Co., has posted revenues of US$4.49 billion for the first quarter of 2003, up 10% from US$4.08 billion in the first quarter of 2002. The company reported first-quarter net income of US$835m against a net loss of US$194m in the corresponding period in 2002.

US: NY Times ad calls for French boycott

1 Apr 2003

Wines and spirits figure prominently on a list of 100 French goods which a recent ad in the New York Times urges Americans to boycott because of France's stance in Iraq. The ad was entitled "Boycott France !" and carried a photo of French president Jacques Chirac. It singled out renowned French and French-owned brands such as Moet, Bollinger, Dom Perignon, Veuve Clicqoit, Jacobs Creek, Wild Turkey (both Pernod Ricard), Evian, Martel Cognac, Hennessy, Jameson, Glenlivet and Chivas Regal.

AUSTRALIA: Frucor to distribute Evian

23 Jan 2003

The Australian soft drinks group, Frucor Beverages, has signed an agreement with Danone for the distribution and sales of the Evian mineral water brand in Australia, it has been reported. The agreement comes into effect as of 1 January, 2003.

JAPAN: Calpis forecasting 11% profit growth

18 Dec 2002

Japanese beverage group, Calpis Co., has forecast an 11% rise in group pre-tax profit to Y3.95 billion, compared with last year. However, rising sales, promotional and advertising costs will result in profits falling Y250m short of an earlier forecast.

RESEARCH: Water sales to overtake carbonates by 2005

26 Nov 2002

Sales of commercial water are to overtake those of carbonated soft drinks by 2005, according to a report released to just-drinks today. In its Global Packaged Water Report global beverage researcher Canadean forecasts that in 2005, packaged and bulk water (water cooler) volumes will reach 190 billion litres, having grown from the present 150 billion litres at 8% per annum. In contrast carbonated soft drinks are growing at the considerably lower rate of 2% per annum, resulting in 2005 estimated volumes of 187 billion litres.

FRANCE: Danone sales down on currency, divestment hit

18 Oct 2002

Danone, the French food and drink company, has seen its sales fall 5% in the first nine months of the year on the back of currency effects and divestments, the company said yesterday.

US: Coke earnings up but warns of full year earnings

16 Oct 2002

The Coca-Cola Company today reported that third quarter earnings per share were up to $0.47, compared to $0.45 last year. However CEO Douglas Daft warned that full-year earnings may be $0.01 - $0.02 per share below the current consensus expectations of $1.78.

Getting the value out of websites

22 Aug 2002

A key question for a soft drinks manufacturer: if the internet cannot be developed as a direct revenue stream, how can it directly contribute to the marketing of my brand? Adrian Whitefoord suggests what should and shouldn’t be attempted with this review of some leading players.

WTO opens floodgates for Chinese water market

30 Jul 2002

With the advent of the WTO agreement, the Chinese water industry is gearing itself up for a further period of growth at home and abroad. Yet notoriously fickle consumers and an untried and untested international image, leave plenty of work still to be done. Rupert Dean discovers what the producers themselves believe is the key to success.

FRANCE: Danone into the red in first half

24 Jul 2002

The French food and drinks group, Danone, which owns among others the Volvic and Evian mineral water brands, reported a net loss of €629m for the first half of the current fiscal year, compared with a profit of €375m last year.

Where the action is : marketing strategies for summer 2002

23 Jul 2002

Competition for ‘share of throat’ is keenest during the high volume summer months when the consumer is seemingly overwhelmed by choice. In such a crowded clangour, how does a brand make itself heard? SDI investigates marketing strategies for summer 2002.

Coca-Cola immerses itself in water

25 Jun 2002

Coca-Cola was already spearheading the growth in the US bottled water segment with its Dasani brand but following two deals with Danone, the group now has a portfolio of complementary water brands. Ben Cooper looks at the recent developments in this dynamic market and suggests Coca-Cola has stolen a march on rival PepsiCo.

US: Danone and Coca-Cola linked with joint water venture

17 Jun 2002

The soft drinks giant, Coca-Cola, and French food and drinks combine, Danone, are thought to be close to announcing the formation of a joint venture to market and distribute several of Danone's bottled spring water brands in the US. The speculation follows the agreement reached between the two companies in April for the marketing, sales and distribution of Evian, Danone's flagship water brand, in the US.

Water World - the battle for a global brand

17 May 2002

The world's drinks giants Coca Cola and Pepsi are among the world's most recognised brand names. As the popularity of bottled mineral water continues to reach new highs and take share from these carbonates, questions of the first truly global water brand are beginning to surface. Among those best placed are Europe's big players. Can Evian, Volvic or Perrier create the Coke of the water world? Deirder Mason reports.

JAPAN: Ito En to sell Evian in Japan

17 May 2002

Ito En Ltd is to start selling Evian-brand mineral water in Japan, after it signed a deal with with Calpis Co, which imports the drink.

US: Coca-Cola takes over Evian in US and Canada

25 Apr 2002

Coca-Cola Co, is to take over the marketing, sales and distribution for the Evian mineral water brand following an agreement with the brand owner, French food and drinks giant, Danone. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed. Coca-Cola and Danone said they would honour all existing contracts with bottlers not affiliated to the Coke network, which currently distribute the brand.

FRANCE: Danone sees 4.1% Q1 sales boost

24 Apr 2002

The French food and drink group Danone has announced a 4.1% lift in sales for its first quarter, compared to the same period last year, to €3.583 billion (US$3.2 billion).   Danone went on to say that for 2002 it foresees sales growth of at least 5.2% and an increase of four to five percentage points in the 2001 operating margin of 11.1%.

US: Danone and Coke reported close to Evian deal

23 Apr 2002

French food and drinks conglomerate, Groupe Danone, and soft drinks giant, Coca-Cola Co., are reportedly close to signing a deal which would see Coca-Cola take over as the licensed importer and distributor for Danone's Evian mineral water brand. Inside sources have also suggested Coke is negotiating to acquire McKesson, Danone's US home and office water delivery business.

New order puts old guard under pressure

23 Apr 2002

The arrival of Coca-Cola and PepsiCo has upset the old order in the US bottled water market. Both Nestle and Danone are under pressure and Danone in particular is looking at some radical solutions. Ben Cooper reports.

US: Coca-Cola and Cadbury linked with Evian in US

4 Apr 2002

The owner of the Evian mineral water brand, Danone, is reportedly in talks with both Coca-Cola and Cadbury-Schweppes which could lead to one of the soft drinks groups licensing and distributing Evian in the US. Such a deal would provide a boost to the Evian brand which has struggled in the last year or so as more competitively priced purified water brands, such as Coke's Dasani and PepsiCo's Aquafina brands, have grown.

US: Cadbury Schweppes linked with mineral water move

2 Apr 2002

Soft drinks and sweets group, Cadbury Schweppes, is reportedly planning to make an acquisition in the bottled water market in order to capitalise on the growth in this area in the US and reduce its dependence on its carbonated soft drinks brands like 7Up and Dr Pepper.

Pepsi's future pure in US water fight

4 Mar 2002

The US bottled water market is one of the most vibrant areas of the non-alcoholic drinks market. In the first of a series of articles on the market, Ben Cooper takes a look at how PepsiCo's Aquafina brand has spearheaded strong sector growth.

Bottled Water - a global survey

12 Mar 2001

The ongoing concern over the quality of tap water and the search for healthier lifestyles has helped underpin growth in the bottled water market between 1995 and 1999. The demand for bottled water became year-round rather than seasonal, and prices were driven down by the growth of private label and budget-price brands, reports Brand Strategy

Indian bottled water market: Confused regulation puts pressure on producers

23 Jan 2001

India's new found affluence in recent years has made much of the population upwardly mobile. People are flocking from the country to the cities so health issues surrounding the quality of India's water has become more pressing. Regulators, however, are making life difficult for the bottled water producers. Sarah Diston and Navros Havewala report on the situation.

INDIA: French water giant Danone to sell Evian at Kumbh Fair.

9 Jan 2001

French mineral water company Danone International Brands is to fly its Evian brand "From the Alps" to the Kumbh Mela especially for its VIP guests. Six hundred guests from the US, UK and France will attend the Kumbh Mela - the largest Hindu festival in India - making it an ideal opportunity to publicise the brand among Indian glitterati. Some of the VIPs expected are Madonna, Sharon Stone, Pierce Brosnan, Demi Moore and Richard Gere.

USA: Quaker bidding war far from over

23 Nov 2000

As Coca-Cola announced it no longer has an interest in acquiring Quaker Oats Co. and the Gatorade sports drink, its archrival PepsiCo said it will be launching a $4 billion share buyback programme. Commenting on the announcement Roger Enrico, CEO at PepsiCo said: "It is a reflection of the strength of our businesses and our confidence in the consistent growth of Pepsi's already powerful cashflow."

Healthy drinking but will the environment suffer?

20 Oct 2000

Drinking plenty of water is crucial to good health. Although, research has shown, only one in ten of the UK population consume the recommended amount - about eight large glasses or two litres a day. Children in particular need plenty of water, but a new Brita survey written to demonstrate the numerous health and beauty benefits of water, and to explain why we should drink plenty of it, found that on average the children drank only two and a half glasses of water a day.

UK: Evian Volvic set to launch a premium, special edition bottle for 2001

19 Sep 2000

Building on the success of the Evian Millennium bottle, Evian Volvic (UK & Ireland) Ltd is to launch its limited edition Evian Gold bottle across Europe, in the middle of October.The Evian Millennium bottle, was listed at Harrods, the Savoy and the Ritz. In its footsteps of modern design, Evian Gold is a raindrop shaped bottle, is themed with a fashionable golden top, and a transparent glass body.Senior brand manager at Evian, Darren Thomas said: "The stylish bottle features this seasons most fashionable colour, gold, and will look well placed in any store or on any table."Targeting socially active adults, Evian Gold will retail at £2.49, for a 1-litre bottle.

Bottled water in Europe: There is something in the water

18 Sep 2000

Mineral water is facing some serious problems. Natural resources running dry, pollution and fierce competition has forced many bottled water companies to rethink their products and branding, shifting towards the safer manufactured water market. Sarah Diston reports. Europe still leads the world market in bottled water with a 35% global market share and with an estimated total value of just over $13 billion in 1999, and even though sales still rely heavily on temperature Evian Volvic saw sales exceed all previous records in the UK in May, even though the Met office recorded the wettest May in the UK since 1983 - with 115mm of rainfall.

INDIA: Evian spring water spray is launched in Delhi

12 Sep 2000

Mumbai based House of Baccarose, which markets Burberry's and Nina Ricci cosmetic and perfume brands, will this month start distribution of Danone International Brands Paris' latest product, Evian Brumisateur.Evian Brumisateur, a spring water body spray has already been on the Indian market for three months. Danone, which also produces the premium bottled-water Evian, is targeting the top end of the market and also plans extensive product demonstrations, education programmes and Brumisateur sampling.Area manager, Danone International Brands, Paris said: "The product has medical attributes as well, and we are asking aestheticians, skin care specialists and dermatologists to speak about it."The product has been in the world market for the past 20 years, for India the concept of water as a cosmetic is very novel, therefore, we have to build up some sort of awareness," he added.Danone is also planning to launch its international sparkling water brand Ferarelle in India soon.Evian Brumisateur is available in three sizes and is priced between Rs225 and Rs 425.






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