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Focus - Troubled waters for bottled water?

17 Feb 2009

The economic downturn could not have come at a worse time for the bottled water industry. Not only is the category battling to win the consumer's pennies and cents, but it has also had to battle against a media onslaught against its environmental position. Times are certainly tough for water, but, as Annette Farr reports, there remains some hope, if you look hard enough.

UK: Danone moves to recycled plastic for Evian, Volvic

16 Feb 2009

French bottled water giant Groupe Danone has said that it will make its Evian and Volvic brands "plastics neutral" in the UK.

COMMENT: Danone still in troubled waters

13 Feb 2009

Danone's bottled water division emerged as the group's achilles heel in 2008, with some analysts suggesting the French giant would consider off-loading some of the business if it could.

Focus - Soft drinks: New products target the recovering market

6 Jan 2009

Detoxing is as much part of the holiday ritual as the excesses that make it necessary and, Annette Farr writes, today’s soft drinks market provides a plethora of products claiming restorative health benefits.

Focus - Leading water brands hit by credit crunch

3 Dec 2008

Bottled water was the fastest growing sector of the global soft drinks market in 2007 but as the economic downturn squeezes middle-class wallets in Western Europe and North America, there is evidence that tap water is making a comeback. Euromonitor International analyst Rob Walker believes the leading bottled water companies must maintain investment in these markets during the tough times in order to maximise returns in the long term.

US: Coca-Cola and Island Hospitality sign drinks deal

21 Nov 2008

The Coca-Cola Co. has signed a beverage contract with Island Hospitality Management, the operators of hotels under the Marriot, Hilton and Hyatt flags.

UK: Coca-Cola GB to buy Abbey Well water

12 Nov 2008

Coca-Cola Great Britain has announced its intention to buy Waters & Robson Holdings, owner of the Abbey Well mineral water brand.

FRANCE: Groupe Danone confident on 2009

6 Nov 2008

Groupe Danone, the French dairy and water giant, has said that it expects to achieve above-market growth in all of its business sectors next year, despite worsening economic conditions.

COMMENT: Bottled water hit by the crunch

27 Oct 2008

Branded bottled water looks like the early victim in the global economic downturn, following results from big hitters Nestle and Danone last week.

Focus - Leading bottled water groups respond to pressure

25 Sep 2008

The three leading bottled water brands in the UK launched the Natural Hydration Council (NHC) earlier this month. The organisation says it is not a lobby group but aims to research and promote the environmental, health and other sustainable benefits of natural bottled water. Ben Cooper spoke with the NHC’s director, Jeremy Clarke, about the challenges the NHC faces.

Research - Juices and water to lead growth in Middle East

5 Sep 2008

With a young population and increasing demand for a wider variety of soft drinks, the Middle East represents a strong growth opportunity for soft drinks producers, both international and local. Simon Maddrell of Euromonitor International picks out the 100% juice and bottled water categories as strong growth areas.

UK: Bottled water makers unite to form lobby group

29 Aug 2008

Top bottled water companies Nestlé Waters, Danone and Highland Spring, have launched a new industry lobbying association to jointly promote their sector.

UK: Consumers' thirst for bottled water drying up - research

24 Jul 2008

Consumers’ thirst for drinking bottled water is drying up according to a survey by UK consumer magazine Which?

Focus - UK consumers continue to take to the (water) bottle

8 Jul 2008

In spite of pressure from campaigners over the environmental impact of rising bottled water sales, per capita consumption continues to rise in the UK. And, writes Annette Farr, the recent mains water contamination scare in Northamptonshire provided an opportunity for some subtle point-scoring in the ‘tap versus bottle’ debate.

FRANCE: Groupe Danone confirms targets for 2008

1 May 2008

Groupe Danone has reiterated its sales and profits targets for this year.

US: Evian expands sustainable development strategy

23 Apr 2008

Evian Natural Spring Water has announced the creation of the Water Protection Institute in a bid to “play a leading role in sustainable development”.

FRANCE: Danone CFO joins exec committee

15 Apr 2008

Pierre-André Terisse, the recently-appointed CFO at Danone, has been named on the food giant’s executive committee.

FRANCE: Groupe Danone deliver Q1 sales lift

14 Apr 2008

Groupe Danone has posted a healthy lift in first quarter sales, driven in part by rising revenues from its waters division.

US: Evian official sponsor of US Tennis Open

1 Apr 2008

Evian Natural Spring Water has announced it is to be the official sponsor of the Olympus US Open Series in a deal that will span the next five years.

US: Danone readies luxury Evian shopping website

12 Mar 2008

Danone has launched a website designed specifically for sales of its Evian water brand in the US.

A view from A Farr - Soft drinks tap into January detox

15 Jan 2008

Beverages claiming health benefits have become a key product development area for soft drinks companies, and as consumers look to “detox” following holiday excess, January is the perfect time to introduce new offerings. Annette Farr reviews some of the restorative functional beverages targeting consumers looking to make amends after Christmas indulgence.

Comment - Eau à la carte points way for bottled water market

22 Nov 2007

A glance at the “Water List” at exclusive London hotel Claridge’s may give one a glimpse into the future for the water sector. The lofty prices being asked for exotic waters sourced from far-flung countries may represent something of an extreme, but Annette Farr believes it shows how consumer tastes in water are becoming more sophisticated, providing potential for increasing product innovation and differentiation.

CANADA: Evian launches Christian Lacroix designer bottle

8 Nov 2007

Groupe Danone is set to release a limited edition bottle for its Evian water brand, designed by French fashion designer Christian Lacroix, to rollout in Canada’s "high-end grocery stores, restaurants, hotels and nightclubs".

GLOBAL: Danone sees Wahaha hammer Q3 sales

17 Oct 2007

Groupe Danone has seen the poor weather in Europe and its ongoing dispute in China take a huge chunk out of its third quarter sales.

The View from A Farr – Water hero!

9 Aug 2007

Following the recent floods in the UK, bottled water companies provided emergency supplies when mains water services broke down. Their largely unsung actions gave the companies a chance to demonstrate their social responsibility, writes Annette Farr, at a time when the erratic weather patterns have focused public attention on environmental concerns and climate change.

Spotlight - All eyes on water market as Indian rumour-mill turns

2 Aug 2007

Attention has been focused on the Indian bottled water sector over the last week or so as speculation has mounted that Danone and a number of other companies are looking to expand their presence in this growing market through acquisition. Ben Cooper reports.

FRANCE: Danone silent on Indian water targets

27 Jul 2007

Groupe Danone has declined to comment over recent speculation that it is looking at potential acquisitions within the Indian bottled water market.

Spotlight – Nestlé has global aims for Pure Life

25 Jul 2007

Water is a growth area in the soft drinks market, and Nestlé has been a key player in this fast-expanding category. But the Swiss food and drinks giant has particularly high hopes for its Pure Life brand, writes Hope Lee, soft drinks analyst at Euromonitor International, and has taken an unusual path to building the brand internationally.

US: Evian North America appoints new president

25 Jul 2007

Evian North America has appointed a new president and general manager.

US: Coca-Cola signs with Mexican food chain

20 Jul 2007

The Coca-Cola Company has signed a five-year beverage contract with the Mexican-inspired food service Baja Fresh.






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