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E&J Gallo Winery’s Apothic Sparkling Red Wine - Product Launch

4 Sep 2019

E&J Gallo Winery has added a limited edition sparkling red expression to its Apothic wine brand’s portfolio.

E&J Gallo gives E&J Brandy "more premium" look

30 Aug 2019

E&J Gallo has unveiled an update to the packaging for its namesake brandy portfolio in the US.

Constellation Brands Performance Trends 2015-2019 - results data

12 Aug 2019

Earlier this year, Constellation Brands reported its results for the 12 months to the end of February. Sales in fiscal-2019 came in 7% up on the corresponding period a year earlier, when the group's topline also increased by the same percentage. Here, just-drinks considers Constellation's performance over the last five years.

How did Constellation Brands perform in Q1 fiscal-2020? - results data

28 Jun 2019

Constellation Brands has reported a slowing rate of growth from the first three months of its current fiscal year, with the top-line performance from its brewing operation rising by mid single-digits.

E&J Gallo brings back Barefoot ‘bestie’ LGBTQ labels 

13 Jun 2019

E&J Gallo is re-running a personalised label offer of its Barefoot wine brand for US consumers.

Constellation Brands, E&J Gallo Winery deal delayed

21 May 2019

The sale of around 30 wine and spirits brands by Constellation to E&J Gallo has hit a regulatory hurdle in the US.

E&J Gallo launches Barefoot wine cans in UK

17 May 2019

E&J Gallo has introduced a slim can format for two of its Barefoot varietals.

E&J Gallo brings Provence rosé to UK

10 Apr 2019

E&J Gallo has added a Provence rosé to its fine wine portfolio in the UK as it looks to emulate the brand's success in the US.

Constellation's wine sale to Gallo – It had to be you – analysis

5 Apr 2019

In keeping with the wider wine strategy to pursue value at the expense of volume, Constellation Brands' divestment of around 30 lower-end brands this week comes as little surprise. Nor does the identity of the buyer, according to one analyst, with E&J Gallo "uniquely positioned" to take on Constellation's unwanteds.

Constellation Brands low-value clear-out will hurt wine - just-drinks thinks

4 Apr 2019

At international trade exhibition ProWein last month, just-drinks spoke to Australia's Casella Family Wines. The independent company is an interesting proposition as it ably competes - like many family-owned wineries - in global fine wine, but at the same time packs in its portfolio the sub-US$5 blockbuster Yellow Tail, a brand that astonishingly accounts for the majority of Australian wine sold in the US.

E&J Gallo to handle Gruppo Montenegro spirits portfolio in US

26 Feb 2019

E&J Gallo has signed a deal with Gruppo Montenegro to handle the importation of the Italian company's spirits brands into the US.

The wine category in 2018 - just-drinks' Review of the Year, Part IV - FREE TO ACCESS

20 Dec 2018

As the year draws to a close, just-drinks takes a look back at the stories that have made the headlines across the global drinks industry over the last 12 months. Here, managing editor Olly Wehring picks out the highs and lows for the wine category.

WSTA appoints E&J Gallo's Paul Sorrentino, Cotswolds Distillery's Daniel Szor to board

6 Nov 2018

UK trade group the Wine & Spirit Trade Association has named two new board members.

Why wine is dangerously exposed to the cannabis tidal wave - Comment

6 Sep 2018

just-drinks' regular wine commentator Chris Losh has been away this summer. While away, has he been smoking something? If he has, it's given him something to warn the global wine category about.

E&J Gallo signs three-year deal with China's Alibaba

13 Jul 2018

E&J Gallo has become the latest wine firm to team up with China's internet giant Alibaba.

E&J Gallo Winery snaps up Locations wine brand

28 Jun 2018

E&J Gallo Winery has lined up the acquisition of multi-nation wine brand Locations.

Will Diageo's American Anthem make vodka great again? - Comment

1 Jun 2018

Monday this week was Memorial Day in the US, a federal holiday in honour of those killed while serving in the country's armed forces. Thanks to a recent product launch from Diageo, consumers were also encouraged to raise a patriotic glass of vodka in their memory. But, can American Anthem make vodka great again? Richard Woodard is sceptical.

E&J Gallo Winery's Apothic Brew - Product Launch

16 Mar 2018

E&J Gallo Winery has released details of a soon-to-be-released extension of its Apothic wine brand.

"Consumers are smarter than ever before - and not just about wine" - just-drinks meets E&J Gallo Winery's GM for EMEA, Paul Sorrentino

14 Mar 2018

Earlier this month, Paul Sorrentino, E&J Gallo Winery's general manager for Europe, the Middle East & Africa, came to London for the UK launch of a range of higher-end wine expressions from the group. While in town, he spoke to just-drinks about the new wines, as well as looking at how Gallo finds out what consumers want as well as the future for the Dark Horse brand.

E&J Gallo lines up European launch for above-premium, regional Californian wines

14 Mar 2018

E&J Gallo will release a raft of higher-end wine expressions from its California vineyards, in an effort to promote the diversity of the region to the European market.

E&J Gallo brings Dark Horse Rosé to UK

8 Mar 2018

E&J Gallo has lined up the UK release of a rosé, under its Dark Horse brand.

The wine category in 2017 - just-drinks' Review of the Year, Part III - FREE TO ACCESS

12 Dec 2017

As the year draws to a close, just-drinks takes a look back at the stories that have made the headlines across the global drinks industry over the last 12 months. In this, the third in our four-part category review, Ben Cooper considers how 2017 has treated the wine sector.

E&J Gallo lines up US Barefoot Bubbly New Year's Eve push

7 Dec 2017

E&J Gallo has announced a US tour for its Barefoot Bubbly brand ahead of the wine's Times Square New Year's Eve tie-up. 

E&J Gallo brings New Amsterdam Vodka campaign to UK - video

14 Nov 2017

E&J Gallo has rolled out its latest US activation for New Amsterdam Vodka to the UK market.

E&J Gallo's Barefoot Bubbly Pinot Grigio - Product Launch

1 Nov 2017

E&J Gallo has launched a sparkling Pinot Grigio in the UK market, in an effort to capitalise on the festive season.

E&J Gallo brings Apothic Dark to UK market

27 Oct 2017

E&J Gallo has launched its Apothic Dark wine in the UK market, in an effort to bring new consumers to the Apothic brand. 

E&J Gallo brings E&J Apple flavoured brandy to UK after US debut

27 Sep 2017

E&J Gallo has lined up the roll-out of its E&J Apple flavoured brandy iteration in the UK.

E&J Gallo unveils Gallo Family Vineyards redesign

21 Sep 2017

E&J Gallo has overhauled the packaging for its Gallo Family Vineyards range.

Vermouth - The next big thing? - Consumer Trends

19 Jul 2017

Among the talk at the on-premise Tales of the Cocktail conference in the UK this April, the consensus appeared to be that vermouth is once again gaining momentum. Indeed, the segment has been tipped by many industry observers as one to watch in the coming years.

E&J Gallo doubles Barefoot Refresh Spritzer range

28 Jun 2017

E&J Gallo has expanded its canned line of Barefoot spritzers a year on from when the format was first launched.





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