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How did Concha y Toro perform in 2018? - results data

19 Mar 2019

A healthier final quarter for Concha y Toro has failed to stop the Chile-based group post stagnant sales from the 12 months of 2018.

Will the race to the top drown out the value end for wine? - just-drinks thinks

11 Jan 2019

Goodness me, they're all at it! Wine's major players all appear to be singing from the same hymn sheet, the title of which is 'Premiumisation'.

Can Q4 make up for Concha y Toro's flat sales in 2018? - results data

16 Nov 2018

A second consecutive quarter of flatlining sales sees Concha y Toro hoping for an uptick in the final three months of 2018.

Concha y Toro, Walsh Whiskey enter on-trend podcast world with sponsorship deals

10 Oct 2018

Beverage industry trends for sponsoring podcasts are ramping up as two more companies sign deals with audio content providers.

"Where is the next opportunity? It's in Asia. And, in Asia, the opportunity is China" - South African wine gets serious in China - Focus - Cape Wine 2018

28 Sep 2018

Of all the statistics bandied around at the Cape Wine exhibition in Cape Town earlier this month, one in particular stood out: 37% of South African wineries don't make a profit.

Concha y Toro's Jacked flavoured wine range - Product Launch

12 Sep 2018

The UK division of Concha y Toro has released a two-strong portfolio of "aromatised wine-based drinks" in the country, under the brand name Jacked.

How did Concha y Toro perform in the first half of 2018? - results data

5 Sep 2018

Concha y Toro has seen the second quarter of 2018 struggle, despite starting the year in healthy shape.

Concha y Toro extends Sky movies tie-up in UK

3 Jul 2018

Concha y Toro has renewed its Casillero del Diablo sponsorship of Sky Cinema in the UK and movies across Sky’s channels.

New Casillero del Diablo rosé aligns with lighter trends - Concha y Toro UK

26 Jun 2018

Concha y Toro has revamped its Casillero del Diablo rosé in the UK to target trends towards lighter rosé styles.

Concha y Toro readies New York delisting

26 Jun 2018

Viña Concha y Toro is set to quit the New York Stock Exchange, thanks to the "higher level of sophistication" now available in its home country.

Sales rise but Argentina struggles in Q1 for Concha y Toro - results

23 May 2018

Concha y Toro has recorded ongoing success from its renewed value focus, with first-quarter sales rising despite challenges affecting its Argentinean operations.

Concha y Toro gives Food Network boost to Cono Sur - video

21 May 2018

Concha y Toro has paired Cono Sur with the Food Network in the UK as it looks to boost the Chilean wine brand's association with food.

Wine model in the UK must change - Concha y Toro

18 May 2018

The UK wine industry needs to drop its reliance on volumes as the effects of Brexit and constrained global supplies put pressure on margins, the head of Concha y Toro UK has told just-drinks.

Concha y Toro's Fetzer 1000 Stories Gold Rush Red – Product Launch

16 May 2018

Concha y Toro's US wine unit, Fetzer, has added a red blend to its Bourbon barrel-aged wine brand, 1000 Stories.

Concha y Toro Performance Trends 2013-2017 - results data

15 May 2018

In late-March, Concha y Toro released its full-year results for 2017. The wine group posted a 1.2% sales rise for the 12 months, as its premiumisation strategy came to the fore. Here, just-drinks considers Concha's performance over the last five years.

What can the wine industry learn from Concha y Toro? - Comment

15 May 2018

When the aristocratic Don Melchor de Casa Concha wanted to keep thirsty winery workers from drinking his best wine, he made up a story that the devil lived in the wine cellar where the barrels were kept. It was a high-risk strategy.

Concha y Toro UK lines up Trivento, Discovery Channel partnership

6 Apr 2018

Concha y Toro's UK unit has announced a new campaign for its Trivento wine, in a tie up with the Discovery Channel.

Concha y Toro 2017 - results data

29 Mar 2018

In late-March, Concha y Toro released its results for the 12 months of 2017. The group enjoyed a healthier fourth quarter after enduring tougher times in the first nine months of the year. Here, just-drinks breaks down the company's figures for the year by quarter and by region.

Concha y Toro turns corner in Q4 but 2017 still finishes down - results

28 Mar 2018

A tough first nine months of 2017 have put paid to Concha y Toro's growth expectations, although a healthy final quarter has set the scene going forward for the wine group.

Concha y Toro adds new tier to Casillero del Diablo range with Reserva Especial launch

27 Mar 2018

Concha y Toro is to launch a new mid-range Casillero del Diablo that the company describes as a "natural step up" from its flagship Reserva portfolio.

Concha y Toro readies Cono Sur global push with new packaging

20 Mar 2018

Concha y Toro is gearing up for a new, global marketing campaign for Cono Sur, centred around redesigned bottles across the Chilean wine range.

Concha y Toro lines up 1000 Stories Bourbon Barrel-Aged Zinfandel for UK - ProWein 2018

19 Mar 2018

Concha y Toro's US division, Fetzer Vineyards, is set to widen the release of 1000 Stories Bourbon Barrel-Aged Zinfandel to the UK, as the country's consumers become more accepting of blurred lines between drinks categories.

Concha y Toro appoints Casillero del Diablo winemaker first technical director

28 Nov 2017

Concha y Toro has announced its creation of the role of technical director across its wine-producing operations.

Price rises pull on YTD 2017, but Concha y Toro upbeat on years ahead - results

7 Nov 2017

Concha y Toro has hailed the success of a recently-introduced restructuring programme, although sales in the year-to-date remain down on 2016.

Concha y Toro Year-to-Date 2017 by region - results data

7 Nov 2017

In early-November, Concha y Toro released its results for both the first nine months od 2017 and the third quarter. In the year-to-date, the wine group's sales were down by 4.5% on the corresponding period a year ago, with Q3 sales also dipping, by 5.5%. Here, just-drinks breaks down the company's figures for the year so far on both a quarterly and a regional basis.

Why is Pernod Ricard the only major multi-category player still in wine? - Comment

19 Sep 2017

It's a question that has been asked a thousand times. But, Chris Losh is nothing if not persistent, especially at a time when other multi-category companies are giving wine the big heave-ho.

Concha y Toro H1 2017 by region - results data

1 Sep 2017

In late-August, Concha y Toro released its results for the first half of 2017. The group's sales fell by 4%, with CyT blaming lower volumes and the impact of "adverse" exchange rates for the poor performance. Here, just-drinks breaks down the company's figures for the first six months of the year on a regional basis.

Struggle goes on for Concha y Toro in H1 2017 - results

1 Sep 2017

Concha y Toro has seen its poor start to 2017 continue into the second quarter, pushing its half-year sales down on last year.

Concha y Toro turns to Miguel Indurain for limited-edition Cono Sur label

19 Jun 2017

Concha y Toro has lined up a limited-edition bottle label in the UK for Cono Sur's Bicicleta Pinot Noir, based on the Chilean wine brand's sponsorship of the Tour de France.

Concha y Toro Q1 2017 by region - results data

17 May 2017

Earlier this week, Concha y Toro released results for the first quarter of 2017, showing a plunge in profits and a 3.5% dip sales. Here, just-drinks breaks down Concha's figures for the period on a regional basis.








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