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TFWA Review: Heineken, Stolichnaya, Hine

There's usually a surprise or two at the Tax Free World Association (TFWA) World Exhibition in Cannes....

Hine sale to spark "significant interest"

The sale of Cognac house Hine is likely to generate "significant interest" in the industry, according to an analyst....

Ian Buxton | 21 Jun 2013

A recent bout of activity in the Cognac region - from investment to divestment - suggests lively times ahead for the brandy and Cognac category. Ian Buxton looks at the headlines, and sees his eye being drawn east, not only for future growth, but also for future Cognac players.

Felicity Murray | 14 Apr 2011

The whisk(e)y producers among us have been congregating in Glasgow this week for the World Whiskies Conference. The annual event has been a useful source of industry news and gossip and this year's event was no exception. As tradition dictates, here is our annual snapshot of some of the more colourful quotes from the two days.

Patience Gould | 27 Sep 2007

Acquisitions have transformed CL Financial from the owner of one very famous but small-scale bitters brand into a player on the world spirits stage. Having recently shored up two contrasting acquisitions in the Bourbon sector, Patience Gould suggests a move into the white spirits arena is CL’s new priority.

Latest Interviews

Andy Morton | 6 Nov 2013

Two months ago, CL World Brands sold the Thomas Hine & Co Cognac house to EDV SAS for an undisclosed fee. just-drinks caught up with Hine's MD, François Le Grelle, at the Cannes World Exhibition last month to talk about the change, what life is like away from CL's parent, CL Financial, and why Chinese Cognac drinkers will prove more loyal than Japan's.

Latest News

Lucy Britner | 20 Jun 2016

Earlier this month, just-drinks visited Hine Cognac. Here, honorary chairman Bernard Hine takes us on a whistle-stop tour of the company. 

Stuart Todd | 23 Sep 2013

CL World Brands has sold the Thomas Hine & Co Cognac house to EDV SAS.

Olly Wehring | 19 Apr 2013

The top ten stories published on just-drinks last week:

Andy Morton | 15 Apr 2013

The sale of Burn Stewart Distilleries to Distell is “another vote of confidence” in the booming Scotch whiskey industry, the company's MD has told just-drinks.

Andy Morton | 15 Apr 2013

Distell has bought Scotch maker Burn Stewart Distillers for ZAR2.2bn (US$243.9m) in a bid to boost its blended and single malt stocks.

Tilaknagar Industries has lined up the construction of a new distillery in the Maharashtra region of India, according to local reports.

CL Financial, the parent of UK-based drinks group CL World Brands, has closed the purchase of a US distillery from Pernod Ricard.

Burn Stewart Distillers has revamped its UK sales team and brought it back in-house.

CL World Brands have quashed reports in India that the company is in talks over a possible joint venture with local firm John Distillers (JDL).

CL Financial, the parent of UK-based drinks group CL World Brands, looks set to buy a US distillery from Pernod Ricard.

Burn Stewart Distillers has added to its stable of single malt Scotch whiskies with the launch of Ledaig 10-year-old.

Burn Stewart Distillers has launched two websites for a brace of its Scotch whisky brands.

The owner of Burn Stewart Distillers has reshuffled the management team at the Scotch whisky group.

CL World Brands has shelved plans to form a manufacturing joint venture in India with local spirits group Tilaknagar Distilleries & Industries, just-drinks can reveal.

Bhavna Rathore | 19 Oct 2005

Tilaknagar Industries has entered into a distribution joint venture with rum producer Angostura, a unit of UK-based CL World Brands.

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