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Product Launch - TRAVEL RETAIL: Pernod Ricard's Royal Salute The Diamond Tribute

10 Jun 2013

Pernod Ricard's Scotch unit, Chivas Brothers, has launched a new permanent expression to celebrate the Queen's diamond jubilee.

LIWF 2013 - UK: New guild puts gin on the agenda

21 May 2013

The head of a new UK trade body for gin has said that the spirit requires its own representation, because it is “more complex” than vodka.

Comment - Scotching Rumours that the Whisky Boom is on the Wane

3 Apr 2013

Is the fabled Scotch whisky boom subsiding?

EUROPE: Pernod Ricard reveals Europe, Chivas Brothers exec job swap

28 Feb 2013

Pernod Ricard has announced an effective job swap for two of its executives involving the top jobs at its Europe and Chivas Brothers divisions.

UK: Pernod Ricard targets 2015 for new Scotch distillery

19 Feb 2013

Pernod Ricard has confirmed that it intends to open a new Scotch whisky distillery in 2015.

Comment - Spirits - Scotch: It’s Scotland’s Water

11 Jan 2013

This month, Ian Buxton takes a look at an idea that, should it come to fruition, will send shockwaves through the Scotch whisky industry. In Scotland, he notes, there seems to be water, water everywhere, but not a drop that is taxed. Yet.

GLOBAL: Pernod Ricard takes Ballantine’s Christmas Reserve to more markets

26 Nov 2012

Pernod Ricard is expanding its seasonal launch of Ballantine’s Christmas Reserve to meet increased demand from new regions, the company said today (26 November).

UK: Diageo, Pernod Ricard, Angus Dundee invest in distillery pipeline

24 Oct 2012

Diageo, Pernod Ricard and Angus Dundee are making a joint investment in a new gas pipeline linking four of their Speyside distilleries to Scotland’s main gas network.

just The Preview - Pernod Ricard Q1

22 Oct 2012

Pernod Ricard will release its first-quarter results on Thursday (25 October). Here, just-drinks takes a look at the highs and lows for the company in the three months to the end of September.

Preview - Tax Free World Association World Exhibition 2012

18 Oct 2012

Next week’s TFWA World Exhibition reverts to its traditional late October time slot after last year’s G20 Summit in Cannes forced the show to set up shop a month earlier in sunny September. Yet the prospect of chillier nights and a shower or two on the Croisette is unlikely to dampen the spirits of the 104 liquor exhibitors attending this year’s event. Indeed, all things considered, Joe Bates believes that the duty-free wine and spirit business is in pretty good shape.

UK: Pernod Ricard applies to build new Scotch distillery

18 Oct 2012

Pernod Ricard is looking to build a new malt whisky distillery in Scotland as part of its expansion plans in the country.

Product Launch - TRAVEL RETAIL: Pernod Ricard's Chivas Regal The Chivas Brothers’ Blend

1 Oct 2012

Pernod Ricard's Chivas Regal The Chivas Brothers’ Blend

Comment - Spirits - Scotch: Age Ain't Nuthin' But a Number?

27 Sep 2012

An online row broke out among the Scotch whisky fraternity earlier this month. It all kicked off with the launch of The Macallan Gold from The Edrington Group, and its cousins Amber, Sienna and Ruby, all set to follow next year. But wait, asked some observers; how old are they? Ian Buxton is equally quizzical.

GLOBAL: Diageo, Pernod Ricard tracking Scotch growth trend - analyst

6 Sep 2012

Diageo and Pernod Ricard are backing Scotch whisky to be next year's biggest growth story, an analyst has said.

Product Launch - GLOBAL: Pernod Ricard's Chivas Regal 12 Year Old Night Magnum

5 Sep 2012

Pernod Ricard's Chivas Regal 12 Year Old Night Magnum

UK: Pernod Ricard looks to build new Scotch distillery "at some stage"

4 Sep 2012

Pernod Ricard has admitted that it will consider building a new whisky distillery in Scotland in the future, as demand for Scotch in emerging markets continues to rise.

EUROPE: SWA launches two-pronged minimum pricing legal challenge

19 Jul 2012

The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) has launched a major European and domestic legal challenge to Scotland's plans for minimum pricing, backed by two other trade bodies.

Product Launch - ASIA/TRAVEL RETAIL: Pernod Ricard's Ballantine’s 40 Year Old

16 Jul 2012

Pernod Ricard's Ballantine’s 40 Year Old

UK: ASA rejects complaint over Pernod Ricard's Chivas Regal Scotch whisky ad

6 Jul 2012

Pernod Ricard has escaped a sanction from the Advertising Standards Authority after the body rejected a complaint over an advert for Chivas Regal blended Scotch whisky.

Comment - Spirits - Keeping an Eye on the Little Guys

28 Jun 2012

In the whisky category, it would appear that, while the big are getting bigger, the small are getting... more proliferative. This month, Ian Buxton considers the boom in craft distillers and flags up the perils and pitfalls they face.

Comment – Spirits – Pernod Ricard and the Scotch Markets of Tomorrow

31 May 2012

As we head back from Pernod Ricard's Capital Markets Day, held this year in Scotland, it takes a fair bit of effort to see past the company's upbeat take on the future for its Scotch whisky portfolio.

GLOBAL: Pernod Ricard unveils major investment to boost Chivas Brothers production

30 May 2012

Pernod Ricard has committed to a GBP40m (US$62.2m) annual investment in Chivas Brothers to keep up with demand for its Scotch Whisky brands in emerging markets.

Comment - Spirits - Producers eye Jubilee Jackpot

25 May 2012

The pending Diamond Jubilee in the UK has been prefaced by a swathe of special edition versions of products from every drinks category. As a keen list-maker, Ian Buxton is well-placed to bring them all together. Right up until he goes cross-eyed.

GLOBAL: Pernod Ricard takes Chivas Le Baron global

18 Apr 2012

Pernod Ricard has extended the partnership between its Chivas Regal blended Scotch brand and the founders of Le Baron nightclubs beyond travel retail to the off-trade.

Rebranding in the Drinks Industry - Part IV - Interview: Plymouth Gin

14 Mar 2012

Winding up our management briefing for March, Richard Woodard gets the inside track on Pernod Ricard's Plymouth Gin brand, a product that recently underwent a considerable rebrand.

Comment - Spirits - Plymouth Gin: West is Best

26 Jan 2012

When Pernod Ricard said last week that it is updating the packaging for - and raising the price of - Plymouth Gin, there was a run on tonic water at Richard Woodard's local shop. It's taken a while, but the brand is back, and Woodard would like to celebrate.

GLOBAL: Pernod Ricard ups Plymouth Gin price, revamps packaging

18 Jan 2012

Pernod Ricard has lined up a global price rise and packaging upgrade for its Plymouth Gin brand.

Comment - Spirits - What Will (Not) Happen in 2012

17 Jan 2012

This week is prediction week on just-drinks. On Thursday, Chris Losh will give us his annual, tongue-in-cheek forecasts for the coming year. Today, however, Ian Buxton, consider what might happen in brown spirits in 2012.

Product Launch - GLOBAL: Pernod Ricard's Ballantine’s Christmas Reserve

26 Oct 2011

Pernod Ricard's Ballantine’s Christmas Reserve

Product Launch - GLOBAL: Pernod Ricard's Royal Salute Tribute to Honour

14 Sep 2011

Pernod Ricard's Royal Salute Tribute to Honour







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